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Being odd in public

People who know me will know I’m a little odd, kind of crazy round the edges.

I don’t deny it and it’s taken years to not give a shit what people think. 93 more words


Living Breathing Hot Links

25 September has been designated “National One Hit Wonder Day,” a tribute to the artists and bands that made it into the Top 40 only once. 215 more words


[New Magic Item] Hat of the Goblin Archmage

Hat of the Goblin Archmage

Fellhorn rushed into the cottage.

‘Where’s the gnome?’ he growled.

The elf pointed towards a quivering shadow in the glow of the fireplace. 239 more words

Labyrinth Lord

Faking It

Punctual! Can you believe it? Can you actually believe I kept a promise and posted when I was supposed to? Yeah, I know, me neither. So, I figured one big thing this week and, no, it is not that if you do peeling before shaving it will leave your legs/arms/problematic area smooth longer (true, tho, but I guess I was the only one that didn’t know that). 901 more words

Off With My Head! Those Crazy Repressed Victorians...

Anyone who has even the most basic education about the Victorian era knows that societal mores encouraged and expected serious repression of ones thoughts, words, dress and actions. 173 more words


One display at Artprize reminds me about the Flint water problem is the most artistic way. I Only took a small pic of this great display. 37 more words

Nightmares #3;

Life…has a big sense of humor. A very dark sense of humor to put a more accurate description to it. It has a way of sneaking up behind you and yelling boo, while you are dealing with an armload of things, thus making you drop everything and fall over for a few minutes. 230 more words

Odd And Not Normal