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Reasonings on the Havamal

The Havamal, or Song of the High One, is a collection of ancestral advise attributed to the Norse God of Wisdom, Alfather Odin. It is a poem that consists of 164 stanzas and is part of the Poetic Edda which, along with the Prose Edda makes up the Eddas, or scriptures of… 4,332 more words


Odin Brewing Company Odin's Gift

I believe I mention somewhere in a post I’ve already put up or one I have waiting in my pre-written stack that I am of Norse faith – In particular I am a devotee to Odin. 111 more words

Heathenry Part errr whatever


If I may I will use this frame to take a closer look at the religion: Heathenry. I dare say I am certainly not the first to do it, and I certainly will not be the last. 4,508 more words