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Sami Zayn Assists Seth Rollins Once Raw Went Off-Air

Once Raw went off air, Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens managed to lure Seth Rollins back to the ring, where they delivered a beat down on him. 35 more words

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Just so.

I am just so tired.

Physically, emotionally and mentally drained. Like.. if you are going to poke a hole on my skin right now, I doubt there’d be blood that would flow out. 21 more words


Cover Your Ass

During my first few months at my current job, I often hear people saying “CYA” about almost everything – which basically means “Cover your ass” (pardon the language – no, actually, pardon my personality lol). 440 more words


What Happened Following Monday Night Raw?

Following Monday Night Raw’s broadcast,¬†Rusev and Kevin Owens attacked¬†Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. Rollins fought back and hit a Pedigree to Owens while Reigns hit a spear to Rusev.

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Look around, Look around

Prior to writing this post, I was doing a bit of stalking over.. myself. Yes, call it a former-brand-reputation-manager thing (that has not faded even though I’m through that shit for four years already, apparently) – but really, it’s just something I got used to doing whenever I am bored (which makes up 60% of my existence). 320 more words


WWE Raw Stars Compete Once Smackdown Live Went Off-Air

Following Tuesday’s broadcast of Smackdown Live a tag match was scheduled off-air.

Seth Rollins teamed with Bray Wyatt to take on John Cena & Roman Reigns. 16 more words

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Off Air [Short Story]

The airwaves went silent and nobody seemed to notice. Not at first. After all, not everyone had a radio anymore, let alone had the machines switched on at the precise moment that everything went silent. 849 more words