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スイスは寒くなりました、引き篭もりの僕がトロの散歩だけは行ってます。https://t.co/hB8J5FdxBB#宇野昌磨#アップロードチャンネル #フィギュアスケーター#YouTube公式チャンネル#高評価低評価宜しくお願いします#トロを見て道で声掛けらるのが困った pic.twitter.com/06BjR6YjCw

— 自由人(メインは樹💦時々昌磨) (@jumokuno0108) October 5, 2020

“Xin chào buổi sáng, Shoma đây ạ!Thời tiết Thuỵ Sĩ đang trở nên lạnh hơn, và một người luôn tự giam mình trong nhà như tôi thì chỉ ra ngoài để dắt Toro đi dạo thôi.




quick march

All through the winter of 1934 and into the spring, Harold March laboured on ice, skating the right wing for Chicago’s Black Hawks. Mush, they called him, so you can, too:  260 more words

Black Hawks

Fall and Winter Riding and Podcasts

Entering this time of year, there is a subtle change to my riding. It is actually in what I do, more than just riding. The off season mainly focuses around setting the clock back. 579 more words


Boost Your Cycling Fitness: 6 or 12 Week Training Plan

Need a fall goal? Coming in to the off season is a great time to work on specific limiters. Lack explosive power or struggle to ride at your threshold? 84 more words


How To Rock A Non Race Season Off Season {say that 5 times fast}

The next couple of months is usually the time that athletes are wrapping up a long season of training and racing. The anticipation of the off season is nearing and in general your body is just ready for a break. 511 more words


Golf Fitness and Flexibility

It is that time of year to start focusing on next year! Yup, I start thinking about how to improve my game the day after golf season is over. 309 more words



Things are never boring when a trade is executed between the Crows Nest Black Birds and the Head Smashed In Buffaloes and this latest transaction did not dissapoint! 149 more words