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Here is a poem that my friend and I wrote a few weeks ago. It was inspired by a cluster of paper butterflies on the wall of my room. 349 more words

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I Left My Heart in San Francisco

I love San Francisco, so I’m really excited to have a new excuse to visit “for work”.  We’re now offering aerobatic flight training at Livermore Airport, less than an hour’s drive from the city. 66 more words

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We've all heard of Big Pharma...but what about Big Supp?

A few months ago, some of us attended a workshop on hormonal treatments and Endometriosis.  It was presented by Dr. Sally Rafie of The Pharmacist’s Clinic… 2,918 more words


The Secret of Winter

When winter envelops you in its embrace, the only place you can look is within.  Summer makes you look outwards.  It entertains you with a spectacle of colours, intoxicates you with its heady, floral scents, dazzles you with its bright sunlight, distracts you, takes you out of yourself. 392 more words

Katherine Gregor

I Am Thankful!

I recently spent two weeks on business in Honduras and Guatemala. I experienced a whole range of good and bad situations throughout the trip…but the immense poverty and daily struggle for life that I witnessed is something that will stick with me for many years. 178 more words

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Transit Woes?

Apparently our local transit system is having some financial difficulties. The Mayor was on the radio today blaming fare-skippers for the problem, suggesting public shaming as an option.  269 more words

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Modern Fit?

This morning I trundled off to my local Mark’s Work Warehouse because I needed various items of clothing – I’ve been putting it off because I’m not much on clothes shopping. 281 more words

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