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The Bay Area's Dog Debate

Bay Area dog enthusiasts are up in arms (paws?) over a plan that would greatly reduce the number of sites in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area where their pets could roam leash free. 378 more words

Food For Thought

Puppy Pool Party!

Seattle might lack the consistent heat that makes a public puppy pool a feasible things, but our dog parents aren’t complaining! There are several pup-friendly places for pups to get their party on. 162 more words


Macdonald Beach

Macdonald Beach dog park in Richmond is just north of YVR airport. The beach runs along the Fraser river. The current is swift as you are close to the ocean, so make sure you don’t throw the sticks out too far for your pup.  311 more words


Mount Pleasant

We live in Mount Pleasant, so we want to mention it. As with most of Vancouver, there are a lot of parks for your pooch. 344 more words


Cypress Falls

Cypress Falls is located in West Vancouver off of Highway 1. Take exit #4 to Woodgreen Drive/Caufield Drive. Driving directions are located here. Follow the gravel trail to a parking lot and the base of the trail. 172 more words


Charleston Park

Charleston Park is located in False Creek on the Sea Wall. The park is surrounded by trails, trees, and an elementary school. This park is one of Josh’s favorite parks as there is a ton of room for many dogs and their owners to play fetch, meet new friends, and even take a break in the shade. 201 more words


Loose Leash Walking and Dog Dominance

Walking Dominance

Just because a dog walks ahead of you on a loose leash doesn’t mean that your dog is dominant.

When you play fetch and your pooch runs off to get the ball, does that mean he outranks you? 199 more words