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We first chose our three Nigerian Dwarf female goats, called does, from a local woman selling hers. Sushi, the mother goat, and her two doelings came to us all together. 555 more words

The Best Albums Of 1997

1997. The year yours truly graduated high school. The year of the deaths of Princess Diana and Mother Teresa. The year Bill Clinton began his second term as president. 1,420 more words


Word Study/Vessel


A mother’s womb is a vessel used to bring forth offspring.  Offspring God will use in his master plan.   These offspring fulfill a purpose ordained by God! 33 more words


Aventuras and Alegria en Argentina

What great fun. I don’t remember laughing this much any time any where. We cracked up at breakfast, lunch, dinner and in between. You can almost hear my delight when looking at the pictures. 249 more words



we fill, you fill,

they fill;

fill it up,

top it off,

until it breaks—

over and over:

this tiny fist of a machine

inside a bigger machine with… 95 more words



Image by me.

There was a line that was said on the TV show Offspring this year,  two acquaintances met after a long time apart with the conversation ending a little something like this……… ‘It’s a small life, smaller than I imagined for myself…’ I am accustomed to finding fashion and interior design tips from this show but life tips, really? 92 more words

3 Of The Best Albums Of 2016


First let me say, the title reads “3 Of The Best” not “The 3 Best”. So don’t give me any grief about there being better albums last year, maybe there were. 1,487 more words