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retro money bank

I had one of these, growing up.
the money tin is the same as the bank building, at that time.
wish I still had one.



White House Withholding Sean Spicer’s Last Two Paychecks

Apparently, Spicer didn’t receive his last two paychecks and had been asking about it for six weeks. 211 more words

White House


There are times when you don’t want to have to worry about what is on your head. One of these times is when trekking through the endless desert of South Musenland. 157 more words

Photo Monday!

Good Morning yes it’s Monday already sad how fast weekends fly by. So your probably thinking this is an odd photo …. well it’s is hahahaha well for me the odd ness of it is it’s 57 out in my part of the globe which is actually cold to us after so many days of extreme heat and humidity . 36 more words

The Odds by Bill Harvey

Bill Harvey is a cartoonist working as a technician in the Detroit area. His comic appears weekly in Oddball Magazine.



“Don’t worry Ma’am, I’m from the Internet.”

It’s brilliant. I’m guessing it’s a methane collector connected to a burner to provide lift to the parachute. I’d name the single-user gas-fired flying machine “ 8 more words


10 odd but awesome sex acts every guy should try at least once

Sex is all about exploration. It’s no fun exploring the same territory every time.

When sex gets old it affects all aspects of the relationship. Sure, you’re pissed she left dishes in the sink again, but it’s nothing a blumpkin couldn’t fix. 500 more words