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Running to Him!

I grew up in a Christian Household. I went to church on Sunday, followed by Sunday school and weekly Awana Club. I have heard John 15, Jesus is the Vine, countless times in my life. 366 more words

Feminists Explain Why Trifles Matter

Sick of having the meaningless minutiae argument thrown in their faces when they passionately talk about their middle or upper class “oppression”, progressives are trying to pacify public opinion by nicely stating that an individual is free to care about a multitude of social ills and hold them as more important than others. 1,044 more words

Social Engineering

OFFENDED! A Maisie Menace Musical


Okay, I didn’t want to do yet another rant about games developers. In fact I really wanted to talk about something happy for a change, but I’m still in post-show blues and I’m feeling a need to address something that I’m seeing is becoming more and more of a problem in society. 1,305 more words


Lexicon Check

Words have power, words have meaning.  Symbols are important.  Symbols are also, and quite importantly, fairly subjective.  What has one meaning to one person, might have a drastically different meaning to someone else.  714 more words

growing older with glitter in my hair

One of the hardest things I had to learn in my twenties was to accept that my outrage, anger, hatred, and pain were all valid feelings, though they overwhelmed me to the point of exhaustion, so strong because of a powerful sense of empathy. 130 more words

Plagued By Thoughts

Here's Why Most People Don't Care When You're Offended – PART 2

In part one I discussed the need so many have to feel like victims fight for some sort of cause, wanting to label people as racist/misogynistic and how poorly that effects the rest of society. 1,100 more words


Why forgive?

We know that nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes . So if someone offends you, you should know that you too could be the offender, not only the offended.   97 more words