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Simple ways to be Healthy in the Office

So you are working in the office?….. the opposite of a field work?. The office has been around since the middle ages (1000-1300) . Do you know in New York City alone: 365 more words


Job Woes Already

So I started a new job this last week and it was going awesome until I realized something. There isn’t really much for me to do. 579 more words


How to Exercise When You Don’t Have Time

Between careers, social lives, and a myriad of other responsibilities, it can be exceedingly difficult to make time to focus on exercising. We may work long hours and come home tired, or we may need to pick up the kids right after our shift is over. 468 more words

Weight Loss


I know.  Mother taught us that “shhhh-ing” someone wasn’t the best of manners.  However, I do recall her “shhh-ing” me many times, especially in church.  Well, I want to use the “shhh’ word – or onomatopoeia – on my co-worker.    134 more words



Bureaucrats and quicksand.
Timid politics.
Neurotic antics,
heavy air, and
avoidant attitudes.
Endless fucking interludes…
But the show’s never started.
You used to have some heart, 86 more words

Creative Journal


I was watching Mob Psycho 100 and it occurred to me… I should train to become an office lady. I mean, for a short period of time last spring, I did work organizing labels and boxing tie downs and I enjoyed doing that. 733 more words

Life on the other side of the phone

I have now sat down twice to write this blog post, and managed to wrap my frozen office fingers around my mug of hot water, (interruption from faculty member – 45 seconds), without managing to (interruption from other faculty member – 2 minutes) (immediate interruption by a third faculty member – 15 minutes) actually write anything because I was interrupted both times by a phone call from a customer. 1,005 more words