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Politics and Woe; Ardor and Action

These next few years will be an opportunity for some of us to rise up and become leaders, revolutionaries, and heroes.

I’m an optimist and a dreamer, the kind who puts presents under the tree in Santa’s name for my kids, but still somewhere deep down believes that this magical symbol of goodwill and charity actually exists out there. 1,104 more words

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The Loss of Language

This is not a complex exploration of the subject, as I am not a linguist, or a scientist of any kind. This is a short account of recent observations and my initial reactions to them, as I find this subject to be baffling and even ominous. 867 more words

Wanna-beef Spaghetti and Meat Sauce

As part of spaghetti and meat sauce, Beyond Meat crumbles look the part. But they don’t taste like cow meat.

No cholesterol. Nice.

For comparison, the Nutrition Facts for… 237 more words


Two-Headed Giant From Patagonia: Goofy Gaff or Genuine Oddity?

This world is a weird place, it holds many weird things.  Just in general the world is weird, but when you start looking through our history with an eye toward Fortean mysteries, you end up in the deep end of the weirdness pool without your floaties. 1,167 more words

The Bizarre And Unexplained

LED Filaments: Whoops

Five bucks delivered three sets of five warm-white LED filaments from halfway around the planet:

Unfortunately, the “Top Rated Plus” eBay seller just popped three ziplock baggies into an unpadded envelope and tossed it in the mail: 225 more words

Electronics Workbench

big things ahead for wtchkrftt

good evening my lovely voodoo babies!

this is just a quick post to let you know that newer, better, and bigger things are coming for me and my blogscapades! 400 more words

SnapShot of a city garden in Berlin 

Berlin is different to the rest of Germany. It’s more open, more relaxed. People wear and do whatever they want and no-one cares. It’s a great place to be yourself and explore your most eccentric and creatives sides. 53 more words

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