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Decisions, Decisions

The last week or so has been strange and hectic…things kept happening but I had trouble making sense of them and nothing seemed resolved yet. Unfinished. 804 more words


Fear Triggers

I had an experience around one month ago, as I will tell you about here today.

I have never been a big fan of snakes. When I was a kid, I found them fascinating to visit in the Zoo. 580 more words


Administrative Note

If you are a Nokean (Loki-hater), white supremacist, neo-Nazi, or you fall into any associated or compatible categories of low-life, you are not welcome on my blog, or any place else on the web where my content is posted (including Google +). 276 more words


My very first seidhr session (8 years ago as of this past Beltaine)

After re-reading the Well-Wight post, I decided to do a bit of digging into my old Livejournal to see if I had posted about my very first seidhr session. 1,534 more words


Shadows, Cosms, the Lower Worlds

I had the impression that Freya went inside me, pushed and pulled my bodies—

—and I have felt what my anxiety feels like after it’s been blunted, and I do not like it AT ALL. 314 more words


On the Well-Wight

I’ve been inspired by Jo (who is doing something similar for a project she’s collaborating on) and by Nono (whose Vanaheim posts I’ve been enjoying) to go back over some of my old writings and journal posts in an effort to chart my development to this point (seeing both how far I’ve come and where I still need to go), find old ideas that I dropped and should perhaps take up again, and rescue any old writings that are still relevant, either for my own use or (if they seem useful to others) to be shared. 1,583 more words