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Panama Papers - Release of Accounts will be Published TODAY

THE WORLD and THE AGE OF EXPOSURE!  Confidential records of more than 200,000 offshore accounts in the Panama Papers will be published online TODAY, Monday, May 9, 2016, in the expressed hope that public scrutiny of the newly released material will generate further tips about possible corruption and tax dodging.   301 more words



Over 55,000 taxpayers have come into compliance by entering the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program. An untold number of less culpable non-willful taxpayers have come into compliance under the Streamlined Filing Compliance Procedures.  971 more words

Robert S. Steinberg

The IRS warns Americans: Fess up before we read the Panama Papers

If you’ve done any dodgy dealings with a Panamanian law firm, you might want to consider coming clean: US tax officials are trying to figure out how to use the Panama Papers in their investigations, and have advised Americans to disclose their offshore accounts before they are discovered by the government. 205 more words

Une Revolution sans Revolution: Scotland & the Panama Papers

By Amy Westwell Tait
Masters Student of Literature in Intellectual History 

In the early days of the French Revolution, a curious phenomenon occurred. Aristocrats who held provincial privileges, titles, and rights to land, legislated to destroy their own privilege. 1,120 more words

The United Kingdom

"The Real Welfare Cheats": The Big Problem Of Welfare Dependency In America Now Involves Entitled Corporations

We often hear how damaging welfare dependency is, stifling initiative and corroding the human soul. So I worry about the way we coddle executives in their suites. 802 more words

Ted Cruz

My Offshore Account

It was the day after the Panama Papers came outyou know, all those leaked documents about the money that Putin, Cameron, that guy in Iceland, and a few hundred others of the world’s richest and most tax-evasive have squirreled away in offshore accounts — when my phone rang. 746 more words

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Hacking Hillary: Panama Papers Show Danger of Clinton's Secret Server

The Panama Papers have already toppled former Iceland Prime Minister Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson—and the political high explosives these files contain have the power to blast several more heads of state and their crony power mongers from their wood-paneled offices and flashy limos. 1,171 more words

Hillary Clinton