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Swingman at a new position

Martell Webster’s ten-year NBA career has been interrupted several times by injuries; he missed almost half of last season with a herniated disk in his lower back. 109 more words

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10 things everyone should know how to do

The 10 things everyone should know how to do but doesn’t:

  1. You should know how to remember peoples’ names

Don’t you hate it when you first meet somebody and 5 minutes later you go completely blank on their name? 772 more words

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Photo image test

Just to see how this works out:

Explanation: I hardly ever get to play with the WordPress Media Library, having gotten used to two decades of not using it; this was an attempt to see if I could get anything resembling useful results. 7 more words

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OFF THE CUFF: Where old sayings come from, part 9

Examining the origins of old sayings and expressions (or even their possible origins) never gets old.

And there’s no shortage of material to examine because old sayings are such an integral part of the English language. 912 more words

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Chow Mein.

It isn’t so bad,
when I think on it;
the way that my brain,
becomes like chowmein,
after taking so much of it,
the dumbass bullshit… 28 more words

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Is Lousy Sex Better Than No Sex?

It depends on what you want from sex.

If you mostly want an orgasm, lousy sex might do the trick. If you mostly want to have someone agreeing to have sex with you whether they really want to or not, lousy sex may be your best bet. 920 more words


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