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Professionally Offended

We live in an age where people are looking for any opportunity to be offended. Not actually offended of course, just fake offended. There’s two glaring examples of this as of late, one that you may have already heard of and one you most likely haven’t. 836 more words


The Ridiculous Idea

How often do we find ourselves offended through the course of a day; a single day? Our spouse, before coffee, mutters a statement sealed with a hiss. 242 more words



i tip-toe down to the shore
stand by the ocean
make it roar at me
and i roar back

Björk Guðmundsdóttir

If you think about it, in one way or another, self-importance lies close to the root of much of the malaise in the world. 157 more words


When Character Assassination Fails - The Colin Moriarty Story

 2016 taught me much about the way others perceive viewpoints. Some become offended when another challenges what they hold dear, others ignore, a few dissect their own viewpoints. 1,024 more words


YouTube Grows a Spine

I need to cut down on the length of my posts; I challenge myself to keep this under 1200 words.

With Yvette Cooper at the helm, Britain’s Home Affairs Committee recently told YouTube that they ought to remove… 1,128 more words


If you don't like controversial topics and strong opinions KEEP SCROLLING. 

Fuck, I love posting controversial things on Facebook. You see the little Christians get butthurt and come running with their pitchforks, (okay fine, keyboards), trying to burn you at the stake for having a difference of opinion. 291 more words


Don't step into the fight - Faith through my eyes

I like to consider myself a pretty easy-going person. I am relaxed about a lot of things in life and can take a joke, even when it’s at my expense. 1,629 more words

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