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Are merchant account service providers really vital?

Are you planning to incorporate an offshore corporation? You will surely need to opt for an offshore merchant account and processing services. Offshore merchant accounts and processing services are usually obtained from offshore banks. 434 more words


How to compare merchant account service providers?

We all know that comparing online merchant account service providers is one of the most difficult tasks. It not only includes the rates or cost to be compared, but it also requires a thorough comparison of the overall services offered. 425 more words


When will you​ need an offshore merchant account?

An offshore merchant account is a special type of bank account established with a bank outside the home country of the account holder. It enables merchants to accept credit card payments through their websites. 386 more words


Why incorporate an offshore corporation?

Setting up an offshore company is usually much easier than setting up an onshore company. Due to several significant benefits and business-friendly regulations, today you can have your own offshore company in just a couple of days. 247 more words


Why high risk businesses should consider using ACH processing services?

With the advancement in technology and steadily growing risk in high risk businesses, it is recommended that high risk business owners should now consider using ACH processing services to process the transactions and payments from their customers. 234 more words


Major benefits of offshore company formation - Minimizing taxes and increasing confidentiality

Many individuals think of setting up an offshore company as it helps in minimizing taxes and increasing confidentiality. Although these are the major benefits that come to mind but the opportunity to considerably reduce business overheads is also a very attractive additional benefit. 183 more words


Think Before You Disappear

How many times have you stared at the computer screen thinking, if only? If only you could walk out the door and never return. Perhaps you are at that moment. 243 more words