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The Overspending Myth Finally Exposed By the IMF, OECD, Treasury, ONS, OBR and IFS

“I never gave anybody hell! I just told the truth and they thought it was hell”

― Harry S. Truman

As more and more people discover the truth on social media, the deficit… 969 more words


Employment and Support Allowance should not be cut – campaigners | DisabledGo News and Blog

Disability groups have written an open letter to Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith, urging him to abandon planned cuts to a key benefit. The House of Lords will vote next week on government plans to cut £30 a week from Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) for some new claimants from 2017. 126 more words


George Osborne on course to privatise more public assets than any Chancellor since 1979

Privatisations outstrip even those made by Margaret Thatcher’s Chancellors Nigel Lawson and Geoffrey Howe
Since George Osborne has been Chancellor he has made £37.7bn in privatisations AFP/Getty… 800 more words

Osborne Has Opted To Put The Economy On A Riskier Path

Keeping up with last week’s Autumn Statement was all about staying upright, with your eyes wide open, in a blizzard of statistics. The numbers come thick and fast. 1,240 more words

Liam Halligan

“I didn’t see that coming” The glorious unpredictability of sport, leadership and life

Not a week goes by without me stumbling over the unpredictability of leadership in business, sport, politics, and more seriously over environment challenges and global conflicts… 663 more words

'A long time in politics': Blowing hot and cold on the Autumn Statement

Chancellor: I shall place duty of 100 per cent of purchase price on the following: wheelchairs, white sticks, false limbs, glass eyes and diarrhoea medicine. Observers will notice that I have deliberately chosen to penalise those members of the community who can’t hit back.

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