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Pesky Word Repetition

Every now and then I catch myself using the same word…over and over. How is it that one word just keeps slipping in and you end up with a paragraph where you have used it like ten times? 257 more words

Creative Writing

Wouldst Thou Have A Sonnet for Lunch?

O could I but change the hour of day,
And push the sands back up into the glass,
I would forget my utter, deep dismay, 86 more words


Honestly, you perform one desk-side splenectomy and the whole office goes ape shit...

Fortunately, mailroom Ronny is still available to meet all of your pharmaceutical needs…

Internships - It's a two-way street, baby

If you haven’t figured our by now, it’s highly likely your University degree isn’t going to get you a job. Don’t worry, you haven’t wasted those three or so years writing essays about the human brain or some old dead English author, it’s just that it’s not enough. 361 more words


Start of the Year Update!

Once again I’ve dropped the ball on this blog. Sorry sorry! As usual it seems like a lifetime of living has been stuffed into a very short amount of time. 510 more words


Friday Fiction - Cold Smile

It’s cold today. The ice on the windscreen didn’t want to melt on the drive in. I didn’t sleep, I look awful. My hands shook far too much this morning to even think about makeup. 523 more words

Short Stories