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Poof. You are an Adult: Dealing with Unpleasant People

Everyone is kind and pleasant. Right? When you grow up and think about becoming an adult, you get this false sense that everyone around you will act kindly, be pleasant, and put in their fair share of effort. 901 more words

Favorite Office Dramas (No Romance)

It isn’t often that I come across a drama that keeps my interest with only a hint of romance.  These office dramas, however, managed to do that nicely! 433 more words

Korean Drama

Numpty's - Diode Dan

I’ve got a little treat for you today – another Numpty’s cartoon for you. We all have simple minded people that we have to work with – Just like Diode Dan!

Simon :-)


Office Drama Queens

I hate drama. Now I’m not talking about the kind found between the pages of a good book, or played out on the silver screen. No I am referring to work place drama. 152 more words

Life Unfiltered

What Should You Do When You Have 40+ Boring Men In Office?

That’s what my afternoon thought is right now. Is this the right place where I should be? Pot belly. Let me be a little more specific. 417 more words

Bad Workplace

You Want My Address So You Can What?

TW: This post contains threats of violence & abusive language.

*Also, I want to add that I’ve used language in the text messages I sent that I now know to be inappropriate & I sincerely apologize to anyone who is offended. 858 more words


10 Things About Toxic Personalities in the Workplace (especially those in leadership positions)

While sipping on my new favorite tea (moroccan mint), I looked up and saw a former co-worker of mine out of the blue. A very pleasant surprise! 1,510 more words

Career Growth