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Oenology Destination: Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland is the largest region in New Zealand, with 1.5 million residents. Aside from having picturesque sites—volcanoes and islands mixing with urbanity—Auckland is essentially a wine region housing some of the oldest vineyards in the country. 200 more words


What is Oenology?

Oenology is the scientific study of wine production. It covers the complete wine-making process from growing grapes to promoting wine to consumers. In order to shed more light on this subject, Ideal Wine Company explains the role of an oenologist. 425 more words

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Squashed Dreams

We compost, which is great, but has proved problematic this year. Obviously our compost is not reaching the desired temperature of Molten-Core-of-Mount-Etna because all of the squash seeds I put into the composter last year came to life this year in our garden beds. 630 more words


Black G vodka

Spirits are gaining adepts in a usually wine country like France. This trend is due mainly to the fact that French people love to experience when it comes to food and beverages; they won’t drink spirits straight but rather in a cocktail, and the most sophisticated it can be, the better. 168 more words

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Le Winelab

by Abdón FLORES

The third edition of Le Winelab is ready to conquer Paris. On May 30th the Carreau du Temple will honor during 8 hours a special selection of nectars made by the team of… 129 more words

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Chambers of the Curious

by Abdon FLORES

The Chambers of the Curious is a concept developed by the premium gin brand Hendrick’s, one of the best gins in the world according to gin lovers. 307 more words

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