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Motivation from edse99

-I’M HUNGRY, I’M READY-!!! #Hustling
Sometimes you might see me in a Suit, other times getting down and dirty. From Woodwork, Catering, Construction, Office Work, Photography, Drawing, whatever it may be, I’m hustling to invest back into my idea, my business, my future.. 33 more words


I'll Always Be a Nomad

Ever since returning from Italy, it’s as if something in me has simply snapped. Something in me has changed. Italy opened up my eyes to a whole new world, a new culture, a new way of life. 347 more words


my office master of distraction

demands hands-on

well-laid tasks

as my daily misdirection

towards perfection

(#MadQueen 19.01.2016)


Office worker confessional - meeting cookies

Office worker confession #4 – We want cookies at meetings

Yes.  We do.  And I’m not joking.

Why? Why, you ask?  I’m not even sure why you’d have to ask…it’s because cookies help us focus. 57 more words


Prankster's Revenge.

Chewing gum stuck to the back of my navy skirt.  Grey muck smeared across dark woollen material like a child’s finger painting gone wrong. I couldn’t go home to change. 485 more words

Creative Writing

Customer Service.

One thing about customer service is when people get “Key Board Confidence” aka when customers yell at you for something you could not have even prevented. 110 more words

Customer Service

Shake and Bake

I’m writing the same sentence over and over.

Yet in my mind’s eye I’m shaking spices over salmon.

I’m sitting on a balcony overlooking a river, 44 more words