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Changing Smoothly (Balance)

Knowing that I am off Balance in parts of my life (underachieving, not satisfied, bad patterns), my goal is to get back on track. I wanna Coast again: Living fulfilled, without doing anything particularly, just using habits. 817 more words


On Being Off-Balance

I have had the great pleasure and joy of having not one but two Wesleyannes in the house this weekend.

Aub came home, and her sisterfriend joined her.   404 more words

I think I have vertigo again

I think I have vertigo again.  Not the kind where you are afraid of heights like in Alfred Hitchcock’s famous movie.  But the kind where you keep going dizzy and feel off balance and nauseous.  97 more words

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Vertigo is not fun.

If you’ve never had it, here’s how my bouts with it usually start.

I wake up and turn my head and suddenly my bed, my whole room is spinning.   295 more words


Does the ego help or hinder us? Some people believe the ego gives us that drive to do more and get more. Others believe it has no purpose and can be overpowering and destructive. 136 more words

Ask a Naturopathic Doctor: Reframing Colds and Flus

by Katherine Willow N.D.

From a holistic point of view, colds and flus are not a matter of catching a “bug”, they are about being off balance, physically and emotionally, through congestion, nutritional deficiency and significant stress. 528 more words

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From my Journal  – The Way In

Sometimes life throws unexpected curves, and around the holidays this can really throw me off balance. So… I turn to my journal because sometimes the only way out is the way inward with my journal in hand, in solitude. 62 more words