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The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames in SW London, England, U.K.

Yet a third ancient coronation site proved a superb holiday road trip stop – this time, the historic market town where Saxon kings were once crowned. 472 more words

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A Visit to Pemberley - Lyme Park, Peak District, England, U.K.

Pride and Prejudice, published by Jane Austin in 1813, is one of the most-loved books in English literature. The BBC aired a 6-episode television adaptation in 1995. 256 more words

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Culloden Battlefield in Scotland, U.K.

The final battle of the Jacobite Rising against the British Government was fought on Culloden Battlefield in 1746. It was a decisive victory for William Augustus’s Loyalist troops over Charles Stewart’s primarily Scottish Jacobian forces. 305 more words

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The Ring of Brodgar on Orkney Mainland, Scotland, U.K.

The Ring of Brodgar is a Neolithic Stone Circle as ancient as the Great Pyramids, built around 2600 BC. We visited on the winter solstice. It was majestic.F 245 more words

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Excellent Edinburgh in Scotland, U.K.

When visiting the Scottish capital, stay downtown to take advantage of all the wonderful things to see and do. We stayed at the Ibis Centre South Bridge, which made it easy to explore the Royal Mile and surrounding areas. 153 more words

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The Warwick on Christmas in England, U.K.

Midway between London and Liverpool lies Warwick, home to magnificent Warwick Castle and some of the friendliest people we’ve ever met. 127 more words

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Control your dog!

So, there are unspoken but universally accepted rules to owning and walking a dog. Most of them, I thought, were inherently obvious such as “pick up your dog’s mess” and “keep your dog under control”. 798 more words

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