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I’m riding my bike on the beach

Eating the pit of a peach

As dolphins teach my dog

To critique pricey perfumes.

My face is bright with joy… 18 more words


Inktober 3rd - The Wondrous Whirling Walnut

I’ve had this walnut for 30 years. I found it in a friend’s bowl of holiday nuts. I gave it a spin expecting it to fall over quickly, but it kept going and going. 29 more words


The Meeting

Today I had to meet with the ex narc and his new wife and the children’s therapist who has just recently come to the knowledge that the narc is a first class liar and manipulator. 770 more words

The antiderivative of 1/(x^4+1): Part 9

In the course of evaluating the antiderivative


I have stumbled across a very curious trigonometric identity:

if ,

if ,

if ,

where and are the unique values so that… 239 more words


Pencil In The Forehead

Good thing it missed his eye.

“Wanna see a magic trick? Watch me make this pencil disappear!”
Image courtesy of http://www.imgur.com/Y6PTNCF.