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Faked murders - the latest Police false flag MO?

Toward the end of April the police and SBU announced the investigation into the murder of an Azerbaijani businessman in Zaporizhia.

Nothing particularly unusual – except the Azeri businessman wasn’t murdered. 323 more words


Credit where credit is due - Policing Odessa 2nd - 9th May

A short entry to express a few words of both recognition and gratitude to those tasked with policing events in Odessa between 2nd – 9th May. 195 more words


Yo-Yo Elite Employment - Ukraine

Many western readers can identify with “revolving door” employment, whereby senior legislators and/or civil servants leave the public sector to take up senior appointments in the private sector, or vice versa.   1,181 more words


Borovik resigns as Odessa Deputy Governor - as required by law

The 1st May saw the new statute on the Ukrainian civil service come to life.

The new law on civil service in #Ukraine is now in effect.

1,119 more words

A "negotiable rule of law" - Odessa & Ukraine

It has for many years been said, here at this blog and across the entirety of right-thinking people, that the rule of law will be the only foundation from whence something approaching a functioning State will emerge as far as Ukraine is concerned. 1,336 more words


Odessa Court refuses to satisfy City Council regarding mass events

It is not often – or certainly not often enough – that the courts of Odessa fail to satisfy the requests/petitions of City Hall.

Indeed much of the local constituency would perceive the courts of Odessa as being in cahoots with, or at the very least tacitly approving (by way of inaction) many acts of City Hall that would appear to breach the of City Ordnance to which it is meant to comply. 993 more words


Odessa City Hall's Praetorian Guard (an idea that seemingly won't die)

Around 24th March 2015 Mayor Trukhanov contemplated  the creation a “Municipal Police/Guard” which fortunately never came to fruition – crushed by the Interior Ministry.

Just over 1 year later, the idea is being seriously floated once again, this time under the brand “City Watch”. 537 more words