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Present Day, April 14th, 2018

My daughter is a sophomore at NYU. She also interns (and has interned) with organizations which focus on the rights and advocacy of individuals based on gender, race, and mental health based issues. 329 more words

Brain Tracks

Vice President Pepitone, February, 2018

Local 84811 Membership,

The classes we attended in Biloxi were terrific. The only bad thing was that they tried to cover a week’s worth of education in two days. 150 more words

President Schultz, February, 2018

Union Brothers and Sisters,

I would like to thank you all for the support of sending Chuck and myself to Officer Training. I am a strong believer in training our local officers. 493 more words

MISSION BREAKDOWN: ITS 9 Capture & Protect

Boilerplate: As always, the breakdowns and advice for this mission assume equivalent player skill and roughly even dice luck.  

What the heck is Tempo?

In chess, time is measured in ‘moves’. 1,471 more words

Officer Training

Druze Clues

“We are bad people, but we can be worse”
-Druze Motto

Spoiler Alert: It’s about to get worse.

This army should not be thought of as a Variant of Qapu Khalki. 1,150 more words

Officer Training

Letter September 15, 1917: "We have been working very hard all day packing up.  My job was to load the guns on to the cars and it was quite a job so I am pretty tired."

Denison and friend Wilmer Hoffman were both accepted for training at Camp McClellan in Anniston, Alabama and they made immediate plans for departure.

Mrs Charles Frick… 282 more words


Letter September 3, 1917: "We have to report every morning at 8.30 at Pikesville and get off at 5."


Mrs Charles Frick
The Baltimore Inn
Cape May

Dear Mama,

We haven’t heard a thing about when we will leave but are expecting orders at any time. 113 more words