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WWOOF University - Part 1: My story

Food had always been an essential part of my life. I come from a typical middle-class family who nevertheless taught me the importance of consuming fresh veggies as opposed to basing one’s diet on processed foods, my mom has always shared her passion for cooking and good food with everyone, and my grandpa retired as… a full-time farmer and hunter (and at 88 years old, he’s still going at it). 715 more words


Going Paperless

The shift towards being more environmentally conscious is in full swing nowadays. Many people are looking for alternatives in their personal and work lives to reduce waste and think of their impact on the earth. 670 more words

Last Cat On Mars Presents: The Help Desk Chronicles - Cheesecake, Burden or Bonus?

Despite the headline up there, we all know that the humble yet fabulous cheesecake, could never be a burden, not even on your hips. Well, perhaps on your hips, but be selective, slice it thin like an after dinner mint (think how many thin slices you could have before you reach even an approximation of a full serving, think and feel all fluttery and happy).


work work work (or, THP: Chapter Three)

After boosting her energy and loving better, Gretchen addressed the topic of work.  She had recently gone through a change in career that made her more happy, so she had to find other ways to increase her happiness in her current state.  1,975 more words

Slice Of Life

Leaving Office on Time....Again?!

Do you have colleagues that always burn the midnight oil working in office? What’s your impression of them? Hardworking, or inefficient?

What about colleagues that always leave on time or perhaps even ahead of time? 223 more words

Informative Website


The work week has just begun (oy!).

A few thoughts on work:

“People who enjoy meetings should not be in charge of anything.” ~Thomas Sowell… 68 more words



Wanna hear a joke?
Okay, Sir
You are fired
That’s not funny
But it is a joke alright
Like your camouflage pants
Are not camouflaging you… 16 more words