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Leaflet from Teresa Ryan-Feehan -Independent -Offaly #ge16

A Leaflet from Teresa Ryan-Feehan who is running as an Independent in Offaly /North Tipperary.
Her Website.
Many thanks to the sender

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Leaflet from Ken Smollen - Irish Democratic Party - Offaly #ge16

A leaflet from Ken Smollen of The Irish Democratic Party who is running in Offaly.
Many thanks to the sender.

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Leaflet from John Foley -Independent Alliance -Offaly #GE16

A leaflet from Cllr John Foley who is running as an Independent Alliance candidate in Offaly /North Tipperary. He was previously a Fianna Fail Cllr and General Election candidate.
Many thanks to the sender.

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No Banging In Bangor

What is the cost of a bad gig?

Is it the time? The money?

No, it’s mainly the pain that comes from the fact that the wanker who you don’t like and think isn’t funny is doing a better gig somewhere. 1,038 more words


Flooding In Offaly

I haven’t been on the blog for a while. Actually, it’s been since I posted my last blog post for college. So, I decided to kick start it again for the New Year with musings from the Midlands. 355 more words


Offaly, Ireland's Hidden Gem.

Last month saw the launch of a new website to promote tourism in my home county of Offaly.

Offaly is located right in the centre of Ireland. 1,151 more words


Elizabeth and Margaret

When the 1911 Census was being collated, Elizabeth (Eliza) Nolan was just 6 years old. The daughter of a farmer, she had eight siblings. The closest in age to her, with just 3 years separating them, was my paternal Grandfather, Patrick. 1,546 more words