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9 Ways to Mitigate Office Drama

It happens in the best of workplaces: office drama. And, sometimes, it happens between the most capable and creative team members.

What is it office drama? 886 more words


Friday Madness

And so it’s Friday again.

I’ve been patiently waiting for this day to come. The whole week should pass in a blur, I told myself. It will go on smoothly, and one day, I’ll wake up and realize it is Friday once again. 332 more words

8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

A shitty job is like an abusive relationship. It stifles your individuality, devours your happiness, rips your dreams to shreds, fills you up with bitterness and consumes you whole. 479 more words

8 Reasons The Office Is Exactly Like High-School

We thought we’d left the class room behind a long time ago, but unfortunately for us, the school halls aren’t that easy to ditch.

We graduated with plans of a bright future but those damn cliques and bitches just seem to follow us everywhere we go. 369 more words



Care when no one else does.

Be responsible when no one else is.

Step up when everyone shrinks into the scenery.

Be a force of Nature when everyone lays low. 32 more words

Oh No, That's What Happened!

When I was 19 I went on a road trip out West with a friend. Before we left my family insisted I stop and see a second cousin who had moved to California. 742 more words

Bitch Face, Sour Face, and Robot - Post #2

Hi again! So – what do you get if you take 3 bff bitches, one busy business, and a bipolar-depressed-anxiety-stricken-attention-whore over-achiever (moi)?
Apparently, a high turnover HR can’t fully explain. 214 more words