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Funeral of a Marathoner

Physically and mentally, you’d never know I ran the Marine Corp Marathon 2 weeks ago.  The level of fitness that took months to develop has all but disappeared in the past two weeks. 387 more words

First downfall!

Well, honesty was promised and honesty you will get. I have a BIG blip yesterday. Completely fell off the healthy eating wagon, with lots of tasty but very unhealthy things.  150 more words

A Lower-Stakes Slump

For the last few days I have been slumping HARD y’all. Eating crap, not logging enough hours of sleep, not hydrating, feeling junky and filling my body with junk in an unhealthy cycle. 611 more words


Don’t Be Hatin’ On Potatoes!

I’ve long said potatoes have been unfairly demonized! It’s a whole food packed with nutrition (see nutrition chart and link below). Lately I’ve been eating the “golden” potatoes which I find tastier and creamier than normal white potatoes. 254 more words

What's Missing In Your Lunch Box?

What’s Missing In Your Lunch Box?

We all have different eating personalities. Some of us are all day nibblers; others eat little thru the day and are nighttime feasters. 432 more words


I followed you

On your jump

Off the wagon.

Though it was fleeting

I regret the date

Even though it’s gone.

My pride melted

But only a bit… 34 more words


March Madness and Moving Day

Four weeks of craziness and I feel like my bones are made of cement. It is time for a change. My points reset tomorrow and so will my brain. 670 more words