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Black and White Thinking: "My mind convinces me of things that are false"

I hate this statement: BLACK & WHITE THINKING is simply a way that our mind convinces us of something that isn’t really true.”

It makes me angry. 723 more words


How to Be Nice When People are Angry About Stupid Things and You Just Think It's Hilarious

Today I entertained myself by reading about offended people. It started when I read an article earlier about how horrible it is that girls who use the dog filter on Snapchat are being slut-shamed. 736 more words


Shame, Shame, Shame

I used to blog all the time, then I gave it up in pursuit of other interests. I am finding that as the world continues to spiral out of control, my opinions are finding fewer and fewer places to go. 1,484 more words


I am offended by the train

Making me wait.

I am offended by the rain

Wetting my state.

I am offended by the prices

Making me spend. 127 more words

7 Reasons You Are An Absolute Bitch


Today I am taking one of Jack Ronin’s first articles and adding my own unique outlook to it.  If you haven’t read Jack’s original post, go there first to get a savage boot to the ass.  957 more words



It seems that we live in the age of Obsession. People do not seem to be happy unless they are completely obsessed and entrenched in something, anything, be it television shows, social media, their “cause” or any other stupid shit that they can get offended about. 421 more words