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The Truth About Happiness

Many of us look at happiness as a destination. As a result.

‘Once I accomplish this thing, I will be happy.’

‘Once I find a boyfriend or girlfriend, I will be happy.’ 221 more words

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My Top 21 Science Fiction Novels of All Time

Introducing Off Topic: because one cannot live on Music and Education alone.

After more than a year of writing Off The Podium, I decided to let out the leash a little and allow myself to write about something else, from time to time. 104 more words


Bandymas apginti Eurovizijos garbę

Iki eurovizijos, kuri man simbolizuoja vasaros pradžią (nors vyksta gegužės viduryje), likus keletui savaičių norėčiau paprieštarauti daugelio nuomonei, jog Eurovizija tapo neįdomi, dainos sukurtos ant tų pačių rifų, o pats balsavimas yra politikos dalis, ką jau bekalbėti apie… 951 more words

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There Will Be A Day...

It’s easy to get caught up in the daily obligations life hands us. Stress from work or running a business, incessantly checking emails, dealing with traffic, or whatever your life hands you. 543 more words

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HX marketing videos - the good, the bad, and the stock footage

When sending out the Request for Information regarding the HX-program the Finnish Ministry of Defence also offered the companies an opportunity to send in a short video… 1,191 more words


Friday Philosophy - Visiting the Changi Murals by Sue's Uncle Stan

No tech or management this week – this Friday Philosophy is about something in my home life.

This week we are in Singapore, our first ever visit. 1,675 more words

Friday Philosophy

Special: NFL Draft Day 1 Review

Yeah, it’s a Brave Frontier blog, but it’s also a personal blog. I watched the whole of Day 1 of the NFL Draft, and as a Green Bay fan I wanted to pencil in my comments on the Draft so far as a whole. 1,433 more words