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Real Talk: On being offended.

F***, Why Does Everyone Get So Easily Offended!?

Everyone remembers the old playground mantra: “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” Now that the world seems to be obsessed with what is “PC”, the phrase might as well go “words will land you in civil court.” Why is it that in today’s society, people get so easily offended? 563 more words


The Walking Offended

The other day I watched a woman hobbling down the street struggling with her walker, an assist she very clearly needed. Well, she wasn’t really  291 more words


Offended by Jesus - A Case Study

In John 11, we see that Martha was offended by Jesus.

But why? There were three reasons.

First, Jesus did not arrive in time to heal Lazarus. 430 more words


Bad Religion was right. Not about religion being bad, although that’s also true. They said Los Angeles was burning and they were right. This rapid suction of water from the roots is gonna turn a cigarette butt into a nuclear bomb. 185 more words

If I Die

Jim Norton's TIME Piece on Being Offended

Comedian Jim Norton wrote a piece for TIME about how everyone is offended by everything all the time, after Trevor Noah’s tweets sparked outrage. Click here to read it… 40 more words


Easily Offended

Yesterday, I grabbed my chair and headed out to spend time with Lee in the park. On my way there, I thought about all the people I “could’ve” been praying for but wouldn’t be because of the time I spend with Lee, and God told me, “I have you there for Lee right now.” That seems so easy…too easy. 523 more words

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