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Big picture, little picture, FDI - Odessa & Ukraine

Some time ago an entry was published here that raised certain questions surrounding the “projects” and “project selection” machinery of Sasha Borovik and team, Governor Saakashvili’s “project manager” for the “Odessa project”. 1,617 more words


Time to peel away the recently applied Odessa veneer and get dirty once more

Odessa has benefited from some rather rosy/and or glorifying headlines lately – the obvious increased tourism (due to the loss of Crimea), the new Patrol Police taking to the streets to (hopefully) change societal attitudes towards the rule of law, Governor Saakashvili doing numerous populist (and popular) PR stunts – and the first signs of some real structural changes within the Administration of the Oblast are starting to become visible. 521 more words


The new "Patrol Police" begin - Odessa

On 25th August, perhaps fittingly, the first 392 officers of new “Patrol Police” take their oath and are subsequently unleashed upon the (diving) public of Odessa, at the statue of Armand Emmanuel Sophie Septimanie de Vignerot du Plessis – better known as the (5th) Duke Richelieu.   2,136 more words


Running the (prosecution) interference - Odessa

Saturday afternoon was spent by your author with a member of an EU Mission visiting Odessa.  The EU Mission in question relates directly to the rule of law. 766 more words


A few first's for Odessatalk - Podcasts and Balkanists (& Saakashvili)

A short entry doing the blog no favours by directing regular readers elsewhere following two”first’s”.

The first is a debut with the Balkanist, where a few lines are published relating to the challenges facing Governor Saakashvili at the ports. 65 more words


Loaded dice? The return of (legal) gambling to Odessa

This entry has the potential to, and probably will, wander around the central theme of gambling and by extension events current in Odessa.

By way of background, in June 2009 populist Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko championed the banning of gambling in Ukraine.   1,643 more words


A gay weekend update - Odessa

A few days ago an entry was published relating to a proposed and yet somewhat mysterious premier of an Odessa LGBT festival – mysterious insofar as organisers and the knowledge of the event amongst the Odessa LGBT at the time of writing. 550 more words