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Off-topic movie review: Man of Steel

Saw Man of Steel on an Early Nerd Special and came away with a few random thoughts:

The movie is a lot like Thor in that it embeds a lot of science fiction-ey back story with an enhanced reality plot. 364 more words


Off-topic movie review: Mud

Mud stars Matthew McConaughey, which, like a Tom Cruise movie, automatically tells us three things:

  1. He will be shirtless (for at least 20 minutes of the total running time).
  2. 220 more words

Off-topic movie review: The Last Stand

I really don’t think it’s a coincidence that the climax of Arnold Schwarzennegger’s The Last Stand takes place in a corn field.

You know, because the movie’s a little corny? 263 more words


Off-topic movie review: Jack Reacher

Have you ever wondered what Ethan Hunt does when IMF doesn’t need him? Well, he lives a Bruce Banner/Kung Fu/Jules Winnfield existence as Jack Reacher and takes on missions that are, well, impossible. 269 more words


Off-topic movie review: Looper

If you think about it, was it any surprise that Bruce Willis escaped getting shot by his younger self? After all, Willis is one to really, you know, … 180 more words


Off-topic movie review: We Bought a Zoo

Curse you, Cameron Crowe.

Curse you for using your subtle humor and outstanding soundtrack-building skills to take a somewhat predictable plot and make me care more than I thought I would about that widow and his brooding teenager and adorable young daughter; about that hot assistant zookeeper and that one guy who looked like an older version of the boy who left home to cover Stillwater (the movie one, not… 138 more words


Off-topic movie review: Lawless

Here’s some notes from a recent viewing of the movie Lawless:

  • Watching Tom Hardy’s portrayal of Forrest Bondurant in the movie Lawless is like watching an unmasked Bane channeling a grumpy Tommy Lee Jones.
  • 221 more words