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Odessa Port Side shuts down

Having twice failed to privatise the Odessa Port Side plant during 2016, and with debts mounting to creditors such as Naftogaz, the decision has been taken to temporarily, or perhaps better stated indefinitely, close the plant down with effect from 30th December. 108 more words


Odessa - Write your own headline (It would be funny if it weren't so sad)

In local news a headline appeared that simply demanded further reading.  It read “In Odessa region a school toilet was inaugurated:  A ribbon cutting and dancing”. 746 more words


Odessa investment projects - Berezyne - Besarabyazka rail reconstruction

Immediately prior to the festive season getting under way, the blog was invited to the Odessa Regional Administration by a friend who is head of the Investment and Tourism Department, Roman Kozlovskyi. 599 more words


The new Governor of Odessa is (not going to be a media celebrity) Maxim Stepanov

A few days ago an entry appeared listing the 31 candidates to replace Misha Saakshvili as Governor of Odessa, and within which made brief observation of the most suitable (and unsuitable) applicants. 286 more words


Cultural dates for the diary - Odessa, Italy, Russia, Minsk (No Poland?)

For my erudite readers, a 24 hour hiatus from policy and politics and a climb from that grubby valley unto the high arts and cultural peaks with noteworthy and dates for the diary over the festive period. 337 more words


When no heads are better than one? Odessa

“Two heads are better than one” is an old idiom which can occasionally be true.

“Great minds think alike” is another – although perhaps “great minds generally think alone” is more accurate. 483 more words


A hiatus or a halt to organised criminality in Zatoka?

Over the past 12 months, several times has the blog mentioned the organised criminality running amok in Zatoka, Odessa.

Everything from voter fraud on a large scale, to criminal land deals, conspiracy to murder, arson, grievous assaults, forgery, and protection rackets… 736 more words