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[Shared] Let yourself be offended — it’s good for you

I have way too much shit on my hands at the moment to come up with my own thoughts. Might as well share something I read recently.  1,462 more words

A Certain Lucid Discourse

Getting My Skirts Gathered Up

I m not offended if someone is offended by this post, but please do move it if it is in the incorrect section. I was with my ex partner for 18 years and he abused me for 18 years. 70 more words

Public Service Announcement to those Offended

Apparently “Open Letters” are very popular today. I’m very specific about what bandwagon to jump on,  I understood “Open Letter” to mean something along the “The More You Know” meaning. 2,519 more words

Amazing benefits of becoming un-offendable!

On this talk show:  The amazing benefits you will experience if you work to be un-offendable!


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October 1st, 2015



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A meeting place for folks who know they’re human

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Social Commentary



Oh how they can be woven together so beautifully and elegantly and bring such joy to others… And then there are those Words that can fly out unscripted in anger or emotion or just be very unpolitically correct. 305 more words

Let's Stop Being Offended

Television is one of my guilty pleasures. I could stay up all night running a marathon of the newest, hottest TV show. After discovering Game of Thrones I didn’t stop watching for anything except sleep. 385 more words