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This morning I made an omelette

Like almost all of us, I woke up with a lot to get done today. I had a list of things I needed to do and I knew it was going to be hectic. 280 more words

Off The Cuff

Creating a Two-Minute Persuasive Story

The vice president of Sales and Marketing approached me a week before the big trade show. He said he’d be joining me for dinner to meet one of my clients on the first night of the conference. 636 more words


A rambling off the cuff poem

I need you t’ get outta my bleedin’ ‘ead
It’s fookin’ hard to sound sinister with this bleeding accent
Don’t scare nobody when I speak… 206 more words



I took this town and shook it upside down

Sighs wafted out but not much else.

We had given up hope, admitted defeat when

In desperation for quiet I offered the baby… 35 more words

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I'll judge you because I can

Society teaches I need to be accepting and okay with every appearance and lifestyle imaginable. Society says if we aren’t walking in their shoes, we aren’t allowed to say anything. 597 more words

Off The Cuff

My beef with Bongbong Marcos

True, Bongbong Marcos cannot be made to account for his father’s sins. He is just the son. He was a kid when his father imposed a corrupt and brutal dictatorship over the country. 190 more words