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Taken the dump step

There were a stack of documents on the desk in the office. I looked at it and found out that I had some new funds coming along the way but I was not sure if that was a part of the business nature. 144 more words


How To Stay Active In The Office & Why

I have just finished reading a study by Yaro Starak that states sitting increases death of up to 40%….

I bet you are wondering how that is even possible when you regularly exercise and have a well-balanced diet. 625 more words


Theory of probability in the office. How to correct typos in the data?

Previously I have shown how to use Excel and VBA language to automatically format financial statements or other documents. Today I will describe how to use theory of probability to correct typos in the data collected in our database e.g… 555 more words

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Anonymous Note Update, #2!

The tension is mounting people, even drawing in our most chill-est of personnel! (If you didn’t catch our previous update, click here.) 280 more words


Anonymous Note Update!

Hold onto your hats, people! A NEW anonymous note appeared in the break room!

In case you missed it, my previous post was inspired by an anonymous note I saw at work. 299 more words


The Fine Art of an Anonymous Note

If you work in an office, you’ve no doubt seen your share of anonymous notes. Maybe even written one?

It’s all right if you have. You’re safe here. 804 more words