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Ben Affleck scared of his family's slave holding past

Ben Affleck agreed to be on a show with Dr Henry Louis gates to trace

family ancestory

and it was discovered  that  Affleck’s family had Slaves… 195 more words


Viral Video: Elevators Show Rise Of New York Skyline

The elevators at the new World Trade Center have L.E.D. walls that show a time-lapse video of New York being built.

The elevators that take you to the observation deck at the new World Trade Center in New York have L.E.D. 74 more words


pawn of hearts

trade one moment

leave one scene

give away a time

and what is the missing aspects

and what is the keeping

and what is  the maddness… 45 more words


walk of real

have you been on these streets in the dark

have you  ever seen things

where it felt the fear

and its own words

and how the actions… 51 more words


Biutiful: The Ugly Beauty Of Life

Uxbal: Look in my eyes, look at my face. Remember me, please. Don’t forget me, Anna. Don’t forget my my love, please.  

Film nominasi Oscar 3 tahun lalu ini akhirnya ketonton juga. 339 more words