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Plugin versions on agent does not support target type oracle_pdb

Tried to add a CDB database with PDBS into 12c OEM, and got below errors.  Actually there is another CDB database of same cluster has been added onto OEM months ago. 58 more words

OEM 12c

How to Find Out Oracle Clusterware Cluster Name ?

The cluster name is case-insensitive, must be unique across your enterprise, must be at least one character long and no more than 15 characters in length, must be alphanumeric, cannot begin with a numeral, and may contain hyphens (-). 177 more words


Cluster Database Targets and Database System Targets are in Pending Status in Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c and 13c

There are a couple of newly added cluster databases targets and database system targets are in “PENDING” status, though all the cluster database instances are showing up.  551 more words

OEM 12c

Plugin versions on agent does not support target type rac_database

I wasn’t able to promote database targets after I applied the July bundle patch.  I quickly opened an SR and received the following excellent, if scary, advice.   700 more words

OEM 12c

How to Deinstall OEM Agent from Oracle Enterprise Manager 12C

Here are the detailed steps of de-installing an Oracle EM agent (

  1. Stop OEM agent first.
   $ emctl stop agent

2.  Decommission the agent from OEM: 1,586 more words

12c New Features

Turn OEM Job Output into Lists


We have an OEM job that we run after each system-wide Unix password change to verify success on all hosts.

The OEM Job is run against Dynamic Groups of hosts.   149 more words

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User Defined Target Properties

We can create our own target property classifications using EM CLI.  In this example we’ll create a new property named “Product Type”.  In my shop we’ll use that property to identify Oracle RAC and single instance databases, but also noSQL targets that we’re adding to our EM environment. 309 more words

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