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Wolfen II Devotional Necklace

Brand new to the shop! A glowing study in silver and blue, this breathtaking necklace would make a very appropriate and evocative devotional piece for Odin, Fenrir, Apollon, or any other deity or spirit who has a strong connection to wolves. 516 more words

Pagan Jewelry

The Miraculous and Unexpected Happened

August 15th last year, I found myself on a table in a fluoroscopy lab as a resident, assisted by a lab tech, took directions from another doctor yelling from the other room on what would end up being the 4th or 5th attempt at a spinal tap with my body barely responding to the local anesthesia they were using on me.   1,459 more words


Final Fantasy III, Update

It usually takes me a little while longer to make progress on portable games, since I basically only play them when I need to kill time. 582 more words

Video Games


I think by this point it has already been made more than clear that my mind settles on strange things. I don’t exactly write about texts or events in any logical order or with any discernible structure, so there is no point in looking for any kind of link between one post and the next. 1,121 more words

Greed and Gluttony - teachings of the High One, Stanza 21

Hjarðir þat vitu
nær þær heim skulu
ok ganga þá af grasi
en ósviðr maðr
kann ævagi
síns um mál maga

Cattle know when they ought to go home, 340 more words

If You Think Your Gods Don't Care

Hello, my friends!

In case you think your gods don’t care about you, They do. If They didn’t care about Their devotees, They wouldn’t have them. 457 more words