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The Hotspot for Businesses-Malaysia

Considered as one of the best locations for expansion of a business, Malaysia offers the right environment for the growth of startups. It has excellent infrastructure and tax benefits for businesses to expand and grow. 384 more words

Offshore Bank Account Opening with IBS

There are several factors why people decide to open an offshore account. One of the significant factors is that developing countries are often characterized by economic and political instability, so people look for safer places to keep the cash. 223 more words

International Offshore Merchant Account

The basics of merchant account and service providers

If you have an online business and wish to offer merchant account services such as credit card processing as a method of payment to your customers, you surely need a merchant account. 241 more words

Offshore Bank Account

Why offshore merchant accounts are ideal in accepting credit card payments?

If you are an online merchant looking for ways to accept credit card payments for your online business, then there can’t be a better way than setting up an offshore merchant account. 232 more words

Offshore Bank Account

Few ways to prevent a merchant account from becoming high-risk

A high-risk merchant account can sometimes sound too intimidating.If your business gets certified as high-risk, you will be denied from availing normal merchant account services. Now, high-risk doesn’t necessarily mean your business process or model is risky, sometimes your merchant account can fall into a high-risk category if your volume or average transaction total is high. 215 more words

Offshore Bank Account

Why should you accept credit card payments?

Competing with larger businesses with greater resources is one of the biggest challenges often faced by small businesses. And, accepting credit cards is one of the proven and tested methods to level the competition and increase the sales. 261 more words

Offshore Bank Account

Is Having an Offshore Bank Account Legal?

Despite what you may hear, offshore incorporations and offshore banking are completely legal. It is snot just about the tax evasion or other illegal activities. Setting up an offshore bank account is simply about legally diversifying your political risk by putting your hard-earned savings in sound and well-capitalized institutions or banks that offer safety and flexibility with your business dealings. 229 more words

Offshore Bank Account