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It was 3:15am when I got up, realizing something was not right with my blood sugar. Typical. A low this early in the morning. During a major thunderstorm of course, when my cat was so frightened she practically wanted to crawl inside my skin. 1,065 more words

Ngày kì dị!!!!!

Sáng ra mắt nhắm mắt mở chạy ra trường thì trường đóng cửa. Mình nghĩ éo hiểu sao study break mà trường cũng đóng cửa nhỉ, vẫn vô tư quẹt thẻ chui vào. 106 more words



I’m sick, I dont know how I ended up with this cough but I did. My chest hurts but oh well. Just means lots of tea and stuff. 118 more words