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three ways to avoid being offended

So, you’re walking down the hall of church or school or work and you pass someone. You smile. She walks right by. She completely ignores you. 1,049 more words


"The modern-day obsession of too many with not being offended..." Note by me.

“The modern-day obsession of too many with not being offended…” Note by me.(7/19/17)

The modern-day obsession of too many with not being offended may be summed up thus: “If you offend me, then you hate me.” Such a conclusion would not be reached by the use of logic but by the person’s feelings of the moment and a flawed perception of another’s intentions. 315 more words

Glory To God Alone

The Age of Offence

We’ve all been there. Having a chat with a friend or posting something online that you think is funny, people are laughing, commenting  positively and bam! 806 more words


How to stop taking offense so easily

Learn how the Christian man can become unoffendable!


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Can We Please Stop being so Damn Sensitive?

I swear it seems like everyday I wake up and I see some celebrity is trending over a dumb controversy. It was Katy Perry one day when she made a joke comparing her cutting her long black hair to Obamas end of his presidency, it was the show 13 reasons why being slammed for being to triggering,and glorifying suicide,it was Kim Kardashian being called racist cause a darkened photo of hers appeared to be blackface, it was Emma Watson where she was accused of being a hypocrite for seemingly to criticize Beyonce,and now it is Andrew Garfield. 283 more words

Pop Culture

Another Form of Art

There’s something we all need to do from time-to-time, but many of us find it to be quite difficult. To become great leaders, entrepreneurs need to be able to perform this act in a genuine and authentic way. 716 more words