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Wisdom in the Secret Heart

Behold, you delight in truth in the inward being,
and you teach me wisdom in the secret heart.
Psalm 51:6

I’ve been dealing with a lot of old stuff in counseling. 

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How much time do you have left before they leave?

That moment when you realize your wrinkly newborn baby suddenly has become a HUMAN BEING with a life outside your own…it’s kind of humbling and slightly terrifying. 651 more words



Gold coins left at your feet, the bitter dark
of chocolate slices sweetening your will, all
offered at the gateway of oblivion, the Reaper
flies me to the edge of the world on rotten wings, 98 more words

Daily Psalm Blessing #20

Blessed art Thou, o Lord our God, Who answerest us in the day of trouble, and sends help from Thy holy place, Who rememberest all our offerings and grantest us our heart’s desire; Who also givest victory to Thy Annointed, for we call upon Thy Name and trust not in chariots or horses.

20.  Exaudiat te Dominus

Free Computer from God!

Here is yet another testimony of free stuff I have received from God!  I have many stories like this, including a free car I prayed for and received from God… 435 more words

Adventures With God

First Bealtaine at Our New Home

For the last decade or so, my Bealtaine celebrations have been punctuated by an explosion of green. Every year, I dance the Maypole, all the while taking note of the leaves finally reaching out in praise of sun and rain. 505 more words


Pot Luck

Food and dream-food and food from the Otherworld have been on my mind of late, amongst other things. I think those of us trying to come out of the shadow of the Enlightenment and the mind-body split lose sight of how food and drink is very much a fixture of the spirit world and for spirits. 2,149 more words