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The Way of Peace and Meditation 5/5

The only reason for our disease is, or sin is, that there is a carnal mind, a something that has its source in the belief in two powers. 691 more words


Selection for Mating

Most of us look at who we dated and evaluated them on criteria.  Many of them individual to us.  For guys, it usually goes in some order of is she hot, will she send me to jail, is she hot enough to be worth going to jail over, will she stop being hot in the future, and how does she do with kids.  229 more words

Kids? No. (Part 3)

I did it again. I came out of the gate super strong and then tripped over my two left feet. And again, I would say I’m sorry, but the nine of you who “follow” me definitely didn’t realize that I was gone. 428 more words

Summer So Far

The first week or so of our summer break looked like this:

All joy and bright sun and ocean waves and drippy Spanish moss and new adventures and smiles and salt air. 621 more words