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A Dedication to the Franks

Although my focus on history is usually centred on my native country of Scotland and the British Isles, I wish to explore the history of one of the Teutonic tribes from Continental Europe. 1,634 more words

History And Mythology

AllFather's Prayer

AllFather, Who rules in Asgard, Hallowed be Thy runes, Thy wisdom shared,  Thy poems will be sung In Midgard, as they are in Asgard. Give us this day with our daily life, forgive us our monotony, as we forgive the monotony of others;  Lead us unto ecstasy and deliver us into our path. 10 more words


On the Power of Words and Thoughts

One of the ways in which mankind differs from the animal kingdom is in the ability to use verbal communication in the form of language. Animals do have the ability to communicate through sounds and gestures as we do, but they lack the capability to form abstract concepts that may have no immediate relevance to daily life. 1,218 more words

Political And Social Issues

Gypsy Wind

Gypsy wind

I hear your call

the promise of


the unknown



As loud as the sound

of my heart, I hear you. 49 more words


Fascism Today (an excerpt)

The following is excerpted from Shane Burley’s new book: Fascism Today: What It Is And How To End It, published by AK Press. A review by Christopher Scott Thompson will appear 15 December here at Gods&Radicals.

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Long-Form Essay

Down With Christianity: Paganism as an Alternative to an Oppressive Religion

Christianity, and organized religion as a whole, hasn’t been without criticism among left-leaning and progressive crowds. Many have deemed the religion inherently misogynistic, racist, and completely outdated. 1,112 more words


Paganism: better than comedy

There’s apparently a relatively new private pagan temple in Korinth, Fyn, Denmark, called Valheim. I tried to get some information about it from the internet, because it looks pretty fantastic. 281 more words