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Dog lost its offspring weeks ago, escapes its kennel and comforts crying puppies nearby

A dog who lost its offspring weeks ago escapes its kennel, and  comforts crying puppies
The puppies are crying because they lost their mom, too… 31 more words

Earth, Wind & Fire - Devotion - Live - St. Louis Arena 1974 (audio only).

Oh by the way.. NY has another storm comin…y’all better get HAARP insure ur arse with that…Americans have to put up with a bunch of ” right taking ‘crap” (be nice) …U need devotion…thank  u Maurice

Bunny Bank

My friends are getting hitched and creating offspring. Here’s a bunny bank that I designed for baby. I wish the children of the future the best, like a non-negative account balance.

Sarah Samways

The Weird but Right Timing

For my first official blog post, I decided to do the first person that I told about my idea, Bere.

Bere has been my friend for almost two years now. 3,868 more words

Central America

Falling temperatures, rising temperatures

My waking temp fell to 36.4c a day ago, and today it is at 36.3c. Today is the third day after my miscarriage. I intend to tell my immediate supervisor at work, and get time off to see a gynae sometime the end of this week. 109 more words


Miss Carriage

I spent the night hoping that my inactivity in sleep will keep baby E2 safe. I woke up 2 hours before my alarm. I measured my temperature at 0640hrs. 215 more words


Murphy's Law and my first pregnancy

I wasn’t supposed to get pregnant. Not for any health reason but because my body just wasn’t functioning like a normal woman’s does. My OBGYN said not to worry, that just because I wasn’t ovulating now, doesn’t mean we couldn’t jump start it at least once for a chance at a pregnancy. 969 more words