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A price on your head - Odessa

Within this entry relating to the SBU rolling up terrorist entities in Odessa a few days ago, lies these paragraphs:

“Rumour from within the SBU mill, is that amongst those of this organisation arrested, were two individuals that had been designated as assassins. 350 more words


Terrorist replacements - Odessa

Following along from an entry a few days ago which briefly outlined the SBU rolling up several terrorist entities/cells in Odessa (not withstanding the dim view they took over the separatist notions inferred by the People’s Council of Bessarabia), the entry ended with the following question: 1,080 more words


Poroshenko in Odessa 10th April - Changes afoot

As has been mentioned far too often – because it has been far too long – Odessa has not seen a senior national politician in almost a year. 1,141 more words



“I have said that she had no face; but that meant she had a thousand faces” ― C.S. Lewis, Till We Have Faces

5apr15. Odessa, Ukraine.