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When You Feel Offended - 嫌な気持ちにさせられた時

Ever feel frustrated?”で、言いたい事が上手く言えなくて悔しい思いをする事はありませんかという内容を書きました。

When you are offended by someone, don’t you try to hide your negative feelings inside, you don’t confront the person, and keep the peace? 137 more words

Example Sentences

giddy-up: 30

After a brief respite, the author thought why should he withdraw from the “mix” to appease the demons busy confusing the masses? So, back again with a vengeance to the disappointment of, well, those offended by the truth—go figure?

The Family Gets Offended

One evening the family sat around the dinner table eating when Little Brother let out a foul smelling fart.

“Excuse me.”  Little Brother said politely.  He didn’t mean to let one rip at the dinner table, it just sort of snuck up on him and out of him. 1,251 more words

Creative Writing

Just a Thought: Not Being Offended

Ps. 119:165 ¶ Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them. (KJV)

So much gloom and doom in the world today. 347 more words


The next shoe to drop, about a kid’s size 3!

This one has been coming for a couple of decades now and although Christian religious liberties will probably be the next big target of Satan and his minions (otherwise known as mainstream pop culture in America), the normalization of pedophilia will give it a run for its money. 447 more words


No apology tour here!

We all remember the international apology tour our current POTUS has been on since taking office.  And whereas I make no claims that all Americans have conducted themselves honorably throughout history, I… 860 more words


Only dead fish go with the flow.......

Why do people tend to feel the need to be offended by something?

Why do people tend to feel the need to rid the world of something we don’t like/agree with? 1,052 more words