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Nature's infinite variety

We were fortunate to enjoy a burst of autumn sunshine this morning. This was soon followed by a wintry blast to remind us that some bleak days are just around the corner. 80 more words

Bird Observations

TRITHEMIS aurora - Libellulidae

The species is known as Trithemis auroraLibellulidae, which has a beautiful appearance, with pink body all over the males, while in females is golden brown with dark lines on thorax and abdomen. 485 more words


RHINOCYPHA monochroa - Chlorocyphidae

My encounter with this damselfly species has been a long time, but I never got to take pictures of them. I was able to take photos of them on November 13, 2016. 329 more words


Exploring the Southern Piedmont in Amherst County

The other day me and a friend explored Beck Creek in Amherst County in search of Odes (short for Odonata, the dragonfly and damselfly order) and anything else we could find.   416 more words


LIBELLAGO rufescens - Chlorocyphidae

Tracing Karaja River in Parepare, South Sulawesi, is a tough job for me. River rocks extend crowded, very difficult to pass. The river only fast-flowing in the rainy season, while during the dry season only had a puddle here and there, that flows slowly and clear. 498 more words


HUNTING in Bantimurung National Park

In December 25, 2016, coincides with Christmas Day, I travel to Maros and Makassar (in South Sulawesi), with my objectives will visit the Bantimurung-Bulusaraung National Park. 408 more words


SHOTS Dragonflies & Butterflies

I was born in Parepare, South Sulawesi, on December 9, 2008. Now, I’m still a pupil in primary school. I really like taking pictures of insects, especially dragonflies and butterflies. 541 more words