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Mabon/Birthday Sale!!!

To celebrate Mabon (which also coincides with my birthday this year), I’m having a flash sale! Spend $30 or more in my Etsy shop and take 30% off your entire order… 122 more words


Raven’s and Swords

Je me souviens-the motto of Quebec; we will remember.

Ah yes, just about the single most common phrase ringing from any minority crying out for revenge against the terrible crimes of (everyone else alive, and anyone on their side who doesn’t fully agree with them). 1,811 more words

New in the shop today: Flamehair Limited Edition Ritual Oil

More than any other deity in the Norse pantheon, Loki–blood brother of Odin and trickster extraordinaire–is renowned for getting the gods into trouble, as well as for getting them out of it. 343 more words

Grimoire Update

Worked on another page for my grimoire, aka 600 page sketchbook, during Shabbat this past weekend. The Wheel of the Year layout and some of the sketch/doodle ideas were borrowed from the… 453 more words

Brand new today: Wilde Jaeger Limited Edition Ritual Oil

Just added today: omigosh, this oil! I can’t stop sniffing my wrist where I tested it; it’s all dark caramelly goodness, evoking both the cozy indoor comforts of fall and the insane outdoor adventures. 285 more words

The Norse God Odin, Part Two: Initiation, Sacrifice and the Runes

By Rosemary Taylor, Shamanic Practitioner

As I explained in my last article, Odin Part One – Journeying God of Magical and Social Wisdom, Odin travels throughout the Nine Worlds in his quest for wisdom and to avert his own prophesied end, told him by a Seeress. 2,059 more words