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Bright Pants

It was cool but sunny yesterday, so I decided to match the flowers that are starting to come up with bright red pants after finding a super cute outfit to copy on Pinterest. 37 more words


Blue Skies

This weekend was absolutely gorgeous and the warm weather spilled over to today. It’s still a Monday, but so much better than any Monday I’ve had in a while. 77 more words


What to Wear to an Interview

Happy Monday everyone!

Prepping for an interview usually focuses on researching questions and answers that you may be asked and polishing your resume, but it’s also important to give your outfit more than just a passing thought. 418 more words


Bit o' Green

Happy St Patrick’s Day!!!

I don’t have anything that’s really green or orange, so I decided to add just a hint of mint to my outfit today! 52 more words



What better way to dress up jeans and a tee then with a blazer. My original StyleBook-created outfit called for a red tank top, but since the thermometer told me it was -16C with the wind this morning, I swapped it out for my dark red Harry Potter tee. 52 more words



It’s Thursday! Which means tomorrow is Friday and that’s just awesome. I tend to consider my weekdays with relation to Friday: Not-Even-Close-To-Friday (Monday), Closer-To-Friday (Tuesday), Halfway-To-Friday (Wednesday), Almost-Friday (Thursday), and of course Friday. 69 more words


Teal on Tuesday

Hey there! Thanks for dropping by!

We had another relatively warm Tuesday today (12 C counts when we still have a chance at snow!) so I decided on a bright and springy outfit for today. 86 more words