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Tithes Are Done Away with!

Tithes is said to be 10% of what you have, not a 100%. (Gen 14:20) We first hear about a tithe that was given when Abraham gave a tithe to the Melchizedek king of Salem. 681 more words

Tears of the Hyades

Beautifully written piece.

Hermes the master of sacred lore reached down through the searing maiden flesh – muscle melting, fat dissolving, bones charring all around his invasive fingers – and drew the crying, seven-month fetus from his mother-tomb and the bed of water-plump ivy that had grown up around the god’s tiny body to shield him from his […]



Trans Day of Remembrance

To all the trans folks who have died…

Today is TDOR, the Transgender Day of Remembrance. It is a deeply holy day for me, and a deeply somber one as well. 283 more words

Spiritual Practice

Day 15: Surviving

(cw: talk of depression, self-hate and emotional angst in general under the read more)

I asked Veles this morning what he wanted from me.

He told me to just live and survive. 671 more words


Pretties For My Loves

I don’t wear a lot of jewelry anymore, it doesn’t last long with a toddler, housework, and working with dogs. I’ve been prompted to paint my nails again as a creative outlet and as a devotional act. 76 more words


The Pagan Experience: "I" is for "Idis"

This post was inspired by a prompt atThe Pagan Experience suggesting writing for the letters “I” or “J”.

Idise, or an Idis when we’re talking about them in the singular, are ancestral mothers who have chosen to aid their descendants from the spirit world. 747 more words


Can't Afford Not To

When I began actively serving God in August of 1980, it seemed perfectly natural to tithe. I’d been raised at least somewhat in church, so tithing wasn’t new to me, and my new pastor was wise enough to teach a little about tithing at every service. 275 more words