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Hard Drive Platter Thicknesses

It should come as no surprise that hard drive platters have different thicknesses:

The thicker ones measure 1.25 mm, which is near enough to 50 mils to suggest they date back to the Good Old Days. 118 more words

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A 51st State in the U.S.?

Driving through the Sierra Foothills over the last few weeks, I have noticed several green signs and banners in fields, along fences, and on the sides of barns that mention a State of Jefferson. 385 more words


Explain the oddities on your resumé or we'll make something up

You have a four year gap in your timeline. Please explain it or we might think you were in prison instead of simply taking time out for family. 360 more words


Provincetown Pilgrim Memorial: Lighting Ticky-tacky

This imposing memorial plaque stands in a small park in Provincetown MA, at the foot of the hill from which the Pilgrim Monument emerges:

It’s one of those 1920-ish things with the impeccable stonework and bronze casting that you couldn’t possibly duplicate nowadays. 90 more words