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Brwydro: battle, fight, combat, struggle

I remember sitting in the common room with a fellow Quaker Pagan theology PhD student. (I say ‘a’, perhaps ‘the other’!) Anyway, we were discussing theology, as you do when you’re a theology PhD student, and we were discussing whether Pagan and Quaker theologies can be compatible, as you do when you’re a Quaker Pagan theology student. 245 more words

Valhalla, Myths of Norseland: Now Available!


I was looking around trying to find more works which involved paganism, especially Norse or Egyptian, to release over time, and some time ago I found about a dozen good works; this is one of them, just in time for that happy point in the year where the Fimbulwinter begins to decline away! 109 more words

An ode to Odin

The Life tree.
The mythical Yggdrasil.
One-eyed, he hangs still
relentless seeks
Divine mysteries
bigger than he.
Father of Loki
and of Thor, who thunder bears… 156 more words


Harbard the Ferryman & the Embarrassment of Thor – On the Presence of Odin or Loki in Hárbarðsljóð

Hárbarðsljóð is a flyting poem from the Poetic Edda, in which Thor is challenged to battle wits with a ferryman named Harbard (Hárbarðr) for passage across an inlet. 3,133 more words

Medieval History

what's it all about

Thinking on Odin today and ordeal and all the many places He’s had me walk in my life. There is a place in service to one’s Gods where everything else is stripped away. 668 more words

Strangeways by Robert J Brunner

I have to admit that when I received the request to do an honest review of the book Strangeways by Robert J Brunner, I looked the book up. 700 more words


15 February

Yule love it

If you’re taking Christmas seriously, I think it helps to be well-versed in Christmas history: it will let you sort religious elements from secular pastimes, give context to your traditions and may also provide ideas for new family frivolities. 294 more words