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"Try Not to be so Perfect...!"

Just when you think things are going so well, you’re right on track, and life seems peachy, something happens that knocks you off kilter! And before you know it you are off on some abandoned sidetrack in your mind, wondering how you got there! 1,226 more words


CeeCee’s Celtic Celebration!

Top of the morning to ya, lads and lassies! My wee four-legged bonnie lass is doing an Irish jig in anticipation of St. Pattie’s Day weekend!  699 more words

Adult Paranormal

Getting The Mail

you get the joke.

you don’t.

That’s one of
the interesting
thing about vintage
humor postcards-

The reference may be
something that has… 114 more words

Felton Kizer Embarks On New Journey With KIZER Journal

You recently took some time off from Off-Kilter. What led to that?

The time off needed to happen for a few different reasons. 1) I wanted to shift our demographic and 2) I wanted to try to figure out new ways to produce content. 755 more words

Review: Ramesh Meyyappan's 'Off-Kilter'

We’ve all had ‘one of those days’. Where nothing goes right, and everything seems wrong. We know how they feel, but do we know what they look like? 500 more words


Arts Review - Off Kilter

Dir. Andy Arnold, Tron Theatre, 10th – 13th May

From the second Ramesh Meyyappan walked onstage, his presence made the space come alive. I was transported into the obsessively monotonous life of Joe Kilter, who saw his world turned upside down after receiving a termination letter.  348 more words