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1 Totally Common Shopping Habit That's Wrecking Your Budget

Like to take your time browsing in the store? Watch out: Time is money, as they say, and the longer you’ve spent shopping in a store, the more it could be costing you money. 471 more words

1 Trick to Getting What You Want When You Negotiate

Conventional wisdom says that, in negotiations, it’s better to offer the other party a firm number rather than a range. The thinking is that a hiring manager who hears, “I want between $40,000 and $45,000” will focus on the lower number, or somebody you want to buy a car from will jump on the higher number if you tell them, “I can pay between $8,000 and $8,500.” 542 more words

Here's the Surprising Reason Companies Can Get Away With Bad Service

If you stood on a long, slow-moving line in a coffee shop, only to be handed the wrong drink when you finally did order, you’d probably express some dissatisfaction. 567 more words

$300 for a Jersey? NFL Fan Gear Just Got More Expensive

Football fans may have to start taking out loans to demonstrate support for their teams.

If you think the NFL is greedy and takes advantage of fan loyalty at every opportunity, what with franchises… 250 more words

What the World's Richest 5 Could Buy

Bill Gates regains his title as “World’s Richest Person” in the new Forbes’ Billionaire list for 2014.  Gates spends so much of his money on charity that for four years, he was not listed as the richest of the rich. 77 more words

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The Namath Effect? Interest in Fur Heats Up

You’ve seen the fur coat Joe Namath wore at the Super Bowl. You probably Tweeted about it. And apparently, the coat that got more attention than the game has inspired some to emulate Namath’s look—one alternately called cruel, brilliant, bizarre, and just plain ugly. 651 more words

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