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Our Place – Making It Official

The Town of Innisfil is embarking on a lengthy consultation process to develop a new Official Plan (OP) to be known as “Our Place”. The Planning Act requires a review at least every 5 years. 341 more words

Urban Planning

Ottawa Votes: Chianello fills you in on what you need to know about planning

Soon after the 2010 municipal election, Peter Hume stood in front of a 15-storey condo building that towered over everything else in the neighbourhood. It was a handsome, award-winning building, but it was on a block that was zoned for just four storeys. 2,091 more words

Local News

DAY SEVEN: MY TAKE: FINAL INSTALLMENT: Official Plan Review, Town of Lincoln

DAY SEVEN JULY 8/14, Tonight is the Night.  I wrote earlier in this series about a traditional vs non traditional approach to the Official Plan. This was all related to the decision to market the Town of Lincoln as a Centre of Agriculture Excellence. 994 more words

DAY THREE: MY TAKE: on intrusive land use* and the planning process

NOTE:  *Intrusive land use is my own expression of a circumstance where the collision of land uses is so profound it guarantees a complete collapse of the health and economic well being of a community. 1,039 more words

The London Plan pt. 8 - Have Your Say!

I guess you could call it the second day. The first was the unveiling 32 days ago, but today.. today is the first official day that Londoners far and wide can voice their personal feelings about the newly-minted London Plan in front of council. 377 more words


The London Plan pt. 6 - Polling What The Public Wants

Voices are meant to be heard.

Not all opinions are constructive, but those that are can help construct.

Cities are constructed by people, so why not ask the people what they want constructed in their city? 1,462 more words


A Watershed Moment at the Forks of the Thames

I am pretty sure it was May. Two years ago, I remember sitting on the floor of the London Convention Centre with 1,200 other Londoners. I was listening to Peter Mansbridge address a city – a city at the beginning of a process that would be two-plus years in the making – a process called “ReThink London.” I remember sitting there and wondering what would come of it? 1,060 more words