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The Liebster Award-discover new blogs

I am currently looking for bloggers to nominate for the Liebster Award! If you or someone you know has a blog and would like to participate in answering a few  questions, get a shout-out on the internets, and connect with emerging bloggers, get at me asap! 478 more words


I have taught my son a new term, dead mall. That is what I always call the mall near us because lot of stores there are vacant so I consider it dead. 1,024 more words

IEEE Vancouver Windows 10 Hackathon

Come hack a Windows 10 universal app together in solo or in a team of 3 people. Don’t have a team? You can join one after project ideas are pitched. 86 more words


Just A Little Reminder To Us All

This week I wanted to Just take a break from the usual. I wanted to just share this with everyone. This song, “See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa ft. 77 more words


Give my twin a follow!

So i have a twin! You all must be like oh great, another one of you. Well do not fear, my twin and i are fraternal and we are nothing alike. 100 more words

Off Topic: Thoughts on the AWP Conference

I don’t want to make every post on this blog about my thoughts. I’m just a young nobody on the internet; my opinions don’t carry any weight, and I’m fine with that. 2,342 more words


Half Crowns

When it comes to my veiling choices, I go for single scarf, fast wraps that are lightweight (I have a tendency towards tension headaches) and something that I can actually -wrap up without a mirror-. 194 more words

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