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Banned TED Talk: Rupert Sheldrake on the Science Delusion

TED Rupert Sheldrake, a reputable scientist, dared to question scientific dogma, presented as fact rather than strong beliefs, resulting in the removal of his TED Talk in 2013. 395 more words


Luxembourg Wine

In Anglo-Viking-Flemish Norwich, a Londoner and a Roman invited a Venetian for dinner at their home.  The Venetian had some Austrian, Spanish, and Moroccan blood, the Londoner originally came from a Polish-Jewish family, and the Roman was of Armenian-Welsh-Cornish descent.  510 more words

Katherine Gregor

Living In A New World

I have taken breaks from here before, but never taken this much time off from writing in my blog.    Lots has been happening  and changing in my world,   All those changes have also required many  adjustments to my life  as well.  256 more words

Odds & Ends

Almond & Pumpkin Seed Granola

We stopped buying breakfast cereal a long time ago. Sure it’s convenient to just grab a bag along with your groceries, but it’s also so expensive for what you’re getting. 416 more words


Never Give Up On a Dream

Here is some inspiration for your Wednesday evening…never give up!


Motorcycle Ride

Two Weeks of Worry : Resolved

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After two weeks of wringing my hands, getting all worked up, losing sleep, crying, being in a depressed funk, and trying to breathe and stay calm while wearing a smile, I have peace. 502 more words