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ZOO WARS-ODA Seizing Animals-AGAIN!!! NOW-Fuckers

What the Fuck and what a way to start a blog post but enough is enough!!! No one stopped Hitler after one conquest-No one stopped the Barbarians after one conquest and look what happened -They continued on until there was no one left after they began slaughtering human life and stealing there property when no actual crime was… 380 more words

How did the MDGs fare?

Parliament debates the Sustainable Development Goals today. But how did the MDGs fare? bit.ly/1gbcH6W http://t.co/r12PKVmPzK
Commons Library (@commonslibrary) September 10, 2015

Economic History

Part 13: The Tokugawa Clan - Chapter 4

Mikawa, Autumn 1545

There were nearly a thousand men camping near the beach line of Mikawa province. They were staying in the middle of a plain field, surrounded by a couple of villages here and there, just an hour away from the beach. 3,819 more words


Discovery and Monitor Oracle Database Appliance (#ODA) using #EM12C

A few months ago, I heard that Oracle was releasing a plug-in for the Oracle Database Appliance (ODA (Oh Dah). At first I couldn’t find anything on this plug-in, then I was able to find it in the Self-Update for Plug-ins (Extensibility -> Self Update -> Plug-ins). 536 more words


EMEA Engineered System Attach promotion for Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance for Oracle EMEA Partners

The EMEA Engineered System Attach promotion for Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance is now available until December 31, 2015 to all EMEA partners.

Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance… 123 more words


Whither with Aid?

‘We satiate the hungry, we heal the dying. We are the ones who shield the weak’. It plagues us and it plagues us deep. The deleterious complacence that we work hard to sustain them; we sweat and bleed – the blue elixir – that earthlings in the poorer half of the world live on. 884 more words