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Recap: Endo Workshop in San Diego

Well, it came and it went!  February 23, 2017, was the day that Dr. Mara Killen of San Diego Womens Health and I presented an Endometriosis workshop at the San Diego Marine Corps Recruit Depot for their… 124 more words


22 Trees That Can Be Tapped For Sap And Syrup | Wild Foodism

As winter wanes and spring approaches, wild foodists all across North America tap into the time-honored tradition of sugar production – mainly, the transformation of maple tree sap into… 168 more words

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Stop "Pushing" Your Life into Being - Amy Brucker

You know the Greek demigod Atlas? He’s the one who was condemned to carry the heavens on his shoulders for all of eternity.

Do you ever feel like that? 354 more words

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Thistle Soup Recipe – Good Witches Homestead

This Thistle Soup Recipe is made using edible food from the wild.

Make thistle soup by chopping (scissoring would be a better word since an old pair of shears is the best thing I’ve found for cutting up green plants) a pan of thistles. 84 more words

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Logic in the Matrix: the Declaration of Independence ‹ Jon Rappoport's Blog ‹

by Jon Rappoport

Logic, these days, has been replaced in schools with a mind-control apparatus that involves the following:


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Kitchen Cabinet Medicine – Tea Blend for a Cold – Good Witches Homestead

Got a cold, sick in bed? Find relief and comfort with this simple tea blend using 3 common culinary herbs.

 When down with a cold, a hot cup of tea can go a long way. 183 more words

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February 27, 1992 Founding Father and Son, of Golf

On this day in 1992, 16 year old Tiger Woods became the youngest PGA golfer in 35 years, going on to become the first $100 million man on the PGA Tour. 348 more words