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Executive Assistant #FAIL

The boss man eats the same sandwich from Jimmy Johns every time.  #1, wheat bread, light mayo. Due to a SIGNIFICANT decrease in service level from our local store, I have recently begun to go get them myself vs. 263 more words


Ms. Manners

When my mom used to man the office at our elementary school, she ran a tight ship.  Anytime a student would come to her and make ANY request; if it didn’t have “please” at the end, the answer would be NO.  144 more words


My seemingly endless second job

For the past several months I have been battling the property management company over the inferior services we have been receiving in our unit.  Sticky floors, non-emptied trash cans, dusting and most disgusting…the bathroom. 355 more words


Watergate 2017

I fired Chrystal Springs 4 months ago.  They were not able to service our office; which included the actual delivery of water.  It took forever for them to come and get their bottles; and we cut ties about three weeks later. 177 more words


Gone in 60 Seconds

We offer many resources to our team members, including company cars.  If they need to run an errand or visit a customer; all they must do is reserve one.  299 more words



In every happy face , at the back of it lies a sad one ….