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Office appointments available for Essay #1 drafting

Many of you have met with me to discuss your initial drafts for Essay #1. I encourage you to visit during office hours in Ketchum 116, 10 to 10:30 AM Monday and Wednesday, or make an appointment with me in class or via email; I am on campus Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Essay 1

When a wrong question is right

I asked a bad question (as a review question, nonetheless) this week. It goes like this: 493 more words

Messy Moments

Office Hours with the Prof 9-13 Are Certs Worth It?

I admit, I have bought into the concept of certificates and certifications.

In 2017, how can you blame me, though?

It seems that every company and entity with a .org behind it’s name is pushing some type of certification or a certificate in some niche specialization to those willing to put in the time (and, of course, the money) to acquire one. 574 more words

Higher Education

A Crash Course In Networking

Whether you’re a transfer student or just new to college life, networking can seem like a daunting endeavor. First of all, what is “networking”? Is it just a buzzword? 677 more words

Reminder: Office hours now in Ketchum 116, Mondays and Wednesdays 10-10:30 AM and by appointment

Office hours for this course’s sections of CWP 101 are no longer in the Butler Library lobby and are now in Ketchum 116. The hours remain the same: 10 to 10:30 AM, Monday and Wednesday. 14 more words

Site Updates

The Dragon #writephoto from Noah Weiss at Never A Worry

Below, I have a borrowed picture from Sue Vincent for her weekly writing challenge. Interestingly, I think the picture explains my week so far. And it goes through the Dragon Cloud… starting from the left part of the picture… within the darkness. 140 more words


TechCrunch Include Office Hours with Greylock Partners

TechCrunch Include Office Hours are back for September, and we’re partnering with Greylock Partners for the second year in a row. On September 15th at 2-4 pm PT, Greylock investors — Sarah Guo, Matt Heiman and Saam Motamedi — will be meeting with underserved and underrepresented founders, providing valuable feedback and guidance. 435 more words