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Drawing the line - when the line becomes the problem.

So lately, there’s been so hub-bub over between a few groups –

The AFA – Asatru Folk Assembly. The largest Asatru association in the US with groups in Europe, Central & South America and other places. 2,553 more words


Odin vs Islam: Odinism is the wildcard that will take down the Islamist trojan horse...

The Islamists bomb us, shoot us, want to install Sharia Law, and generally take over Western nations. All in the name of their god Allah… and with tacit approval from traitorous Western governments. 408 more words

Jim's Rants

"All The Rage In Parts Of Southern Virginia": Inside Virginia's Church-Burning Werewolf White Supremacist Cult

Viking-inspired white supremacists trying to terrorize black Christians in the South: not as rare as you think.

News broke yesterday that the FBI arrested two young men under the suspicion that they were planning to start a race war by bombing black churches in their home state of Virginia. 752 more words


How I Became A Catholic and Left Behind Paganism

A letter I wrote some years ago to a friend in England on how and why I became Catholic.

Hi Anthony,

    I don’t know how interesting this story will be, but since you’ve asked for it, here goes. 4,096 more words


This is not that

“For my own part, I agree with those who think that the tribes of Germany are free from all taint of intermarriages with foreign nations, and that they appear as a distinct, unmixed race, like none but themselves.

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Tvingat är mig nu att vara något övertydlig och yttra några självklarheter.

Långt inne i skogar, inne i berg och på andra platser; och givetvis i de andra Världarna, så lever det högre tillståndet av livet. 878 more words



(This article is a bit watered down and “meat and potatoes” as it was included in a somewhat “mainstream culture” magazine some months ago. If you find it enjoyable anyway, then feel free to tell me.) 1,364 more words