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Old Ghosts

*Aryannah is sitting on the steel bench, back to the vertical wall. She’s staring out of the Spectre’s open door, past Williams, the door gunner. Sand. 8,463 more words


Picture Eighteen - RIP Rookie

In the eighteenth image we see The Meta smashing Rookie to the ground, shattering his visor. No weapon used, he just killed the Spartan with his bare hands because Rookie stood in the way of The Meta and Chief. 44 more words


Picture Seventeen - Target acquired

In the seventeenth image we see The Meta crushes the hologram he was holding with his bare hands. If his intentions with Chief weren’t clear before they are now. 44 more words


Picture Sixteen - Meet the Meta

In the sixteenth image we find out who was in the drop pod. A newcomer clad in armour known as ‘The Meta’ holding the same hologram of Chief that Red has. 37 more words


Picture Fifteen - Ground zero

In image fifteen we see the drop pod resting in the snow where it landed. I positioned the camera behind the log where the Spartans are taking cover. 56 more words


Picture Fourteen - Drop pod falling

In the fourteenth picture we see what is called a ‘Drop pod’ falling from the sky, breaking through the clouds. In the original picture the drop pod is clearly visible but, to make it look like it is falling at a rapid rate, I added a lot of motion blur to the image.


Picture Thirteen - Incoming!

In the thirteenth image Mickey see’s something falling from the sky and points it out for his teammates. Chief and Rookie cease fire to notice as Dwight lays lifeless against the log. 20 more words