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A complete detail about offshore accounts in Dubai

Big investors and traders are always in search of secure banking systems to protect their wealth from the people. As most of the developed countries are behind the rich traders to catch them in some cases to seize their accounts because of political conflicts. 591 more words


Paradise Paper Caper - Who's Who

The Paradise Papers have unraveled a web of offshore dealings far more intricate, complex and massive than the Panama Paper Caper. Comprised of over 13 million documents, the magnitude would appear to leave no one immune, but oddly, the headlines continually show Trump at the forefront as though he is the leader of the pack, when in reality, to date, he is not personally implicated at all… 588 more words


Class Warfare: People Are Out For Blood, by Simon Black

We live in an age of envy that doesn’t distinguish between rightfully acquired fortune and those which were stolen or swindled (usually with the assistance of the government). 357 more words


Someone on Reddit hinted at the Paradise Papers 16 days before they were released

Update on Nov. 7: The Reddit account belonging to PanPthrowaway was deleted after this story was published.

On Sunday, Nov. 5, journalists at nearly 100 media organizations began publishing stories on a massive document leak revealing financial information about the offshore accounts of the… 479 more words

Commerce Chief Wilbur Ross Has Links to a Putin-Tied Firm, Reports Say

U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has kept investments in a shipping firm with significant business ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s inner circle, U.S. media reported on Sunday, citing leaked documents from an offshore law firm. 694 more words


Here's a guide to the major revelations in the Paradise Papers

Hundreds of journalists have begun publishing articles based on a massive document leak from companies that administer offshore accounts.

The files, dubbed the Paradise Papers… 1,049 more words

Man Rigged Wisconsin State Lotto, Used Payout For Offshore Tax Scam

(CBS Local) — After winning a Wisconsin Lottery jackpot that was rigged by his friend, a Texas businessman used the payout for an investment scam that generated additional undeserved government money, according to court records. 491 more words