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What do we mean when we talk about writing style? Is such a thing even permissible in “technical” writing? Let’s take on the first question first.

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Technical Writing

Are You a Leader, Follower, or Other?

For ten years, my father and I bickered back and forth about why I wasn’t going into management. The arguments seemed rational—better pay, better benefits, more chance for advancement—but they didn’t move me. 571 more words


Vertical, Horizontal, and Matrixed Organizations (And Why You Should Care)

First, a few definitions so you understand what I’m talking about.

Vertical Organizations

A “vertical” company is known for having a large staff of middle managers between the CEO and the front line. 2,003 more words


Speaking Unpleasant Truths Aloud

“Hey, you’re wrong!”
“The correct way to contradict a Senator is to say ‘That turns out not to be the case’.”
–The Mote in God’s Eye, by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle… 1,376 more words


Silly Season Politics

I am usually of the sort who avoids politics in polite company. I’ve even made strenuous efforts to avoid it on Facebook, which is not easy these days. 870 more words


Writing in the Corporate Voice

Regardless of what sort of materials you write, you have to select or acquire a style that fits the personality of the individual or organization on whose behalf it’s being written. 625 more words

Technical Writing

Basic Ethics for the Technical Communicator

Like most people, when I get cranky I can be tempted to make less-than-wise decisions. This is not a good idea. Ethics are central to a writer’s trade because if we are not ethical in how we handle ourselves and the information entrusted to us, we are unlikely to remain employed for long. 671 more words

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