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Silky Oak Commode

$ 60 AUD

A very solid and sturdy neat little vintage silky oak pooh pooh chair, in excellent condition but does not come with porcelain so cant be used. 36 more words



The other night, I was home alone putting away some laundry and briefly thought I was going insane.

You see, I suddenly heard my high school English teacher talking to me in the other room. 619 more words


Street Sign Art in Florence

It is easy to get one’s fill of marble statues and bronzes of mythological figures and saints and portrayals of the Virgin Mary in Florence. I have been here only a little more than a week and I have seen a lot of them – and they are gorgeous and awe-inspiring, so don’t get me wrong, but sometimes it is nice to see variety. 198 more words


I kept seeing these small stickers all over parts of Prague (and then Paris).


I exist.

I tried to find what these stickers stood for, but with no such luck. 155 more words


The House on the Rock: A place where madmen find peace

If Willy Wonka and Howard Roark had a lovechild, they would have produced the guy who built The House on the Rock. In Spring Green, Wis., there is a whole lotta nothing; you’ve got the Dells, the Cave of the Mounds, Jellystone Family Park. 693 more words


Beaches be Crazy!

Note: This became a higher priority than the post scheduled to be published today. 

Whilst taking out the garbage, one of my roomies started hating on the fact that the pool next door which we can view from our apartment is always empty and that we’ve got to walk a bit further to use a functional pool. 394 more words

The Odd Life

The Tree of Life and the Serpent

Tree and Serpent- A Global Story of Shared SYMBOLS.

‘’Prayag was viewed as the navel of the earth… just like Eridu, Delphi or Cuzco: the site of the primordial Mound which rose out of the waters……Here was an archaic pillar cult at the point where Heaven and Earth were first separated, and a sacred ‘undying’ tree like that at Eridu ..which was seen by Hsuan Tsang in 644AD; still alive in the 7th Century, it is now a stump only.

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