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Cast Iron Pan Electrolysis: Anode Fragment

Sacrificing a scrap EMI shield from a junked PC as the electrolysis anode, I grabbed a tab with the battery charger clamp:

Turns out it didn’t survive the encounter: 59 more words

Machine Shop

How to Illustrate an Austrian in California

In a literature class we have been discussing images and symbols, and students created symbolic self-portraits and tried to show their interests, desires, fears, and traits with visuals only (no words allowed). 287 more words

I'm fat and its funny

Every now and then I’m reminded that I’m fat. At first it is a very hurtful thing you hear about yourself, but later it becomes funny if you look at it from a fresh perspective, i.e. 795 more words


I'm on the latest THE LAST KNOCK podcast!

I recently recorded an episode with the guys from THE LAST KNOCK podcast on DVD collecting and the future of physical media. Check it out! … 6 more words