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something of the best part of his life goes on

‘Oh but Carrington we have to live and be ourselves-and I feel it is more for you to live than anyone;because he loved you so , and loved your oddities and the way you have of being yourself.I can’t explain it;but it seems to me as long as you are there, something we loved in Lytton, something of the best part of his life goes on.’ 16 more words

One of us, one of us....

“We accept her!”

We watched the 1932 cult film Freaks this morning. We’ve been meaning to for awhile now. It really was interesting, though obviously something that couldn’t really be done today (except I did notice that the latest season of  370 more words


Secretos del Lecho Conyugal

Aquest tomet forma part d’una serie d’obretes que conjuntament agafen el títol de Conocimientos para la Vida Privada,  del Dr. Vicente Suárez Casañ, que varen conèixer diferentes reedicions, desde 1893 fins al 1920, per part de l’Editorial Maucci de Barcelona. 362 more words


Phone thief arrested after answering call from Winnipeg police

A man arrested within an hour of stealing a teen’s phone in the North End Thursday night couldn’t have made investigator’s jobs any easier, short of bringing his own handcuffs to be led away in. 118 more words


Dress debate: Black and blue or gold and white?

It’s the dress that’s beating the Internet black and blue. Or should that be gold and white?

Friends and co-workers worldwide are debating the true hues of a royal blue dress with black lace that, to many an eye, transforms in one photograph into gold and white. 754 more words


Cambodia irked by tourists snapping nude pics at temples

SIEM REAP, Cambodia – Cambodia’s most popular tourist attraction — the complex of ancient temples that includes Angkor Wat — is suffering from a form of overexposure: At least five foreign visitors have been arrested and deported this year for taking nude photos at the sacred sites. 839 more words


A dog’s dinner in our very Fortean times

What do you do if you get home late, don’t get enough sleep, then have to get up and leave home early, have a busy day ahead, no time to transcribe the two interesting chats you have had with people and have to write a blog before you leave? 544 more words