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Watch your back

I used to have a file on my desk with the label “F-Ups”.

I never intended that it would become the subject of any controversy when I named it.  660 more words

Aha! Moments

Facing Uncertainty And Narcissism

I have just handed in my resignation notice. In a few weeks, I will be unemployed.

Why did I do it? Because I have decided that, once and for all, I must look after my own mental and spiritual health. 517 more words

6 Basic Rules You Need to Follow if You Truly Want to Avoid Office Drama

By Katie Douthwaite Wolf

Trash-talking friends, free-flowing gossip, popularity contests, and exclusive cliques. Sound like high school? Probably. But the better (and much scarier) question is—does it sound like your… 1,210 more words


Dear Office Turkey Sandwich Stealer (office drama 14 pics)

These 14 signs document an office drama of a Turkey & Swiss Sandwich that has been stolen, taken hostage for a pizza (yes, a pizza!) partial eaten and ends with a plead from the thief to HR…. 

Funny Pics

The Dangers of Morning Coffee

You know, coffee is a beautiful thing.

An essential. A day-starter. A magic cup of ready-for-work (or let’s face it, if you’re like me, you probably need at least 3 to be somewhat pleasant). 1,035 more words

Corporate Flirt

Working hard or hardly working?

So my job starts at 8AM, or is supposed to. I get here every morning at 7:55-8:05. No one has given me a key to the office, even though I’ve been working here over a month… 261 more words

Negative Nancy, Table for One?

I woke up feeling like I had been hit by a semi-truck (I had originally written MAC truck, and then I realized I don’t actually know how to spell that. 604 more words