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Minnesota Unwed Father's Legal Rights- Establishing Yourself as Dad

Minnesota grants sole custody of children born outside of marriage to mothers.  Dads have to establish their parental rights.

Signing a recognition of parentage does not convey any parental rights;  having your name on the birth certificate or having the child assume your surname doesn’t grant you any parental rights; living together or having a shared parenting schedule doesn’t protect dads either. 247 more words

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The Abduction of Children in Nigeria Constitutes Crimes Against Humanity and Requires a United Response.

The U.S. , other Nations and the U.N. need to acknowledge through action that crimes against children and women are crimes against humanity.  The recent abduction of the children in Nigeria is a call to action for all citizens to… 116 more words

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Thank You Everyone and Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you clients for your trust and confidence in choosing me to help you with your legal matters; and,  thank you for your many referrals of friends and family. 45 more words

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Divorcing Parents Should Follow the Golden Rule

We all remember our folks telling us:  Share, play nice, get along with the other kids;  and,  treat others like you want to be treated.  Divorcing parents would do well to remember the foregoing sage advice. 241 more words

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Estate Planning in Minnesota and Your Digital Inventory-Make it Easy for Your Heirs

Estate plans result in hard copy documents that reflect your last wishes in how you want your tangible property to be divided among your heirs. We all have a digital life these days from bank accounts to social media accounts. 215 more words

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Cohabitation Agreements for Persons Living Together Sans the Romance- Part Trois

My last two posts assumed that the parties residing together had a romantic relationship and were partners in more than domestic ways.   The fact is, however, that many folks who are not romantically involved are residing together as a means to reduce expenses.   159 more words

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Wills and Trusts in Minnesota-A Blueprint Primer of How Wealth is Passed Down to Your Heirs

Making sure that your children or other heirs inherit what you have worked for all your life is of paramount concern for most folks.  Grandparents work hard to ensure security for their children and their children work hard to ensure security for their children and so on down the generations. 682 more words

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