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The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With a Single Step

Today, I went on a walk on my lunch break. It might not sound like much but I’ve been stuck in such a rut lately that I just haven’t had the energy to do things like this. 180 more words


Writing Your Prayers and Not Looking Crazy

Very often, around midday at work, I feel the need to pray at my desk. I usually cannot pray in public because I feel self-conscious; and there’s probably some rule against it at work. 263 more words


Correcting data in Excel

Last time I have described a theory about finding typos in a set of data in an Excel file without using spell checker e.g finding typos in accounts numbers. 132 more words

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A Single Smile

It’s truly amazing what one smile can do for someone else’s, or even your own, well-being.

Today has been utterly frustrating with people wanting unrealistic expectations and it has pissed me off in a number of ways that I was on the verge of some kind of angry anxiety attack when a co-work/higher up came by to ask a question and drop off some papers. 164 more words


My attempt at being tidy

It’s another Monday morning (by the time this post goes up it would be Wednesday) and it is time to jumpstart the week. No matter how small the projects that we handle in our firm, construction will always be in full swing. 510 more words

He Told Me..

“I won’t like an office job,” he said.  “I don’t think you’ll be happy with it,” he told me.

This was three, almost four years ago, when I was transitioning from graduating college to going to grooming academy.  924 more words


Testing, testing...

It’s been a busy couple of weeks since I last updated, and I’ve got a busy couple of weeks to come too.

We’ve finally seen some cars on track and the new motorsporting year is almost upon us. 454 more words