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Rates of Diabetic Eye Disease Expected to Increase by 3 million by 2032

Public health agencies across the country are feeling the impact from a skyrocketing number of diabetes cases on public health programs and funding. Eye disease is one potential consequence of diabetes on public health, as it can lead to vision loss and blindness. 571 more words

Prevent Blindness Georgia

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Local ophthal meeting

I haven’t been to this practice before. It’s huge and also has a day surgery on site.

First talk was on intravitreal injections. Some patients find it very painful and it’s important to ask whether it is during or after the procedure as modifications can be made to how the injections are made. 227 more words

Ocular Disease

90 for 90. #20 - Central Retinal VEIN Occlusion.

WIll’s p. 304

Blood flow is blocked due to a THROMBOSIS, turbulent flow, causing the decrease outflow.  The central retinal vein is the main drainage source through the Lamina Cribosa.   131 more words

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90 for 90. #19 Pavingstones.

In general, pavingstones chorioretinal atrophy will not lead to retinal detachment or other retinal pathology.  It appears most in the inferior temporal part of the eye, it is discrete non-elevated yellow circles in the peripheral retina, and you can likely see choroidal vessels because of the loss of RPE.

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90 for 90. Stargardts. #18.

Yesterday I had a chance to see someone with Stargardts, which is juvenile onset macular degeneration.  It is autosomal recessive and has three of the following signs: 30 more words

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Professional development evening

I presented a red eye case today at the quarterly professional development evening held at the Hilton. I got there early and found out that I had to cut my presentation quite a bit due to time restraints. 279 more words

Ocular Disease