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I carry the beautiful words of freedom,

Screaming “Privilege!” on every corner

Just because I can.

I memorize the never-ending list of genders

And their pronouns… 119 more words


Apologies For The Upset

It is playing on my mind now.

I’d like to know what pissed him off about it (my post to the wall about Life In Oils) – but I dare not ask because I would not want to piss him off again. 554 more words

Jim Kerr


Jesus sacrifice was not a blood sacrifice, in the way of commonly accepted blood sacrifices. It says he was put forward AS a blood sacrifice, it means it was PRESENTED as such, meaning that it WAS NOT such a sacrifice.    1,520 more words


I'm a Woman so OBVIOUSLY I Don't Know ANYTHING about Weightlifting

I hope you could tell immediately that the title of this post is completely sarcastic. Because it is.

I don’t know if I should be offended or amused. 584 more words

Random Musings

Brief Encounter: Father Time barred from Clock

Brief Encounter is an English classic film released in 1945 and contained a prominent clock, standing over the railway station platform, where the film’s two lovers met. 607 more words

The "We" Problem

Here be some unpopular opinions. But it’s something, as a Southerner and a white girl and someone who lots of generalizations are made about, I feel the need to speak on because people seem too afraid to talk about. 895 more words

Mental Health