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5 Secret Beaches In Goa: You Gotta Stay Hush!

With all that crazy clubbing scenes, and stunning beaches, Goa has earned it to be a shimmering tourist spot of India and the world. And everything comes with its own cons; with Goa’s heavy tourist crowd comes the lack of tranquility and privacy. 373 more words


5 Sinfully Gorgeous Hill-stations In India That Stays Secret

When the mountains are calling, it’s considered rude to keep them waiting. There’s perhaps not a sweeter meeting than the one with nature itself. Playful birds on tree’s branches, misty clouds ambling above you, and the peaks kissing the sky. 91 more words


Day by the water getaway of nature

Water striven Shimlaits hardly have any options to relinquish their water venture needs. But known to only a few about two hours drive from the summer capital is an outing place where nature has provided a unique water getaway for all. 444 more words

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7 paradise islands where you can still travel without breaking the bank

Want to go for a dream trip in a paradise destination? You want to play Robinson on an island (more or less) deserted, and enjoy the blue sky, fine sand and turquoise water… 978 more words


Rhododendrons are fading away…..

It is heartbreaking to imagine a Shimla blossom without the redness of the Rhododendron. Talk about the red flower, whose blossom marks the arrival of spring in Shimla. 387 more words

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The ‘Gucchi’ Seekers paradise - Lighting and thunders

Where majority farmers in the hills disliked the last week’s nature fury (lighting and thunder) a few also found cheers in it. Virtually due to an unknown phenomenon caused by thunders and lighting ‘Gucchi’ Mushroom (botanical name: Morchella esculenta) or commonly known as morel mushroom sprouts these days. 411 more words


Discover a Secret waterfall in Mauritius

Eau Bleue Waterfall is simply amazing and offer a magical view of the wild side of Mauritius island. Named after its turquoise ponds, Eau Bleue Waterfall is a must for nature lovers. 183 more words