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Tired of smoke from the forest fires, I packed and left to Saratov in South-East Russia, where my wife (then a girlfriend) is originally from. Saratov is located in the steppe zone, and the fauna has many Mediterranean and Turanian elements. 134 more words



On 21st of July went to Trofimovo again.

A beautiful Rhopalid bug Corizus hyoscyami:

Mating pair of Yellow-winged Darters (Sympetrum flaveolum): 36 more words



On 18th of July went to Topolinyi, where my friend Andrey Ponomarev has a country house (so-called “dacha”).

Small Emerald Damselfly (Lestes virens): 32 more words


Little Blue Dragonlet Dragonfly (Erythrodiplax minuscula)

CENTRAL FLORIDA CRITTER OF THE DAY: Little Blue Dragonlet Dragonfly (Erythrodiplax minuscula)

This tiny species likes low vegetation and was back in the grasses surrounding the pond. 38 more words


01.29.2015 Thinkin' Summer

Tuesday’s snow has been cleared, the roof has been raked and we got up around 30°F today which led to some melting.  Around midnight tonight there’s another few inches coming in and then we get real cold again, just in time for the weekend.  159 more words

Nature Photography

Whitetail Dragonfly

Libellula lydia, the Common Whitetail dragonfly. These dragonflies have a very bold and attention-getting appearance because of their large size, dark wing spots, and the large white abdomens of the males. 67 more words

A new species of dragonfly from northern Borneo

2 days ago, a new species of dragonfly from northern Borneo was described in the mega-journal Zootaxa. Although not all papers in this journal are open-access, this one, luckily, is. 180 more words