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Ode to Autumn

After standing back and taking in the whole view in the last few paintings, I decided to zero in again, with a view of autumn reflections in my favorite pond. 143 more words


An Ode to Autumn

Oh, Autumn, you are upon us once again.
You’ve moved in so subtly, until your presence was quite unmistakable.
I could sense your arrival on the wind; from the scent of rotting leaves, smoking wood fires, and a cool crispness in the air, so tangible. 197 more words


To Autumn 

No. This is not an open letter to myself, or anything to do with me, other than it being my name. This is a post in recognition and celebration of the art of Poetry. 634 more words

Bluebird Tea Co.'s Autumn Collection

There is nothing quite like a new collection of tea from Bluebird Tea Co. to signal the change in seasons and in our latest rep box from Bluebird we were lucky enough to receive their latest blends to try! 379 more words



   Dr. Hareshwar Roy, Govt. P.G. College Satna, M.P.

A critical appreciation of ‘ODE TO AUTUMN’

  John Keats is the high priest of beauty in English poetry. 313 more words

Is John Keats a natural poet?

‘If poetry comes not as naturally as the leaves to a tree, it had better not come at all.’ John Keats, Hampstead Feb 27th 1818, Letter to John Taylor.

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