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Loose Leash Walking and Dog Dominance

Walking Dominance

Just because a dog walks ahead of you on a loose leash doesn’t mean that your dog is dominant.

When you play fetch and your pooch runs off to get the ball, does that mean he outranks you? 199 more words

Leash Training

Residents petition for more off-leash dog parks in Salt Lake Valley

SALT LAKE COUNTY, Utah — Some Salt Lake Valley residents are working to get more off-leash dog parks, and a petition has been drafted and hundreds have signed it. 381 more words


Welcome to my blog...

I love dogs.

I love Australia.

(I’m also a little addicted to Pintrest)

So I’ve decided to combine my obsessions into one place. Hound Hangouts | Australia has been created as a pintrest + blog spot for aussie locals to pin their off-leash, dog-friendly, dog park, dog beach, dog friendly cafes + doggie holiday adventures. 99 more words

Off Leash

I enjoy walking the dogs that I am caring for, it is good for all of us as we get outdoors in the fresh air, and at minus 16 celsius believe me, it is fresh! 57 more words

Photo Blog

Ann Morrison Park Off-leash during the winter!

Where do you take your dog off-leash during the winter time? Most of the trails around the Boise area get pretty muddy during these dreary months, and most of the dog parks in the area aren’t quite big enough for your furry friend to run around. 220 more words


What is a conditioned response

A conditioned response, is the learned response to the previously neutral stimulus. A neutral stimulus is something that has no effect on your dog until paired with an unconditioned stimulus. 307 more words


Angell Woods

You are saying you would like to find a place on the island where you feel like you are in total nature, away from civilization, and where you can bring your dog and have him walk off-leash? 232 more words