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Freezing Rain

Last week, I was on my front porch tempting fate after a night of freezing rain.  Should I leave the safety of dry pavement and retrieve the newspaper?   207 more words

Odds & Ends

January 23, 1795 Cavalry 1, Navy 0

War and warfare has never been the source of a great deal of humor.  The history of human conflict is hardly a subject for mirth, yet there are times when the irony has risen from the ridiculous to the sublime. 632 more words


101 Waves

This past Saturday I had two of my closest friends over. We were not quite sure of how to pass the time, so we sat on the front porch, talking. 412 more words

Odds & Ends

The Titanic or Olympic?

I have not met a soul who isn’t fascinated by the ship disaster of 1912, the Titanic (or at least has not enjoyed the movie- two words: Leonardo DiCaprio… every girls dream guy). 195 more words

Odds & Ends

Because We Also Need to Rest

I spent yesterday at the Women’s March on Washington- MN in St. Paul, joining 100,000 (100,000!) others to stand in solidarity with one another and with the freedoms we fear this new presidency will curtail (if not abandon all together). 820 more words

Am Writing

January 22, 2000 A Hole in the Head

It’s called “Trepanation”, possibly the oldest surgical procedure for which we have archaeological evidence. Trepanation involves drilling or scraping a hole into the human head, and seems to have begun sometime in the Neolithic, or “New Stone Age” period. 558 more words


My Deeply Neglected Blog

Blogs aren’t like relationships. If you neglect the relationship, it doesn’t last. It fades away and becomes a memory, sometimes a good one, sometimes a bad one- but it nonetheless becomes part of your past, never to be revived. 379 more words