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There But For The Sake Of Impulsivity Go I

As I work my penultimate Friday, it’s hit home that I’ve only 28 working hours left until I leave the scintillating sphere of financial services to carve out a career in writing and begin studying Philosophy, Politics and Ethics at Brighton University. 796 more words


My sit-stand desk has arrived

A new toy turned up in my office this week. I rubbed my palms together like it was Christmas as my spanking new sit-stand desk was unwrapped and installed. 426 more words

In a Week

First week of Adulthood: complete.

Achievement unlocked: salary.

My goodness, it feels good to have some money to spare.  I bought a new case for my phone, I bought some new clothes, I bought food (mostly the food).   62 more words


10 Things I Hate About The Office

This whole office thing is fairly new to me. Although I’ve been here almost three years, I’m still adjusting to the wonder, nuances, foolishness and fuckery of the office environment. 1,370 more words

Difficult People

If he forgave us our faults, could we forgive him for seeing them?

She remembered her father as a great man, and perhaps he was. Her life would have been easier with a different memory. 338 more words

The Real World

Chatter Box

My drug; craved and longed for
Beads of sweat form on my brow while
screams within my head
grow, escalating
louder and louder and… and yet, 70 more words


On the Road Again.


The whole “post something once a day and make a popular blog!” idea didn’t really take off.  Then again, I’m never productive during the summer months.   177 more words