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The Twitter-Police Rising, 2016


SHE IS A Canadian-miseducated daughter of immigrant Armenian parents, who has recently attained some fame and fortune.

He is a gay conservative attention-loving gadfly who engages and enrages feminists and social justice warriors in Britain and abroad, via… 936 more words

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Broken Social Mentality

We live in a society where people are more offended by profanity and hand gestures than famine, environmental destruction, and warfare.

Society Is Fucked

Offended? Go Fuck Yourself.

Does that headline offend you? If is does then this is for you:

Step 1: Pull your pants down.

Step 2: Reach between your legs. 148 more words

Society Is Fucked

Young mums know nothing #KeyboardWarriorsKnowBest

I’m scrolling through Facebook … And I see this absolutely beautiful video posted by Fatherly of a video of a second per day of his babies first year. 150 more words


Cissy's Confession: Change the Fact

01 February 2016

#CissysConfession:  I want to confess that I believe that because someone states a fact (pause here to look up the meaning of the word “fact”) about you… 73 more words

Fuck 10 Times

So, fuck, shit, bitch, slut, whore and cunt.
Blunt, smoke one if you need to get through
This poem.
Because… these are the words
We have become offended by, 354 more words