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Off-roading - How it all started off...

Off-roading. What do you think about this adventure? Sand dunes? Mud? Snow? All are correct. When the phrase off-road is used, most people associate a vehicle known as ‘Jeep’. 780 more words


Lolloping Longshaw 10km

Hobbit country.  Longshaw estate ought really to be pretty much my  perfect destination for taking on a 10km.  Hooray, therefore, for this National Trust initiative which is basically to offer a… 2,538 more words


There be dragons

Smug.  That is current state of being.  I quite like it, it is a rare thing for me to experience any degree of smugness at all, let alone running related smugness.  1,793 more words


Where to Ride: The Brampton Valley Way

Leicestershire can be a little bit of a black hole for off road riding and mountain bike trails. We don’t really have trails, more a few bridle paths and byways and some cycle paths whereby you can form routes. 222 more words


Icelandic Insanity

The list of things to come out of Iceland that we’d like here in our home nation is quite a small one. Sigur Ros, Of Monsters and Men and – if we’re feeling a bit weird – Björk in the musical category, and Unnur Birna Vilhjálmsdóttir in probably everything else (Google her…). 96 more words


Shelling- the first footsteps down the beach...

I’ve always picked up shells from beaches, pretty reminders of holidays, one or two here and there… a dish at home full of memories .. but it was my first summer in the Middle East that sparked a… 620 more words


First Event Entered ...

I’m going to have a much busier 2016 than 2015 in terms of actual organised events – this year has been one of those years when it just hasn’t worked out for lots of reasons. 268 more words