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Medieval Militaries Series: Vikings

In this series I intend to talk about some of the strongest and most feared armies from Medieval times.  I will more than likely cover other time periods as well because I love history and things related to the military.  293 more words


Spring is coming to Spain - 12 Photos

The Spring is now visible in Spain. When I walk with Odin, I see new signs every day, like these Almond Trees, as you see here. 136 more words


Wednesday Witchery

Wednesday Witchery

Be bold and daring today! Expand your knowledge of the Craft by working with the planetary energies of Mercury on this multifaceted day of the week. 202 more words

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Tiw and Irmin: Mistaken Identity

There is a wide-spread theory that has been around … for a long time now — at least since I first started to seriously research native Germanic belief back in the early 90’s — that links Tacitus’ Irmin to the better known Germanic god Tiw (Old Norse – TyR). 683 more words

Ash Wednesday: Our Connection to the Divine

In my tradition, we celebrate Ash Wednesday this coming, Wednesday, February 10th. Kimberly Winston wrote the following about the origins of this ritual in the Huffington Post in an article entitled… 578 more words

Liturgical Calendar

Drawing the line - when the line becomes the problem.

So lately, there’s been so hub-bub over between a few groups –

The AFA – Asatru Folk Assembly. The largest Asatru association in the US with groups in Europe, Central & South America and other places. 2,553 more words