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What’s hattnin captain’s?
It’s your man Johhny Espizito, here to clue you in on my exclusive Week 12 NFL #CriminalOwnership plays. You know the shit, if you’re like me, you play A LOT of GPP’s and #CriminalOwnership gives you an edge to taking down big money! 421 more words


Off The Cuff - Week 11 - #WhoGonStopMe

“I’m 3 steps removed, I know how to move
It’s looking like, I don’t know how to lose
I’m winning again, I’m at the Wynn… 566 more words


Good-bye Dubai Zoo!

It was to say ‘Goodbye’ that we went to Dubai Zoo. We have not been to the zoo in the last five years. We were caught up in our busy lives and zoo was not on our ‘top things-to-do’ list. 698 more words

Gulf News

New Beginnings

It’s been awhile since I last wrote something for the blog. There are actually a lot of different reasons for that, but the biggest is that it was simply something that was too time-consuming for me to do…especially when it came to finding reasons to actually write. 349 more words

Off The Cuff

OFF THE CUFF - WEEK 10 - #Phenomenal

“Unstoppable, unpoppable thought bubbles
Untoppable thoughts, fuckin’ juggernaut that’ll
Stomp you in the verse, obstacles I’m drawn to ’em
When the going got rough
Show ‘em what I done thought that was the worse, little sissy… 669 more words


Heartbreak in Baseball: RIP Roy Halladay

The 2019 Hall of Fame class now has some sadness involved with it. Roy Halladay passed away today at the age of 40 in a plane crash in Gulf of Mexico. 211 more words

Off The Cuff


I’m in a destruction mode if the gold exists
I’m important like the Pope, I’m a Muslim on pork
I’m Makaveli’s offspring, I’m the King of New York… 672 more words