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Change Ownership of Named Credentials

Changing ownership of Named Credentials is quick and easy.  I’d created a Named Credential under my own OEM account and decided to share it with SYSMAN so we could set it as the Preferred Credential for a certain class of targets across the enterprise. 51 more words

OEM 12c

#db12c now certified for #em12c repository (MOS Note: 1987905.1) with some restrictions

Last October (2014), at Oracle Open World 2014, I posted about a discussion where there was confusion on if Oracle Database 12c was supported as the Oracle Management Repository (OMR). 188 more words


Revoking OEM12c License Packs

Disabling a management pack is just as easy as enabling the pack in the first place.

Go to the bottom of the Setup menu and select… 89 more words

OEM 12c

Bounce Counter Mismatch

EM agents can end up in several different error states and each of them have their own error image.  This one popped up in my environment this morning on one agent and all of its targets: 187 more words

OEM 12c

Post Agent Upgrade Tasks

The typical EM agent upgrade leaves the old Oracle Homes in place on your hosts.  That includes the old home for the agent binaries and also the homes for each upgraded plug-in. 99 more words

OEM 12c

OID/OVD Metrics Unavailable in Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control


OID/OVD metrics are unavailable on OEM 12c Cloud Control. But other targets metrics are shown fine . The incident is created by OID/OVD instance with message: 63 more words

Can't Resolve A Non-optional Query Descriptor Property [password] (password)

Targets in Perpetual Pending State

After my issues with the patch bundle some of my database targets ended up in an odd ‘Status Pending’ state.  I received this guidance from RachelB on the OTN site for OEM Community at… 176 more words

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