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10 Signs Office Work Is Not Your Calling

It’s a nice dream isn’t it? To one day find your calling and do what you love. Sadly, reality doesn’t always mirror what’s in your head. 409 more words

10 Signs

UnNamed Dave The Final Chapter

“What do you think?”

“Well I can’t make the 90 calls.  It is just too much.  We are annoying the customer too much and burning our bridges.   194 more words


Roamin in the Gloaming

It has been hard to adjust going back to work. I had a good few weeks off over Xmas, went back to work and came up against a long weekend, got through that and then a week after I started to hit a rhythm again, but then took a week’s holiday so my husband could have a break up the coast. 441 more words


UnNamed Dave Final Chapter continued.

The manager returned.

“You need to talk to our Sales Director.”

“Okay.” Said Dave.

Dave got up and walked to the Sales Director’s office and sat down. 71 more words

American Literature

9-5 Life

I must admit, I’ve been a bit reluctant to write this. Basically, 6 days after I published my last article bemoaning the trials of unemployment, I got offered a job. 396 more words

Career Development

Final Chapter Continued

Dave sits down.

The manager sits down.

“I just don’t get it.  I don’t understand why the numbers are so low.”  The manager says and looks at Dave. 68 more words

American Literature

On Productivity and Time

Disclaimer: In this entry I will be mainly focusing on office work and this is not to say that other types of work are lesser or should operate to the same rules. 547 more words