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I’m sick, I dont know how I ended up with this cough but I did. My chest hurts but oh well. Just means lots of tea and stuff. 118 more words

Give Peace a Chance!

It’s Friday.  The late afternoon.  I’m tired of thinking about writing on this blog and not doing it.  I decided it was a perfect time to celebrate Odd Day with a post!   873 more words

Hot off The Press: oddball

it’s odd day!!


and i’m posting at 17:19:21

5:19pm and 21 seconds…hehe:)

being odd is all good.  

let’s face it, everyone has something about them that’s different from the next person.   41 more words

#365POTD 317


#365POTD 317 There's something odd about today. https://t.co/ZzJujhAzFg #photooftheday #OddDay #11/13/15

— Annette Gertrude (@djwurley) November 13, 2015


Complicated Monday

There are days that go smoothly and then there are days that progress despite the best efforts of the people we meet. Today was one of those latter days, where no question was uncomplicated, everyone had extra requirements and no one had all the right paperwork. 104 more words


More factoring, no problem!

Periods 1, 5 HW Review_Write the Rule + Factoring + Expanding

  • Reviewed factoring and writing the rule given three points
  • Learned a trick about expanding and factoring with perfect squares…
  • 48 more words

Odd Day!

September 11, 2013


Happy Odd Day!

Oh yes! It’s odd indeed! I realize that there were quite a few odd days this year…it being an odd year and all. 73 more words