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I Am Offended

If someone has beliefs or says things that I don’t like I just don’t respond and try to change the subject.  I make it a habit not to engage in conversation on sensitive subjects and just not verbalize things that might be not to certain peoples liking.  108 more words

From now on

Hello JongHyun!

I will only talk to you from here from now on.

I had a friend attack me today and seriously offended me over me talking to you so I will post where she cannot see. 267 more words

Rise Above It

Whenever anyone has offended me, I try to raise my soul so high that the offense cannot reach it.
**Rene Descartes



The ONLY person you need to care about offending is the God of the Bible. See John 6:29 KJB


Man Who Posted Something Mildly Offensive on MySpace 14 Years Ago Set to Be Stoned to Death on Brighton Beach  

Organisers have today revealed that tickets are selling fast for a public stoning scheduled for the 24th of February on Brighton beach, the first event of its kind since 1878. 332 more words


Offence and being offended (part 5) When offence masks other emotional responses

Here’s the next challenge to consider when thinking about the “being offended”(or subjective response) side of  offence.   468 more words

The Christian Life