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O Fence

There’s nowt wrong with not answering the door, especially to complete strangers.  The letter box can receive love letters and the porch is a okay to put parcels in.   95 more words


10 groups Donald Trump offended since launching his campaign

Washington (CNN)Since its launch earlier this year, Donald Trump’s campaign has been peppered with controversy about his habit of accidentally — or at times quite intentionally — offending entire groups of people. 1,126 more words

Daily News

Distracted or Growing?

I believe our offense is the single most powerful weapon we can hand the enemy. The devil wants us angry and offended and the way to stay offended is to stay quiet. 522 more words

Christian Blog

If You're Offended, It's Nobody's Fault but Your Own

Believe it or not, being offended is totally, 100%, unequivocally YOUR OWN fault. Contrary to what you want to believe, your being offended does not mean that someone else must… 335 more words


2015/11/25 ~ Ungrateful

Exactly society is becoming a bunch of woosy ass ungrateful’s always worried about hurting someones feelings or offending someone or crying out that they are offended – grow up – you’re really not all that damn special for others to worry about! 23 more words

Some Thoughts

Clarity of Thinking

It is my experience that people can get upset even offended by clarity of thinking. This little cartoon is very clear; there is a clear and explicit message, spoken, and an implicit one, … 575 more words



At first, I thought it was just a few people on the blog feed making something out of nothing just to have something to bitch about but then I saw a couple people on Twitter and then this on IMDB  229 more words