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Walking the dogs and lessons learned

Today it is cold and wet, too miserable for taking the dogs out for a walk and they seem quite content curled up on their beds. 876 more words


100% recall?

I hear a lot of dog trainers, dog walkers and dog owners talk about a dog having ‘100% recall’.

I don’t agree that there is such a thing, and I don’t agree that it’s something every dog owner should aim for. 1,032 more words

Border Collie

Is a (relatively) leash-less life a key to well-adjusted dogs?

Related to my thoughts on the impeccably mannered British dog and to my dad’s practice with our dogs off leash this summer, I have started to piece together some conclusions about why European dogs have their… 553 more words

What I've Learned

When you have the bug, but you don't have the leave.

We all know the phrase ‘travel bug’. Its quick to take hold of a nervous system and spreads like a virus until every inch of your body aches for the unknown, the foreign, the spontaneous. 655 more words

Sydney Expeditions

My dad's off-leash experiments with the dogs

Dad calls me every so often to give me dog updates. Unequivocally, Pyrrha and Eden are loving life with him and my mom this summer. They get tons of exercise, personal attention, and play time with… 478 more words

Dog Life

These are the sorts of dogs we see

Just had a bit of a nightmare walk; luckily Raiden handled it like a star.

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you will know that when Raiden was young he wasn’t socialised very well with other dogs, and as a result he gets over-excited (and vocal!) around them. 1,017 more words


Dogs at Hampstead Heath

This past weekend, we walked for about 12 miles in and around Hampstead and particularly enjoyed Hampstead Heath.

I was, naturally, fixated on observing all of the dogs, who get to run around the gigantic park off leash. 252 more words

German Shepherd