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The Pagan Origins of Christmas

Christmas is often referred to as a Christian festival, particularly in the current political climate in which we are attempting to promote our traditions in the face of attack from foreign cultures, but the truth of the matter is that there is very little about the celebration that originates from Christianity proper. 954 more words


Ways of Understanding Odin

There will be a few posts dedicated to the figure who stands behind my spirituality, and thus my blog: Odin.

There are so many different views in the pagan/occult world, I feel it necessary to start with a very basic overview of how one may understand the figure of Odin. 964 more words


Drawing the line - when the line becomes the problem.

So lately, there’s been so hub-bub over between a few groups –

The AFA – Asatru Folk Assembly. The largest Asatru association in the US with groups in Europe, Central & South America and other places. 2,534 more words