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Spartans in the Snow video edition

I created a video version of the project using every picture edited with some movement and appropriate sounds I recorded myself and found on the internet. 27 more words


Picture Twenty Four - Survive

In the final image Chief and Mickey gather what they can and prepare to move on. The mission is not over yet.

I retained the colours in the background in this image as I thought the green plants against the white snow would make the scene look more hopeful. 36 more words


Picture Twenty Three - Aftermath

In the penultimate image we find the only survivors of the fight stand quietly over Rookies and The Metas bodies. Chief stares at his signature rifle protruding from the snow. 58 more words


Picture Twenty One - So long sniper

In the twenty first image we see Mickey standing away from the explosion in the snipers nest, or rather what’s left of the snipers nest. 114 more words


Picture Twenty - Mickey says “Hello.”

In the twentieth image we see Mickey standing in a white void launching a rocket. In previous pictures we saw how Mickey tried to save Dwight after he was shot by the sniper, giving us the idea that they were close. 85 more words


Old Ghosts

*Aryannah is sitting on the steel bench, back to the vertical wall. She’s staring out of the Spectre’s open door, past Williams, the door gunner. Sand. 8,463 more words


Picture Eighteen - RIP Rookie

In the eighteenth image we see The Meta smashing Rookie to the ground, shattering his visor. No weapon used, he just killed the Spartan with his bare hands because Rookie stood in the way of The Meta and Chief. 44 more words