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Runes Shalt You Find on Kickstarter!


As a reward for “The Illustrated Hávamál,” Kickstarter, a series of high-end Limited Edition silkscreen prints were created for “Odin in a Windy Tree.” … 130 more words

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Grand 2(G7102) By Odin ?

Root your samsung galaxy grand 2(G7102) using Laptop/PC.


If you rooting your mobile it will void your warranty & might even give unexpected results after the root. 329 more words


'Odd and the Frost Giants,' by Neil Gaiman, illustrated by Chris Riddell.

I know they say you shouldn’t judge books by their covers, but this one was calling out to me from across the bookshop. It truly is a thing of great beauty! 279 more words

The Oracle of Ørmen, Part II

On the day of execution the new arises from the gallows.  Everything dies again to create anew.  The cycle continues and continues.  Like Ymir, Ask and Embla went Blackstar.   140 more words

Walk in Spain in January - 9 Photos

Odin and I was out walking in a sunny day, which both of us enjoyed. WP are teasing me, while I wish to write too, so no more writing. 14 more words


"I will go to Valhalla when I die!"

I have seen this statement posted on numerous forums and websites, and answers from fellow Heathens range from pretty much “I will go to Valhalla because x, y, or z” to “only those slain in battle with ancestral connections to the Nordic geographical areas.” 702 more words


From Thor to Twitter: Flyting & the Norse Tradition of Insulting Your Enemies

Good morning, my friends!

Today I’m thrilled to be part of Folklore Thursday‘s excellent blog.

You can check out my article about flyting, the tradition of poetically insulting your enemies, and its long history in Norse mythology… 34 more words