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What does 'development' actually mean?

What with all the attacks on international development aid of late, at least in the UK, there has been talk of reviewing the narrative about what ‘development’ actually means. 446 more words

International Development

Part 35: The Clash of Warlords - Chapter 2: When she looked into his eyes.

North of Matsumoto castle, North Shinano Province, Summer 1546

Between the two great mountains Kiso and Akaishi, the men of Oda greeted the summer sun under a small haze of fog and a strong smell of blood swelling in the air. 2,985 more words


Arguments for Official Development Aid

Early modernisation theorists believed that it was essential to inject aid into countries to establish infrastructure and change attitudes. From the 1950s to 70s aid programs seemed to have a positive effect on many developing countries as both economic and social development increased, however this progress seamed to stall from the late 1970s. 904 more words

Pot Luck

Different Types of Aid in International Development

Aid refers to any flow of resources from developed countries to the developing world. Aid can come in the form of money, technology, gifts or training, and can either be provided in the form of a grant which does not have to pay back or a loan with interest which does have to be paid back. 333 more words

Global Development

A Guide To The Real-Life Figures In Nioh

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Nioh takes a lot of liberty with its historical setting but still maintains a large cast of famous warlords, samurai, explorers, and ninja. 1,632 more words