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A Baltic Love Story: The Intrigue of 170-year-old Shipwrecked Champagne

The internet is bursting with news of champagne: the BBC1, Fox2, NBC3, Discovery News4, Science5, Nature6, Popular Science7, Smithsonian Magazine8 (who published the most complete summary I’ve seen), and many more are all bubbling with excitement over the discovery of 170-year-old champagne bottles shipwrecked in the Baltic Sea.   739 more words


Long Island Wines Shine at Laurel Lake Vineyards, Waters Crest Winery and Lieb Cellars!

This past week we took a ride along the North Fork of Long Island to stop at a few vineyards that we have been in touch with recently via social media… 1,089 more words

My venture into oenology

After the initial attempt at bitter (a process which is still ongoing), I evaluated whether I could do something similar myself. I am coeliac which means I can’t drink beer due to the gluten content being over 20ppm, therefore I chose wine to be my trial beverage. 209 more words


Decisions suck but tend to lead to great outcomes

Decisions will be the death of me..

I spent 3 months (August-October) in Texas working on the Robert Clay Vineyards in Mason, TX. I learned an exponential amount, became even more aware of my growing passion for wine making, and was able to travel on a minimal budget. 601 more words