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Bizarre telemarketer action

I pick up the phone and can here the tell-tale noises coming from some huge overseas telemarketer outfit. I know in my heart it’s a guy selling duct cleaning. 210 more words

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Topaz ~ Divine Light ~ Good Witches Homestead

Source: Topaz Define Light


Topaz promotes individuality and creativity while providing self-confidence in your own decisions. It helps to remove doubts about your decisions and promotes the expression of ideas. 1,876 more words

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I remember watching Avatar in 2009 and thinking this is a cool movie. My brother died shortly after this movie and that led to my enlightenment and rebirth. 1,240 more words

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If you dig far enough into any group's history, you will find wars and conquest of one people over another. Of course, the victors write the history, but there are always those that have been Guardians to the whole truth. In my humble opinion, the conflicts today are the same as when the first human bashed another in the head with a rock and took his stuff. Only the weapons, and the ways we communicate those actions have changed. A few have awakened and are trying to make true changes, but mostly it's just talking heads.

Horses We Can’t Forget on Memorial Day

by Jocelyn Pierce as published on Equitrekking.com

“Throughout the United States’s military history, the horse played an indispensable role. “

Memorial Day is a day of reflection and remembrance to honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice and lost their lives while serving in the military. 1,884 more words

Horse News

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After doing some research on military horses in WWI, and the HUGE number of animals killed in battle we would be remiss to not honor not only the horses, but the military K-9. All gave some ... Some gave all ... Billy Ray Cyrus

Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend we honor those who have died in service to our country. Thank you to the Armed Forces, and their families who have sacrificed so much for our freedom. 284 more words

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Fun Photos For Friday

Just because it’s fun to be silly sometimes…

Happy Friday!!!

Wishing you all a great weekend! 110 more words

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The food and drink company Nestlé has lost a UK court appeal to trademark the shape of the four-fingered KitKat bar. 325 more words

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