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Add a CA Cert to OEM Admin Server

Outbound CA Certificates

Certificate files from certifying authorities are widely used for authentication.  Oracle has already loaded an exhaustive set of CA certs inside your OMS server. 357 more words

OEM 12c

Resolve PDP Error for Named Credentials


Some of our named credentials use a privileged account to perform root actions via sudo. That account is not the same as the OEM agent binary owner and does not belong to the binary owner’s o/s groups for security reasons. 179 more words

OEM 12c

Catalog your Named Credentials

You can catalog your named credentials quickly and easily with EM CLI.

emcli login -username=SYSMAN

emcli sync

[ $NCCATALOG ] && rm -f ${NCCATALOG}
touch ${NCCATALOG}

for thisNC in `emcli list_named_credentials | awk '{ print $1 }' | grep -v "Credential"`; do
emcli get_named_credential -cred_name=${thisNC} >>${NCCATALOG}

cat ${NCCATALOG} 85 more words
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You Can Not Outsmart a SYSMAN Password Change

There are no circumstances where manually changing the passwords for the SYSMAN-named database accounts will end happily.  Never attempt to change the passwords for SYSMAN, SYSMAN_APM, SYSMAN_BIPLATFORM, SYSMAN_MDS, SYSMAN_OPSS, or SYSMAN_RO from within the database. 986 more words

OEM 12c