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We Need A Transition Government In Kenya

In We Need Transition Government In Kenya, I make the case the only way to send Uhuru packing is for the opposition to unite as we did in 2002 which I say is possibly only if greed and ego don’t come into play. 380 more words


Oracle Direct NFS - Database 12c

On this post i will show you how to enable the database to use Direct NFS 
over Infiniband.
Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance: How to Enable Oracle Intelligent Storage Protocol (OISP) (Doc ID 1943618.1)
Direct NFS monitoring and v$views (Doc ID 1495739.1)

… 299 more words

Electoral Integrity Issues Ahead of Kenya's General Election in August 2017

1. Raila Odinga won the 2007 presidential election, at least according to aggregate results from media houses. On a related note, President Kenyatta will most likely face a stiff challenge from a unified opposition, a fact that will put the integrity of the outcome in the August 8th presidential election front and center. 661 more words


Women In Politics Is Not End of Chivarly

In Women In Politics Not End To Chivalry, make the case just because a woman decides to enter the political arena to vie for public office does not mean that’s the end to chivalry in as far as she is concerned. 540 more words


ODM Bedouin Bivouac Opening Night – Open Doors Morocco

It’s official.  The Open Doors Morocco – Bedouin Bivouac is open for business and we couldn’t have asked for a more authentic desert launch.  Who better to share the inaugural night with than our friends at The Giving Lens?  20 more words

Can IEBC Chair Be Fair and Impartial?

In A Fair and Impartial IEBC Chair?, I make the case it’s possible but those charged with the responsibility to pick the next chair of this important body must do the utmost in screening and selecting only an incorruptible person who can ensure we once again have a fair and transparent election even half as good as we had in 2002, the only time it can be said we have not had an election riddled with rigging and all manner of corruption as to negate the will of the majority of the voters going to the polls as we have always had as the case going back to our country’s independence. 224 more words


Voting out Jubilee a patriotic duty, says Raila Odinga

By Raila Odinga, ODM Party Leader.

Let me begin by thanking you for sparing time for this meeting and for the warm welcome you have accorded me. 1,390 more words

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