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The 12 Steps AND the Self-Deception of Mental Health

Like most mental health professionals who enter the field, I began graduate school thinking I could help others overcome their hurts. I came from a divorced family that was very messy and painful. 1,823 more words

Sexual Addiction

A Real Man Doesn’t Get ‘Offended’

“That’s offensive” said no great man, ever.

The professionally offended.

By saying, “I’m offended” or “that’s offensive”, I’m wondering how that gave those people the moral high ground, some sort of sense of superiority and the last word. 26 more words


Whose side are you on anyway - Theme Video

This video best illustrates the purpose of my blogs.  John 17 is Jesus’ prayer for unity in the church as the means by which the world will know that Christ has come.   11 more words

Bad Theology

Offended Rambling

I realized something today that I had noticed before but became excruciatingly obvious today. I take great offense to being grouped in with everyone else. I have tried my entire life with every breath I inhale to be different. 225 more words


In the Midst of Pancakes

It’s always interesting to me that in the midst of something beautiful, Satan is at work to wreak havoc in the midst of “that beautiful something.” On the eve of this post, I found myself, yet once again, in the midst of something beautiful only to be thwarted by his sulfuric stench once again. 1,260 more words


Harsh or Clear?

In a world where there is illusion clarity can be seen as harsh, mean, cruel or even threatening. There are many who are affronted by clarity. 348 more words


BREAKING: Supporter of UC Irvine Anti-American Flag Resolution Backs Anti-White Group

Posted by Baron Von KowenhovenMarch 12, 2015

URL of the Original Posting Site: http://joeforamerica.com/2015/03/breaking-supporter-of-uc-irvine-anti-american-flag-resolution-backs-anti-white-group/

Surprise: At least one of the students backing the banning of the American flag at UC Irvine wants all whitey’s out of California – and the rest of the South West. 359 more words