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AMIRITE?! Please, just calm the fuck down, and look away.

People just LOOK for things that will offend them, and then follow the story/whatever it is to further piss them off. 82 more words


In Conflict, do you kick your Chair Back?

This is normally how it happens:

We sit at a table in business, relationships, family or friendships and…. conflict happens. We never want it to, but it does. 870 more words

Message Series

Full Time Mommy or: Why It’s OK to be a Stay-At-Home Parent in the 21st Century

I was inspired to write a blog on this particular subject because I feel that the idea of being a stay-at-home mom in this day in age too often gets stigmatized, and I wanted the opportunity to defend my decision to stay at home with my child for as long as is feasible for me and my family. 1,425 more words


Do you have a right to be offended?

Probably the simplest thing we can do is get offended. The question is do you have a right to get offended?

The simple answer is yes of course you have a right to be offended because no one gets hurt in the process of you getting offended, unless you decide to get even or retaliate, but in the process of getting offended you have every right. 206 more words

Social Communication

When did we become so easily offended?

When I was younger, I used to feel SO anxious about offending people that I’d sometimes spend days cringing over some stupid thing I said. Even if I thought about saying something and then stopped myself, I’d still cringe over what I’d almost said. 780 more words

Perspectives & Mindsets

Unfettered Tongues (on “taking offense”)

There has been a hue and cry of late by many ostensibly aggrieved parties that they have been offended by others’ speech. From the lowly lowlifes who committed murder in Paris to the gilded throne of His Holiness the Pope, it seems that many tender ears feel affronted by the WORDS that others speak. 2,327 more words

3) Politics

Sticks, Stones and Words

by CJ Morgan

Sticks and stones may break your bones, but at least they will heal. Words however, can hurt in a way that most people never recover from. 798 more words

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