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Off Topic Content -- Whats your Opinion?

I have been thinking about this for a long time. Years in fact. Let me tell you a secret. I like writing! I do, I really do. 527 more words

Throwback Thursday - Rachel 

I forgot to post this last night – me, 14 years ago in Seattle! I miss having colorful hair, but the upkeep is a B! I still have that belt. 20 more words



For the past few weeks we’ve been under evacuation alert because of a forest fire, now finally contained, that was burning out of control and way too close to our home. 344 more words

Cross Stitch

What's in the glass tonight May 28th

Off Topic: Ch. De Fesles Rosé d’Anjou “La Chapelle” 2014 – $$

Another rosé for L to try. From the Loire, made from Grolleau grapes. 49 more words

Don’t flag it

This is not a football post. In fact, it’s not even a post about sport. It’s a post about a rectangular piece of fabric that has a little bit to do with sport, but it’s such a small amount that I’m not even going to bother drawing that particular bow. 773 more words

Off Topic

RT's "alternative" pickup lines

Sick of mainstream, neo-liberal, neocon pick up lines that don’t get you anywhere except Denny’s alone at 4 in the morning? Face it, all the Axe body spray in the world isn’t going to change the fact that today’s hottest babes want a man who will question more. 653 more words