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Good Thing I Wasn't Supposed To Pick Them Up From The Airport!

*drags self out of bed*

*stumbles over to the computer to check the status of an incoming flight*

*inputs flight number and tries to read the results through bleary eyes* 26 more words

Thoughts Profound And Otherwise

Turkey on the Rail

We’ve often seen turkeys perched on horizontal tree branches and split-rail fences, but this is new:

Apparently she wanted to use the bird feeder atop the post festooned with plastic… 140 more words


Snowplow vs. Plastic Fence

We spotted this on our regular walk around the block:

The horizontal rails have a latching ramp that’s good enough in most circumstances:

Perhaps those latches released as designed under an overload. 60 more words


CCFC: Colour Code Freaky Coincidence

Sometimes the universe throws a spooky, mind-blowing event that catches you completely by surprise. A couple of days ago I was playing with hex colour codes and made a jaw dropping discovery. 435 more words


The Salamander-ish Sully Competition

Despite the fact that “salamander” reminds me of slander, and that the definition of “sully” falls in line with slander, I am entering the Sully Competition… 277 more words


Cheap WS2812 LEDs: Failure Waveforms

The failed WS2812 pixel remains defunct:

Attach scope probes to its data input and output pins (with the fixture face-down on the bench):

The output no longer comes from the Land of Digital Signals: 223 more words

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