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The claim that off-shoring lowers costs

Yves Smith wrote on her naked capitalism blog:

… … The claim that outsourcing and off-shoring lower costs is greatly exaggerated.

Off-shoring and outsourcing … … do lower direct factor and lower-level worker costs.

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A Good Perspective

Governments on both sides of the pond are grossly hypocritical. They are complicit in off-shoring jobs, then blame the unemployed for unemployment.


Job Shortages

off-shoring and out-sourcing examined

Many people confuse the meanings of the terms out-sourcing and off-shoring, or use these terms interchangeably. They both involve a company using a third party to manage parts of the business process, but the methods, reasons for doing so and the ramifications of doing so are quite different. 1,645 more words


Why not leave it in the ground?

Canada is endowed with an abundance of natural resources and these resources are owned by all Canadians equally. Large multi-national corporations are authorized by Canadians to develop/mine/exploit these resources on behalf of Canadians and for the benefit of Canadians. 593 more words

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Exporting Jobs

Companies are owned by private investors seeking the maximum return on their investment. In the decades after the Second World War, the United States slowly became a high-cost place to do business. 539 more words

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Shift your business functions effectively through Off-shoring

Off-shoring is basically outsourcing. In doing so, there remains a geographical distance between the service provider and the client. It refers to have a partner for your organization that resides quite far form where the client is based. 421 more words

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