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Sewing some parts of the Birds in Shoes Shirt.


Using this tutorial from Sewaholic. Excellent work and site.

I used fusible interfacing on this one.

I made the mistake all novice sewers make: 765 more words



I wish I could vanish
My image is at risk of being tarnished
I’m at the verge of being found out
Knowing very well my shortcomings… 372 more words


Little chiefs Big heads

In the world of Little Napoleons a little power can be a dangerous thing. Yet, it is something so common with petty officials who quite often seem to follow their whims and fancies operating in their own miniscule fifedoms behind office desks or service counters. 532 more words


Warning Shots.

Click. Spin. Click.
First warning shot:
don’t say,
anything to me…
your words,
cut and slash,
my skin invisibly…
Click. Spin. Click.
Number two for you: 66 more words

Americana Injustica


They all stared at me

eyes, empty of feeling

souls, judging and cruel…

rows upon rows of darkened holes

hollowed out eyes of dolls

crusted and crumbling from stucco… 53 more words

Americana Injustica

Five ridiculous issues against the farmers’ protest in Kidapawan

Since no once can deny the fact that Mindanao farmers have been hardest hit by the El Niño drought and that the government’s delayed and inadequate response to the crisis have resulted in hunger and destitution among affected farmers, Palace spin doctors and the Yellow Troll Army have focused on the “illegal”, “violent” and “politicized” actions by the drought victims who were forcibly dispersed and shot at by state security forces in Kidapawan City last April 1. 882 more words

Human Rights


Dribbling down the screen,
separating everything,
a permanent blood stain,
that warps my visibility
A richly colored stream,
dark reddish burgundy,
oozing and seeping
through spaces between… 38 more words

Americana Injustica