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Odds & Ends #012

Happy Friday!! I don’t know about you guys, but it has been the looooongest week for me.  Maybe because I am so anxious for fall and cooler temps (I’m not a summer person yet I live in Los Angeles – go figure!). 227 more words

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The gift of trees

“Everyone should plant a tree, have a child, and write a book.” 512 more words

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Endometriosis in Captive Critters?

So we’ve previously read about a German Shepherd being diagnosed with Endometriosis. Today we’re going to talk about Mandrills (a form of primate that used to be considered a Baboon) who had been diagnosed with Endo. 882 more words


Digging Up the Past: A Detectorist's View of Coins and History

Scott Bevan is a metal detectorist in Birmingham, England, and has uncovered quite a few interesting coins and other historical artifacts; follow him on Twitter… 1,515 more words



There is an old Czech Presbyterian church in southwest Saunders County, originally built in 1888 and rebuilt in 1928.  Whatever, it’s an old church.  A friendly and inviting church too, near as I could tell; the doors were unlocked and I helped myself to some interior photos.   128 more words

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Leicester - home of Richard III, the Foxes, and “Tanky” Smith

Leicester’s first private detective, Francis “Tanky” Smith, would be long forgotten but for his mastery of disguise and a curious building near the city centre. 292 more words

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Corn Huskers

August is prime time in Nebraska for sweet corn; local farmers sell it out of their pickup trucks along the highway outside of town.  A dozen fresh-picked ears cost $5.50, but they always throw a few extra ears in your bag. 51 more words

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