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Feature: Dogs of Italy

I am a dog mom. I am pretty cliche, too. I can always find a way to compare a baby story to a dog story. 137 more words


Cherry Creek State Park - Aurora - Lyle & friends

I love dogs. They are cute little nerdy animals who just want to explore and be loved. Cherry Creek State Park is the perfect place to let your dog wander in the off leash dog park. 16 more words


The Myth of the Off Leash Dog

One of the first things students ask trainers to help them with is training their dog to reliably come when called. They dream of hikes, walks on beaches, treks across meadows, trail rides on horseback, all in the company of an adoring dog that wants to walk with them anywhere they want to go, and is guaranteed to never stray.  651 more words

...of admissions, asbestos, & fido...

…”Admissions 101: Why getting into university is no longer all about getting good grades”…”Vancouver workers face asbestos dangers with quick demolition jobs”…”Will having a pet make your child healthier?”… 154 more words

Celebrating 20 years of Marymoor off-leash doggie bliss!

A big happy wooftastic birthday to Serve Our Dog Areas (S.O.D.A.), a non-profit organization that has provided ongoing support and stewardship for the off-leash dog area at King County’s Marymoor Park for the last 20 years. 102 more words

200 Parks

Canton's Off-Leash Dog Park Proposal

Off-Leash dog parks are growing in popularity across the country and now Canton is looking to have one for themselves. It’s not just for the dogs – it’s also a place for the owners to socialize. 12 more words


Disappearing Delilah

My inability to master the art of dog training is revealed in our lovely canine’s increasing confidence in behaving any way she pleases. Just two days ago, I was lamenting our failure thus far to stop Delilah’s behavior of jumping up on people engaged in hugs during greetings or departures. 480 more words