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10-Dec-2018: Long Day

Work is really not winding down so far in the run up to Christmas.  I think my hand is glued to this mouse.

Days In Ireland

06-Dec-2018: Oh Christmas Tree

A very Christmas kind of day in the office today with our Christmas Lunch and tree decorating.

Days In Ireland

Here's 5 cheap gift ideas for the dreaded office Secret Santa.

We’re well and truly into December, and as we creep ever closer to the festive day wondering where this year has gone (this also accounts for 80% of December office small talk) the fact finally hits us. 558 more words

Speaking truth

I’ve wasted hours of my life pretending to be something I’m not while discussing a job I’m not too thrilled about with someone who isn’t all that interested in me either. 171 more words

Happy Holidays from Referential

Happy holidays from Referential! Best of wishes for 2019.

Back row: Alexander Feber, Jennifer Doyon, David Feber, Helen Feber, Ankit Singh, Ryan Barron

Front Row: Lynn Watts, Lauren Ruffin, Regina Dawkins, Barbara Leavy, Kristy Ward, Lilian Kann, Andreas Silva

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14 Dec 2018

Today has been a decent day in the cube so far. Got to my cubicle right on time at 7:30 not a second earlier. New supervisor started the day by asking me where my two other coworkers were and why they weren’t at work like I’m their secretary or something. 241 more words