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it is in a room.

The room would be called a rotunda if it was round but the ceiling was flat.

The lights that dangled high above our head were like those of a gymnasium my mom told me about. 111 more words

Off The Cuff Writing

whirlwind romance

I loosen my tie
You unbutton my shirt
My breath against your neck
Caressing away your hurt

And our eyes are a blaze
With the fire… 66 more words


Explicit content: Pick up ya dog shit!

Dog shit
It fuckin’ stinks
So why do you
Make me roll in it!
Ya fuckin’ prick!

Get ya shit bag
And fill it!
Ya prick! 63 more words


I can do a pre-hearing statement off the fly

This beauty was spoken by a confident attorney prior to a hearing.  It is a congruent conflation of “on the fly” and “off the cuff”, both meaning to do something quickly and without thinking carefully before they do it.   78 more words


OFF THE CUFF: Where old sayings come from, part 11

Almost every day, I hear people use old sayings and slang words in routine conversation, rather than simply saying what they mean.

But I’m glad we use language that way, because life wouldn’t be nearly as interesting if we all simply said what we meant every time we open our mouths. 1,036 more words

Doug's Column

Round two

There is a roughness to it
Pulling your hair back Gripping you tightly from behind
We’re going at it
Like even if the neigbours hear us… 122 more words


OFF THE CUFF: Where old sayings come from, part 10

I never tire of examining the origins of the zillions of old sayings, idioms and slang words we who speak English so often use in every day conversation. 895 more words

Doug's Column