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Balinese Traditions and Spiritual Healing

I believe many of you are interested what is behind all the ceremonies and traditions. I will try to explain some main important beliefs, so you can also understand the background of the spiritual healing. 428 more words

Levitical Ponderings

As I am reading Leviticus, I see there are 5 sacrifices that God instructed for his people: burnt offering, peace offering, grain offering, sin offering, and guilt offering. 455 more words

Be Thou My Vision


MARY’S JOURNEY by Kathy Boecher

It was like any other day during Passover.  Many had come to give their offerings and make their animal sacrifices. The sound of sheep without blemish and doves cooing, along with chanting voices and general chaos filled the streets.  337 more words

#writer feels

(Source.) While this could be about any of my Wolf People, Skoll jumped out at me.


Diffusion, Mental Agalmata, and How People Change

The first time I had a sublime impression of diffusion, as in the intermingling of gas particulates, I was thinking about nascent stars and their effects on the interstellar medium as they excite and diffuse the gas around them from their winds. 1,306 more words


February 19 - Daily Notes - Amanda

Admittedly, our Old Testament readings have been full of tons of details recently. It’s important to recognize that these were specific details written for specific people. 208 more words

Old Testament

Dailies 2/13/17: Regret nothing. What would Gwendolyn Brooks do right now? Becoming a shrine. A carabao.

Antilamentation – Dorianne Laux

Regret nothing. Not the cruel novels you read
to the end just to find out who killed the cook.
Not the insipid movies that made you cry in the dark, 170 more words