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Out with the old…

‘My year of not buying (cough*trying not to buy*cough) any new clothes has reached its end on the 1st of October. I know, you can’t say I’m timely in my reporting back. 342 more words


Nothing New in Review

I decided to make this a year when I would buy nothing new for me or my children or the house. There were some exceptions to this… 1,152 more words



Ugh is the perfect word to describe how I felt in the last 3 months.

My year of challenging myself to not buy any new clothes was coming to the last few months. 324 more words


Days 5, 6, and 7: About Days running together, and falling off the wagon.

Well, the school week has started (or did on Day 5) and that always leaves me a little breathless and behind. Why did no one tell me that when my kid started Kindergarten, I would have homework again? 744 more words

Real Food

Day 4

My husband cheated on me. Yesterday, while I was home with our tiny children and he was at the pool. There she was—hot, cheap. I guess he’s only human. 461 more words

Mom Magic

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

In my last blog post (remember the one WEEKS ago when I said I would write more), I wrote “if you have time to complain about being too busy, you obviously have some free time.”  Apparently writing this simple little sentence made someone, somewhere, very angry and they decided to put me in my place.  468 more words

Jolly Runner

Catching Up and Battling with my Sinuses

In September, I wrote a post about how I couldn’t possibly forget the feeling after a good run and swore that running would once again become a regular part of my life.  1,313 more words

Jolly Runner