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Play Report - A New S&W White Box Campaign

I’ve been running a weekly S&W White Box game for the past few months, on roll20. The goal was to create a fun OD&D-style dungeon crawl, with a small, nearby town as a base. 622 more words

Swords & Wizardry


It has been a really long time since I wrote here, but what the fuck? No?

A week with some weird and really confusing dreams may reflect what my inner-self is trying to shout to the world, but why I don’t feel the necessity to do so? 197 more words


Another Great Gift Idea: Marblehead

Poke the Marble Head and the Whole Family will become excited, whoever they are. I really don’t want to know…


[New Monster] Losparons


Stork crept deep into the labyrinth under the town of Bolki. A few twists and turns, a wrong choice at a fork, and eventually he found a dimly lit room. 270 more words

Swords & Sorcery

Atlas, Zeus & Zen

Someone’s got to support the oceans in the southern hemisphere, and it might as well be him. 11 more words