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So long

I’m jumping through the cadre you can’t touch me anymore. If your eyes told me anything it’s that it’s useless to try to make you understand. 14 more words

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Updating the Quality of Meetings

I have been trying to have more 1 on 1 meetings as well as more meetings in general. They have been going well, though some have gone better than others. 367 more words

pointless 400 word rant.

I haven’t written in so long that I actually have no idea what I want to write. There is a block in my head – as if someone inserted a brick right at the centre of my brain that I need to slowly chip away at; until finally the barrier is gone and I can write something ‘worthy’ of publication. 387 more words

Video Of The Week: Lolo Zouaï - Blue

Cette nouvelle artiste née francaise et vivant aux États Unis propose depuis quelques mois un son d’une qualité incroyable. Aller aussi écouter Brooklyn Love  ou  … 28 more words


middle of your tommorow

scream at me me

scream at you

why is it a question of the things

that we do

held as its own candle

and whomever… 50 more words