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Respect for the National Anthem and Flag

I am somewhat amused at the current fervor for standing for the National Anthem that the pestilence and his core base are focusing their “we are better than you are because we don’t kneel for the National Anthem” attention.   411 more words

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Another News Vacuum Free Fire Zone

We literally can’t find anything out there. There’s no creationist litigation going on. Most state legislatures are shut down and won’t convene again until the new year begins. 394 more words


Elections and choices

It was Election Day yesterday. I voted in the morning and in the evening kept half an eye on the results as they came in, although I didn’t wait up to see who won. 346 more words

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Snapshots: Watch Dogs 2 - New Dawn Temple

“You know those moments during certain games, where you stop whatever you’re doing and appreciate the hard work that somebody put into a small chunk of gameplay.

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L.A. Noire is really not the upscaled Rockstar game we wanted.

I think I stand with pretty much everyone when I say there is really only one XB360/PS3 era Rockstar game that we want on current consoles. 981 more words


The Potential Number of Songs Is Infinite

I forgot who said it, but a long time ago someone said that we would run out of new music. That there was only a finite number of songs and that we were close to running out of new material. 460 more words

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What's Good, WordPress Games Blogging Fam?

Last night I was playing catch-up with my WordPress feed and found a handful of articles I wanted to share with the rest of you. The WordPress gaming community has been incredibly rad and I’m proud to be a part of such a welcoming, altruistic group of individuals who share this common interest of ours. 271 more words

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