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Good Grief

I am not known for being an overly emotional person.  If you ask anyone (other than my husband) they will agree that I am pretty even-kelled.   812 more words

Jolly Runner

Everything is a Disaster 

I’m at work and I’ve got 10 more minutes to go. I’m so consumed by depression all I can think about is thr bottle of Rum sitting on top of my fridge. 75 more words

Off The Wagon

Saturday, July 2nd, 2016

After a small pregame of some sorts, Jandra and I ventured off into our first bar. First off, it was really easy to find. 686 more words


Day 1 -Again

Well after a challenging weekend I caved in and bought 2 bottles of wine. Today I start again to quit. This cycle has to stop, I can’t keep doing this to myself. 23 more words

Off The Wagon

The garage sale is over and I am back home with sad news to relay. I will not get to say that I completed June’s 30 for 30 challenge successfully. 313 more words

Health & Fitness Journey

The Fuck-it switch

You know how sometimes you decide to take a night off, go out to dinner, the movies, what have you, and you say “hey today I’ll allow myself to order what I feel like, and have a few cocktails as well”, because you got to do these things once in a while? 671 more words


It all started with a mini Time Out bar

I didn’t want to just document what I’ve eaten all day everyday, however, I’m going to today because this marks a turning point on the journey to leanness. 327 more words