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Hill country escapes- Banaue and Batad ( part 2)

Banaue like Sagada in the Philippines is known also for its lush terraced paddy fields. Whichever direction you look, the hill country of Ifugao offers panoramic views of several hues of green. 839 more words

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Why a Eurail Pass might be 'just the ticket' for your European travels

If you have made the decision to wander (or re-wander) your way through Europe, then congratulations! You are one smart cookie.

The Old World is chock full of charm, history, art, culinary masterpieces, landscapes that make you pinch yourself, stunning architecture, and wine. 1,752 more words

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The hill country of the Philippines- Sagada (part-1)

Philippines is known for its stunning beaches but its hill country is quite as breathtaking. The hill country is best known for its verdant manicured paddy terraces. 860 more words


Pinoy (Philippines) adventures-Mount Mayon- Travel meets kindness

Climbing an active volcano is a thrill so long as it doesn’t erupt on you while you are summiting. The cantankerous Mount Mayon dominates the landscape in the Bicol region of Luzon in the Philippines. 895 more words


Now THIS is an Easter Egg: The World's Largest Pysanka

This is one Easter Egg that is not hard to find!  Well, if you happen to know how to get to Vegreville, Alberta, that is. 177 more words


A beginner’s tale of hitchhiking.

Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road” may conjure wildly romantic ideas of bumming free rides but hitchhiking may be on its last legs in the Western world or so the word goes around. 661 more words


To Port Barton, to Port Barton- Filipino destination guides

Before plunging into the turquoise blue waters of Philippines  top destination El- Nido, it was time to unwind in the lesser visited Port Barton. Port Barton is a sleepy little resort village facing the South China Sea. 847 more words