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Apparently my post called “What in the world?” has offended some persons. Dare I say it? Yes I will! GOOD FOR YOU! That’s what it should do to you. 11 more words

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

So you’re offended. Congratulations. Do you want a reward? Do you?

I’m just baffled by the mentality of people these days. “I’m offended, so pay attention to me.” Screw you. 843 more words

Behave or The Indian Man Will Come And Get You!

Yesterday morning I took a drive to SS2 Petaling Jaya looking for a new lepak place considering I will be moving there in a couple of weeks. 535 more words

Fa Abdul

Feminism: The New Hypochondriacs

Hypersensitivity seems to be the norm for feminism lately. Every day is a new day to be offended, and one of the more recent examples is with the latest Game of Thrones rape scenes. 793 more words


The Summons: Part Five

Q. Do you know who I am?

A. Yes, I do.

Q. Why have you summoned me?

A. Because I am disturbed.

Q. About what?

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What is the 1st thing we are to do if a Christian friend or relative offends us?
(1) Talk to our pastor or church leaders about it? 21 more words


Taking Offense

There are two conflicting ideas about being offended: the first is that one should be respectful and not insult others, and the second is that one should have a “thick skin” and not allow such simple things to affect them. 953 more words