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The take-offs and landings are never smooth

Hey all, wishing you a happy Eid-Ul-Fitr. Let’s go easy on the hugs and mass prayers this time around. Never imagined I would say this but given the times, ladies, hold on to your burkas. 506 more words


When will the corona virus vaccine be ready?

Just a click bait title with no useful information. Or about as useful as most articles and YouTube videos on this topic. But since you made the trip, here is an image of a cat. 82 more words


All for a cup of tea!

A family member casually remarked that I had missed an occasion to celebrate International Tea day, given the tea fanaticism that marks my daily life. Most of the world drinks this brew in varied forms and with different additives ranging from milk, sugar, honey, lemon or sometimes just plain black. 403 more words



So my first ridiculous, absurd, offbeat, quirky, you name it book, Demon 311 is free for Kindle and on Smashwords.com for the next 5 days. As of right now the promotion is just for the first one. 130 more words

Sab Theek Hai

If you think that the best thing to come out of our finance minister’s stimulus announcement press conference was, well, stimulus announcements, you are obviously wrong. 241 more words


Press Release - Demon 311 Book 2

AF Hacker




May 20, 2020

For Immediate Release

New Book Lowers IQ of Internet

    The Inferno, Hell. The demons are at it again with more orchestrations with which Earth would rather not deal. 132 more words