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When you are veering off your journey with your healthy eating do you find yourself reaching for sugary junk and processed crap?  I cannot tell a lie…I do!   220 more words

Because I Can


My ROW80 Update for the Week

You know that wagon I fell off of last week? It drove off without me. I ran behind it for a while, tripping over my own feet while yelling… 64 more words


My Fitness Summary

The past week, I have not been eating good, skipping meals, skipping workouts. And truly, it had been just aggravating. Although, I have been working very hard on the house which includes physical labor. 59 more words

I Work Out!

Continuing the journey with an Injury!

I have worked through pain before!  When this journey began and I would run on the treadmill my lungs would burn.  That is the pain you fight through.   438 more words

Because I Can

We are only human!

So recently it was that time of the month for me:/  I was cranky, achy and wanted to eat the house!  I wanted to eat pretzels, chocolate, ice cream and everything else that wasn’t nailed down!   361 more words

Because I Can

Fell off the wagon...

I think it’s fairly obvious that once I got pretty far along in my weight loss, things went south. Actually, it wasn’t just the weight loss. 292 more words


Blizzard Madness

Okay everyone a blizzard is on it’s way, so you go to the food store and stock up on everything….Doritos, ice cream, hams, potatoes, milk, eggs, bread, chocolate, wine, beer….I mean you could be stuck in your house for a whole 24 hours with all your kids.   92 more words

Food Plan