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How long can you sit still for?

*I wrote this ages ago and wasn’t sure about publishing it but it still seems to ring true 2 years later, so here it is! 468 more words


Daily dose of grumpy - 15 May 2017

If you work in an office, you will know these feelings.

Firstly, getting in to work on Monday morning, and the first thing you see if an email invite to a meeting with your shitty boss. 108 more words


Tips To Being Healthy At A Desk Job

I love being a Personal Trainer. It’s a career path I’ve wanted since I was 12. Unfortunately, it isn’t all sunshine and roses and I’ve had to make ends meet by taking other jobs. 414 more words


work and summer

Life continues, and time flies; this is how it feels this week.

I cannot believe that it is Wednesday! I feel like I have so much to do and not done much. 352 more words



Mõnikord mul ei olegi muud öelda kui, et pilt räägib rohkem kui sada sõna. Hea, et aknapesija köiega kinni oli ja ilmselt on nüüd iga kord rebimine, et kes kuttidest just selle kontori aknaid pesema saab, sest noh…Mõnes kontoris on tavapärased sellised tööpäevad, sellised naised ja sellised outfitid. 100 more words


4 easy ways business owners can avoid feeling lonely

Running a business is rewarding, however, being at the top of the chain is a lonely place to sit. If you are running a small business your days may include being sat in an office alone. 284 more words

Piece of advice, take care

This is me right now: I’m on my desk, catching up on some Doctor Who episodes and some movies that has been on my watch-later list while struggling to make it through the rest of the week with what’s left of my payroll. 714 more words

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