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Sitting Danger

Sitting Too Long: A Cautionary Tale

New research is finding that sitting for long periods of time can have serious health effects. If you have a job that keeps you planted for most of the day you may want to change your habits to help avoid the potential of long-term health problems. 142 more words


PowerPoint Ted

In light of all the things

there are to dread

meet PowerPoint Ted

He’s a Power Talker,

a real Word Rocker

Who likes turning

his back on folks… 129 more words

Creative Writing

The Anonymous

Walter J. Rogers walked out of Human Resources carrying a plastic street sign with ROGERS printed on it. He had spent 35 years working for the streets department, and he had been given the “opportunity” to retire although doing so had not crossed his mind. 394 more words

Creative Writing

My Room to Visit

My room here doesn’t represent me. The one back home does.

When you enter the room you see two book shelves, a desk and a chair, and a queen bed. 364 more words

Daily Prompts, Topic Ideas

Staff Review: The Beautiful Bureaucrat

The Beautiful Bureaucrat

Helen Phillips

Henry Holt and Company


Available 8/11/2015

This perfect little novel reads like a hallucination, or one of those weird dreams that you get just before waking. 221 more words


Dressing for Work

Dress codes, every job seems to have them. Some are better than others. Sadly, some dress codes seem to fail to differentiate between what is appropriate for an office and what is appropriate for a warehouse. 878 more words