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Actively Manage Your OMR with EMDIAG

Oracle provides the OMR analysis tools EMDIAG and repvfy so we can perform detailed management repository analysis and maintenance just like the pros.

Kellyn has her typical clear instructions on how to install the tools at http://dbakevlar.com/2013/02/using-the-em-diagnostic-kit-with-em12c/. 984 more words

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Changing OEM BI Publisher Host

Changing the name of the server or load-balancing server handling your BI Publisher workload for OEM can be done with a single EM CLI command.  The values you need to know are: 66 more words

OEM 12c

What's Inside an EM Agent Upload

OEM agents on each host upload data to your management servers every few minutes.

Here’s how you can see exactly what your agent has uploaded.  First, enable local backups of the uploaded files with: 3,932 more words

OEM 12c

AWR Warehouse adding host fails with ORA-20233..Or.."Just Add The Darn Thing.."

When happily adding hosts to the AWR Warehousing, some ex-RAC One nodes didn’t seem willing to be added..

When looking in the log file from OEM… 239 more words

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Oracle Entreprise Manager Cloud 12c: Configuring e-mail alerts

Hello everyone!
Today I will show how to configure e-mail alerts in OEM 12c.
I did one implementation in one client last week, all databases are monitored with OEM 12c, this is a very good tool. 331 more words


How to Document Upload Destinations

We’re in the process of implementing a load balancing server for our OMS cluster.  The migration itself consists of changing the REPOSITORY_URL and emdWalletSrcUrl addresses inside the $ORACLE_HOME/agent_inst/sysman/config/emd.properties file and then resecuring the agent — on each host in our environment. 361 more words

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Clean Up Your Old OEM Blackouts

All those limited duration or one-time blackouts need to be manually cleaned after they end or are stopped.  This combination of database query and EM CLI command does the job quickly and easily. 130 more words

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