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No. Just... no.


Just… NO.

Odin cares about kids in his own way, but it’s definitely not in the “gentle father” type.

Think more Ra’as Al Ghul kicking a battered, burned out, and winded Bruce Wayne who can barely stand, screaming “DEATH DOES NOT WAIT FOR YOU TO BE READY! 218 more words



There’s a spindle whirring in Frigga’s lap
and she stares down the World Tree eternal
churning bloody milk in Urda’s well, flax
becomes golden Sif hair, twine is dyed with… 225 more words


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Lord of Winter

One of the worst things about the Christianization of Europe was that many of the facets of the Old Gods were erased from memory, or disguised very deeply in folklore. 760 more words


Where skuld was involved, Odin was quick to ask for his. Very quick. What started happening was that my depression or back pain would be removed for a while, but as I watched the black (and blood red, in case of pain) liquid smoke floating into the fire, I would be told point blank: “You will go and read this book/issue of Idunna/articles on this or that topic.” It was a request I never dared to refuse; I felt instinctively that ignoring Odin’s demands or deciding “oh, I’ll do it when I feel like it” was a bad idea.. 966 more words


Any Given Wednesday: Magical Runes

Imagine you are king of a race of Gods.

But ruling the Gods bores you. It’s wisdom you seek, for even the Gods are not all-knowing. 718 more words


Ratatosk Tells a Tale

“Do you think I was alone
when I hung on that windswept
tree nine nights, spear-heavy,
a sacrifice unto myself?”


“Frigga was my altar.” 341 more words