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My work routine

Hey guys.

My internship has kept me really busy this week and I always came to the borderless house extremely exhausted. There’s a lot going on at the embassy’s right now… 552 more words


You don't have to be mad to work here.

Something I’ve noticed in my years as an office cleaner, is how the once fashionable gimmick postcards – a cute kitten playing with a ball of wool, and ‘Quick look busy, here comes the boss’ printed in a funky\garish font, kinda thing, have all but slowly disappeared. 380 more words


David Warms Up: Day 51


JUNE, a middle-aged woman with a tightly-curled perm and jean skirt, sits on the edge of a concrete planter eating her bag lunch. 576 more words


All There Is

The S Story

I was tracking expenses, and noticed that the comments in the right-hand column of the spreadsheet were not uniform; some began with capital letters and others had sentences typed completely in lowercase. 429 more words

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Cope with Digital Overload: Discuss Beyoncé Videos

It’s been said that introverts are “at home” online, but how much time online is too much and when does the immense volume of information available online become too much for us to bear? 594 more words


Improve Your Focus In Home Office And Work Smartly Using These 8 Methods

No one can avoid what is going around them because it is necessary to pay attention to anything which can affect or might endanger one’s life in a certain way. 514 more words

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Peanut Time

As I walked down the corridor at work yesterday, I heard a strange repetitive noise accompanied by a faint echo emanating from the boss’s office: 395 more words

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