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Something special about Bali

There is something special about Bali.

Sure, the streets are busy and town centres congested with cars and motorbikes zooming through every available space. However, every little corner and nook holds hidden charm. 338 more words


Deity Offerings Series: For Odin

This post is the first of many in which I will be detailing the offerings that I give to the deities and spirits with whom I’ve built strong relationships over the years. 1,549 more words

Deity Information

Taste of Time

Mm, eating ripe plums off the tree. That tree’s blossoms tapped my door during the spring winds. Now it’s summer and I bite the fruit, sun-warmed and sweet. 16 more words

Fey Karvaly


Had a lovely meditation with Heru yesterday evening after giving offerings. I don’t have all the words to describe what he had to show me, but it was all about love, offerings, and relationship. 291 more words


MORGAN STANLEY: Bitcoin isn't a currency

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

Bitcoin may have appreciated 300% in the last 12 months, but Morgan Stanley still isn’t convinced the cryptocurrency will be a viable currency in the long run.  359 more words

Money Matters


Cinder’s drinking my offering water. Guess it tastes better after it’s been touched by the gods.


New food offerings in the CBD

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

The Central Business District (CBD) is not just Singapore’s financial hub, it is also a bustling food haven.

Food and beverage businesses cater to busy executives and office workers grabbing a sandwich for breakfast, chowing down on poke and salad bowls for lunch, and kicking back with colleagues for after- work drinks and dinner – not to mention the multiple coffee runs throughout the day for a caffeine boost. 2,054 more words

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