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An Oddity

When people go out of their way to be seen as a weird person it hurts me. It’s as if they grip me by the throat and beat my face in. 103 more words

Free Write

Kiddie Play Land By The Crypts

Crypt business from the front yard manages better with kiddie play house beside the wares.

“Don’t dig too deep into the sandpit, kids!”
Image courtesy of imgur.com/SLNbAaj.

wow fun school morning...

liam would not get up till 8am after yelling at him since 7am,

2) he hide’s his glasses (found them) ,

3)got to school at 8:50am and i no-test he had put his trousers on backwards when i no i put them on right (>_<) … 12 more words


SHINee - View [English Translation + Hangul Lyrics]

English Translation


I’m lost for words, like you
The miraculous view that’s beyond 4th dimension,
The fondue of light dipped in sweetness that I bite into, 390 more words

English Translation

we the odd

numbers and who let it slide

and dance around

and beat the drum

and who is the only one

dare  bold

and brave

and where it seeks… 45 more words


[HarnWorld] Visitors (Session 1)

So, I had my first session on Hârn two days ago.
We played my unholy mess of an OD&D/AD&D hack, and I decided to make character generation part of the game (the players were remembering who they were after waking up with amnesia). 944 more words