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Shorts, skirts, capris, what’s your favorite summer style?  :D  Just kidding, this has nothing to do with clothing.  When I say shorts I mean short films.   650 more words


[New Magic Item] Necklace of Changing Leaves

Necklace of Changing Leaves

Chalk did a double-take as the lithe half-elven bard walked by the adventurers again, she flashed him a smile this time and gently brushed his arm. 173 more words

Swords & Sorcery


Muốn viết vội vài dòng trước khi bắt tay vào dịch bài để chuẩn bị ôn thi. Cũng đã nửa đêm rồi, giờ này mới bắt đầu ngồi vào bàn học. 348 more words


Canine Crank

Tail cranking leads to lots od dizziness.

Image courtesy of SocialJusticeWhiner · via http://imgur.com/BeE2wFY.

Saturday Matinee - Fritz the Dog, Rockabilly Speed Drawing, Billy Woodward & The Senders, The Howlin' Brothers, Imelda May with Darrel Higham

Fritz The Dog finally gets it.

This vid is entitled “Rockabilly Speed Drawing.” It’s cool and fast and rockabilly. Not sure what the connection is besides the sound track, but it’s still cool and fast and rockabilly. 37 more words