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Missing Sock

I’m the missing sock, Everyone always forgets, The drawer holds odd socks.

[New Magic Item] Sling Against Reptilians

Sling Against Reptilians

Navnen swung the sling over his head and released the stone from the pouch. His companions looked on in wonder as the stone swerved from hitting the target and broke another window, this time infuriating the resident. 235 more words

Labyrinth Lord

Rooster Crow Laugh

Cock a doodle ha ha ha.

Unbelievable Funny Laughing Rooster

Apr 15, 2013

Unprompted - 'Good Morning'

So I was planing to resume posting at least weekly like… a month or two ago, but then I got double pneumonia and work went a little crazy. 178 more words


Thought Drop

Writing is a lot like listening to yourself. But sometimes I write a sentence, remove my mind, and proceed to reconnoiter what it is I’ve just done. 28 more words