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There’s so much going on with my life right now. I have been off Facebook for almost a week now, I started doing things to make myself healthier (that’s shy for going to the gym), I am already in the third season of the series House of Cards, and I am blogging again, as you can see. 360 more words



Why are people so ridiculous? I can’t believe some people and the way they conduct themselves. I work in an office and for the most part there is very little drama. 210 more words

So I typically make blog posts about random topics and I weigh in on my personal opinion. However, today I am in need of some advice for a friend. 200 more words

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The Things I Have Noticed Now That I Am Back at Work

It is fun to watch people walking from the parking lot to their desk location. You can tell who is who by observing their gait, speed and demeanor. 1,027 more words

Mrs Enginerd

When my parents think I'm at work but I am not

I left home after the weekend and my mom was kind of surprised since I can leave on Monday and still make it to work on time. 580 more words

LIFE: Day 69, Wednesday November 06 2013

Woke up grumpy and restless. I wanted to explore new territory. Nate suggested we climb the mountain by our house again. My mood improved significantly once we reached the network of gardens. 380 more words