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How to Share OEM Named Credentials

Named Credentials

Named credentials (NC) are an excellent way to support the work performed by OEM users/administrators without requiring them to actually know key passwords. Named credentials also provide a single location to update when the passwords change. 1,506 more words

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Force OEM to Discover HA Systems

You know there’s a cluster and that means that an HA system exists, but OEM won’t discover it.  Of course that means that your RAC databases can’t be discovered either and all of this is making you cranky.   257 more words

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OMS Configuration Backup

The Job system in OEM provides a flexible and reliable means of scheduling custom activities. This can be particularly handy for managing OEM itself.

Backing up the configuration of your management server is essential for recovery and the Job system is great tool for scheduling it. 240 more words

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EMAGENT Stopped With "OutOfMemoryError"

It has been a couple of times when an emagent stopped and got “Agent  is unreachable” OEM alert.


The agent start fails or restarts frequently or becomes unresponsive and the following messages are seen in logs. 601 more words

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Actively Manage Your OMR with EMDIAG

Oracle provides the OMR analysis tools EMDIAG and repvfy so we can perform detailed management repository analysis and maintenance just like the pros.

Kellyn has her typical clear instructions on how to install the tools at http://dbakevlar.com/2013/02/using-the-em-diagnostic-kit-with-em12c/. 984 more words

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Changing OEM BI Publisher Host

Changing the name of the server or load-balancing server handling your BI Publisher workload for OEM can be done with a single EM CLI command.  The values you need to know are: 66 more words

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What's Inside an EM Agent Upload

OEM agents on each host upload data to your management servers every few minutes.

Here’s how you can see exactly what your agent has uploaded.  First, enable local backups of the uploaded files with: 3,932 more words

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