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TACTICS Opens New Season with Theatrical Double-Bill Addressing Hot Topics

TACTICS (Theatre Artists Co-operative The Independent Collective Series) opened up its second season with an interesting double bill, no doubt meant to spark discussion. (off) Balance… 1,270 more words


Off balance ...

Have you ever gotten dizzy totally out of the blue? Just a nasty bout of vertigo that sends you spinning? OY! Today that happened to me and it has been awful. 20 more words

Even I Have No Clue How To Categorize This

We Have a Pulse!

Well, I jumped into the fire this week and started my new job that has already changed my working lifestyle.  I am super excited. I am also petrified. 531 more words

Off Balance

A devotion based on The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

In life, we can cling or attach to people or things that we think will bring us pleasure.

When we lose someone significant or someone hurts us instead of satisfy us, we go inward and resent the loss. 27 more words


No such thing as Work-Life Balance?

New read, reading Matthew Kelly’s “OFF BALANCE”, cos recently facing some problems with professional satisfaction and personal satisfaction.

Apparently, the term suggests that work and life is 2 separate things and thus instead of helping to bring work and life together, it sets it further apart and constantly gives us the illusion that we need to work less to live more. 45 more words

Simple Work

Gone fishin'

It’s Tuesday.  Tuesday is the day I go to my favorite coffee shop to write.  And eavesdrop.  Just kidding.  Sort of.

I’m at the coffee shop, but my mind is empty.   700 more words


Weekly recap (20 - 26/07/2015).

I must admit, last week sucked. I wasn’t a very happy person. Do I have to keep talking about it? No? Good! Let’s more along! 153 more words