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What's it like to be Apollon's?

It’s like kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold or silver, and you are the pottery, of course.  There are lots of ways you could be kept, also.   665 more words


The Aegletia: Nine Illuminations

Begins October 1st, and lasts through October 9th

Welcome, friends! This is the announcement for the Treasury of Apollon’s third annual celebration of the Aegletia… 509 more words


Prayer for Libation to Poseidon

Blessed are You, Lord Poseidon, Deliverer of Rain, Who travels through the atmosphere, thick in clouds.

Poseidon, Who churns the molecules before their release and subsequent fall to Earth, oh Lord, send your rains to us who have gambled our lives upon the breaking drought. 237 more words

Offering And Sacrifice

Prayer for Libation to Ares

Ares, Great Father of Warfare, Whose hands are bloodied and worn by the weight of many weapons, we of this place and time do offer these Libations to You, oh Piercer of Flesh, delighting in the many perils of battle.   332 more words

Divine Communion

Libations from the Public

For a while now Poseidon has been set on having me do a little bit of Work for Him, certainly because I literally live a block away from an open body of sea water, with easy access for offerings and libations.   435 more words