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Why Are You So Quiet?

“Why are you so quiet?”
A coworker asked the other day.
“Talking is easy, just try it!
Do you really have nothing to say?”

“I’m sorry my silence offends you,” 189 more words


The Salaryman (Biscuit Fresh, Base)

The man awoke in his bed.

His eyes were heavy with sleep and his body was heavy with drink from the night before.

“Must get up.” The man murmured. 302 more words


A Year of Smiles - Day 258

Reason to SMILE #258: KINDNESS

There are times in life when everything is suddenly put into perspective, when all the frivolities that consume our thoughts and our time fade away in the light of what truly matters.   525 more words

Make A Difference

Working from home with terrible tech

I was back covering junior formulae from the office this weekend.

Working remotely has some advantages: I don’t get caught in whatever terrible weather there is trackside, I don’t have to spend an entire day on a bus, and I can update here sooner! 225 more words


The 2017 Extravagant Tour of Wonder (Ep. 1 - The Road To North Carolina)

It all started with a simple thought running on repeat:

“Working in this office job makes me wanna’ die a little.”

Because I’m not much different from a large portion of the population, I let that problem dominate my brain with no real attempt at creating a solution for two years. 1,271 more words


How to keep your team productive

Productivity is a major concern for any business. If your team or an individual is not productive, or maybe you’re not super productive yourself… work isn’t getting done at the pace it should. 352 more words


Step One

I tried to remember at which point in my life has this travel bug been seeded deep into my mind. And my first answer was – of course it was when I was deeply unhappy with my life and managed to put all my courage in one pot, put on my warrior outfit and set out to the world to try and find something or someone who might change that comfortable routine. 641 more words