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Tips To Maintain And Care Your Office Furniture

Office fixtures and furniture are a huge investment for the business. There is a requirement for legitimate administer to the furniture such that there is no compelling reason to swap them for a considerable length of time. 8 more words

Those times my co-workers thought I was being a d*ck

…when I was just trying to be healthy!

1. That time when someone bought ice creams for everyone.

– Co-worker: heyyy guysss, I’ve gone to Tesco at lunch time and bought ice creams for everyone! 461 more words


Tips To Prolong The Life Of Your Office Chairs

Be honest to yourself and accept the fact that buying good quality office chairs are a good investment and expensive too. However, this does not mean that these are not worthy. 6 more words

Used Office Furniture Can Help Small Office And Business

If you are having a small home office or business, you might be having tight budgets. We know that in the present era of show off office furniture is of much importance. 14 more words

Types of Wave desks for an office enhancement

Bring a curvy look to your workplace with the different types of wave desks. Wave desks are the stylish and beautiful desks with curve that makes it convenient and more efficient for using. 14 more words


I thought I would feature a Shoesday post on a Tuesday for the next few weeks as I have noticed that I have purchased quite a few pairs of shoes recently.   234 more words