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Offerings at Samuan Tiga Temple, Bedulu, Bali

Photo by Agoes Moeliadi
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Agoes Moeliadi


I’m feeling the vibes today! Picking up stuff like a radio. I know I should never work in the paranormal. I love the spirits too much, I know how to talk to them anyway, and without any goddamn devices to “pick them up.” I’ve only used an EMF detector. 123 more words


A thought, a prayer

I am only becoming more and more certain that the spot we call our shrine, that I have mentioned and described in this blog several times already, really is a powerful spot. 237 more words

Offerings to Nature

Any time I visit a forest, whether to camp , walk, or hike, I make sure to take something to give as an offering. This can range from a piece of fruit indigenous to the local environment to precious stones. 427 more words



Today has been a day of both sadness and strength. I have been closing one chapter, left an era of my life behind, and opened up for a new one. 211 more words

Offerings of Love

AGS C016 – Balinese women bring offerings for the Gods at Samuan Tiga Temple at Bedulu during the temple ceremony.

Photo by Agoes Moeliadi
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Agoes Moeliadi


AGS C014 – In one of the most celebrated moments of long philosophical exposition on hesitation, action, passivity, and the worship of God, Khrisna tells Arjuna what God expects and requires of an offering. 235 more words

Agoes Moeliadi