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Hip Hop for Kenya at Stork Club

Fly Like Us all over again!! With an incredible Line-up by the DOPEST AND FLYEST musical performances:
Bukue One
Mike Fish
Karen Less
Lil MC… 106 more words

Hip Hop Shows

The Buddha On the Art of Letting Things Go

We in the West are obsessed to the point of madness over things we cannot change. Just go online and visit any comments section and you’ll find many people are angry to the point of boiling over when it comes to the opinions of other people. 1,540 more words


Forgetting Something

Originally written 3/31/2016

So today I took a fairy large step in my journey to getting to be who God wants me to be. I was finally able to talk about something I had not even been able to allude to since it happened 16 years ago. 194 more words


Introducing... The Off-Balancing Act Series!

Yes, that’s right, it’s time for another series from the RRFS! (Please note, we created the lovely banner with the picture Lazy Limbs by Michael… 201 more words


Interpreter of Falls with a thud

Three mornings ago I had a fall. Not the phrasal pride going for a fall or the falling in love (how I wish!).  The fall where we lose our physical balance and land on the surface with a thud. 949 more words

Philosophical Issues

Spot On

Have you ever wondered how ballerinas, whose pirouettes make you dizzy just watching them, manage to keep their balance? They use a technique called spotting, And with apologies to the ballet purest who may be appalled at my butchering of the concept, I think there is much that leaders, who find themselves dizzily spinning from one issue to the next, can learn from this technique. 380 more words


Off balance, distracted and disturbed

Forgive me bloggers, for you are about to be confused. Welcome to my world.

Just throw a helmet on my head and call me Special. I’m off balance in mind and body, bumping into things and tripping over my own feet. 383 more words

Bipolar Ride