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Platycnemis pennipes - Blaue Federlibelle - white-legged damselfly

Art (species): Platycnemis pennipes – Blaue Federlibelle – white-legged damselfly
Gattung (genus): Platycnemis
Familie (family): Platycnemididae – Federlibellen – featherlegs
Unterordnung (suborder): Zygoptera – Kleinlibellen – damselflies… 33 more words


Male dragonflies are not as violent as thought

by Piter Kehoma Boll

Males and females are defined by their gametes. Males have tiny, usually mobile gametes, while females have very large gametes that usually do not move. 725 more words


Dragonflies Eclosing

The sudden hot weather seems to have triggered a mass emergence of dragonflies and damselflies.  The emerging vegetation along the shores of ponds is covered with larval Odonates (members of the order of insects that includes dragonflies and damselflies) metamorphosing into adults.  155 more words

Oh to be Odonata: an anthropomorphic tale of a dragonfly

It felt only fitting that the first story of mine that I put on this blog be about dragonflies. They are the reason I was pulled (not kicking and screaming) into the weird and wonderful world of Entomology. 2,154 more words


Pyrrhosoma nymphula - Frühe Adonislibelle - large red damselfly

Art (species): Pyrrhosoma nymphula – Frühe Adonislibelle – large red damselfly
Gattung (genus): Pyrrhosoma – Adonislibellen
Familie (family): Coenagrionidae – Schlanklibellen
Unterordnung (suborder): Zygoptera – Kleinlibellen – damselflies… 31 more words


Stream Glory (Neurobasis chinensis chinensis)

Sometimes there’s nothing better than just walking along the banks of a small stream and watching the dragonflies,damselflies flutter along above it. On this particular occasion whilst walking along one of the streams in Sri Phang-nga National Park i was lucky enough to see the aptly named stream glory damselfly. 247 more words



A Dragonfly’s life begins in the water and remains there for up to five years. The part of the life-cycle that we usually see is very brief and is only a fraction of their lifetime. 180 more words