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Now THIS is an Easter Egg: The World's Largest Pysanka

This is one Easter Egg that is not hard to find!  Well, if you happen to know how to get to Vegreville, Alberta, that is. 177 more words


A beginner’s tale of hitchhiking.

Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road” may conjure wildly romantic ideas of bumming free rides but hitchhiking may be on its last legs in the Western world or so the word goes around. 661 more words


To Port Barton, to Port Barton- Filipino destination guides

Before plunging into the turquoise blue waters of Philippines  top destination El- Nido, it was time to unwind in the lesser visited Port Barton. Port Barton is a sleepy little resort village facing the South China Sea. 847 more words

Piranha fishing in the Bolivian Amazon- Rurrenabaque (part 1)

The blue boat rocked gently. We had been sitting in it for at least half an hour continually baiting our long strings with hooks on the end. 740 more words

Offbeat Travel

These Spectacular Images Of Iceland Will Blow You Away!

A few months ago, a friend of mine, Anoop Hemachandra (an intrepid traveler with plenty of inspiring stories to share) showed me his captures from a recent trip to Iceland. 67 more words


Cultural circuit in Ethiopia (Part 1)

Want to grow younger in real time? Forget surgery or diet pills …just hop on a plane and whisk yourself off to Ethiopia and viola you are already younger by seven whole years. 820 more words

A Trip to Germany's Delicious Black Forest Region

The Black Forest region of Germany, also known as Scharzwald, is best known as home to the much-loved black forest cake. This wooded region with scenic mountain trails, quaint towns and deliciously relaxed lifestyle packs in a distinctive air of its own. 454 more words