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Dip shit of the day

Rep:  Can we help with chairs?  I have attached two options. One is the name brand and the other is a less expensive option. 58 more words


Crisis at the Records Office

“And you are?” the clerk asked without looking up.

“Well,” Karl said, “that’s an interesting question. I mean, my name right now is Karl Apel. That’s Karl with a K, of course. 108 more words

Short Story

Pete & Repeat

I am absolutely blown away that there are companies who can stay in business, even though they have poorly trained baboons manning the sales desk. 376 more words


Phone Tree

Most of the people in my office do not have phones at their desks.  Outside of Sales and Marketing…there is little reason the rest of us would communicate with the outside world.  465 more words


True love knows no bounds

Our lips twisted into a sardonic smirk as we arched our eyebrow in disbelief. Was there no limit to the ridiculousness that the PTB would engage in to defend admin? 431 more words


Read your email

“You didn’t read my email, did you?”  was my accusatory tone to PTB.

“We did read it!” was the defensive reply.

“Really and what? Didn’t comprehend it?” 70 more words



For breakfast, I don’t usually have the typical food items that you would think go in that meal time.  Hot dogs, fried rice, hamburgers, stew, Chicken Marsala….if I have ever had it for dinner; It will make a damn fine breakfast. 44 more words