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Auto Wash Bowl

“The Auto Wash Bowl was built in Chicago in 1924 by The Newway Auto Cleaning & Service Corp., allowing drivers to run around in circles to clean off the undercarriage. 24 more words


The Chronicles of Nolenor - Play Reports #6 and #7

(Link to prior sessions)

Real date: 9/24/17, 9/30/17 In-game date: September 8th, EY632


Ambrose (Warrior – Fighter now L2)
Asher (Footpad – Thief… 586 more words


Thief Gets Unexpected Justice

Girl delivers just rewards to guy who thought no harm would come to him for taking what was not his.

“I guess those women self defense classes paid off after all..” 9 more words

Proactive Retributional Hot Links

18 April 2018 was the 75th Anniversary of The Doolittle Raid of 1942, the daring attack on mainland Japan after their surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. 165 more words


[New Magic Spell] Heated Words

Heated Words

‘I need to get out of this town, it is stifling,’ grumbled Fellhorn.

‘With everyone hunting us thanks to that sawed off runt?’ the elf ranger asked. 222 more words

Labyrinth Lord

4.21.18 dream haiku

Watching them all give
her heart fills up.