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1 Samuel Chapter 9

The people of Israel had tired of their system of judges, and desired to have a king. The Lord consented, allowing the Israelites full use of their agency, even though it could bring the people to turn away from Him. 2,205 more words

The Old Testament

Pilgrimage: the Cave and the Mound

I sometimes awaken at night in the cave. It has ceased being startling. I fall asleep in my bed and soon I can hear the slow persistent drip of water in the pool, feel the dampness, and sense that now familiar awareness of being in the home of the Morrigan, a place that holds part of myself now. 2,019 more words

There is No Scriptural Command to Tithe from your Monthly Income

Tithing or giving a 10% tithe from your monthly salaries is deception and is not inspired by the Spirit of God but this is inspired by the Spirit of ERROR, DECEPTION, SELFISHNESS and GREEDY. 1,896 more words

Commandments & Law

31 Days of Offerings - Day 3: Offerings in Exchange

Saturday, and I’m at an old medical centre with completely beautiful grounds, a stream running through them at the bottom of the hill, an overgrown herb garden a home for whole microuniverses of life near the entrance, a delightfully happy rowan tree near the carpark. 436 more words


Gearing up for the Harvest Festival

MTC Malwani is gearing up for the Harvest Festival tomorrow.

All the things are purchased. A group of people have volunteered to contribute fruits and vegetables for the decorating the Church. 207 more words

Harvest Festival

31 Days of Offerings - Day 2: What's the Offering?

Second day, and I’m already starting to realise that there’s a big question mark around what the offering is each day.

Today the offering wasn’t the milk and incense. 160 more words

Cailleach Bhearra