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Infamous Second Lines

A friend introduced me to the Infamous Second Line, a word game in which you have to make a rhyming couplet from the first line of a famous poem, retaining meter, and now we can’t stop playing it.  148 more words

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Off Topic: "Leadership" by Tweet?

I saw this little item, which I thought was scary/hilarious.  A Boston journalist predicted one of Trump’s deranged tweets simply by watching Fox News.  So much for “unpredictable”. 62 more words

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Get to know me tag

I’m really new to blogging, so trying to find my feet and gather a few followers has been fun so far. Having seen the get to know me tag floating around, I thought it would be fun to do. 1,019 more words


Glow swords

Who else thinks that the swords in the link that follows would make for an awesome addition to a Parent’s Night Out? Let us know in the comments!

CoolGlow swords and sabers

Parents Night Out

And The Curmudgeon Said, Let There Be ...

Let there be what? WHAT?

Let there be an Intellectual Free Fire Zone! Yes, dear reader, all your Curmudgeon needed to do was utter the words, and it was so! 154 more words


Will you have more kids?

You know it’s this interesting thing that happens at a certain stage in life, isn’t it? The question of you as a baby maker, being obviously that you only need to be a woman as the common denominator for the general public to feel it is of their concern to ask you. 2,089 more words

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Bash CTRL-S freeze trap

Whenever you hit CTRL-s when into your terminal and got trapped forever, just issue CTRL-q and you shall be free.

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