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Before I started this blog, I spent some time creating an organizational outline and going through my computer files to select existing content that I wanted to include here. 324 more words


Late-night creepiness

If I ever ask myself “Self, what would happen if you plunged Florence Welch into Carnival of Souls?” I’ll have this answer waiting for me: 9 more words

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Everyone's a critic

Many years ago I was sitting at a restaurant with my chef and the owner of the establishment that we worked for.  The chef, Hadi, had come to the United States from Italy after meeting his soon-to-be American wife while she was overseas studying abroad.   385 more words

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It's true, it's true

Every word of it:

I notice that all of the more famous bloggers do this:

  • blog daily
  • shamelessly pilfer material
  • eventually reveal themselves to be mentally unbalanced…
15 more words
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April Fools!

The following text, from the corresponding webpage “NEWS”  section of the SUPDELUXE website, is dated April 1st 2016. This recent commentary, by the owner of the… 716 more words

Off The Cuff

OFF THE CUFF: Where old sayings come from, part 12

No matter where you are – at work, in a restaurant, in a store or even at home – you’ll here old sayings and adages used with relative frequency. 770 more words

Doug's Column

OFF THE CUFF: Strange laws (official and unofficial)

At one time or another, most Americans have heard of archaic laws that are on the books in given states (sometimes after dozens of decades) despite not making any sense. 439 more words

Doug's Column