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Common Sense

Word of The Day: God made you

Malachi 2:15

Has not the one God made you? You belong to him in body and spirit. And what does the one God seek? Godly offspring.

17 more words

a letter, silent

a letter, silent

dropped by a word
into window’s

cot, diving board, empty pool. southernmost


for earpiece.


her headless

Bell PepperCucumber Melon, Forest March, Marigold, Ketchup

The Flormato Kids, with each picture showing how they’ve grown over the years. One of these days, I got to draw a group picture of them and the CheesePie brood, since they’ve all got Sandwich blood in them. 17 more words

A twinkling tale of buds

With much joy  the grand old yeast said to her daughter,

“Look above my little child,

see those even stars that toil at night till oblivion, 159 more words

Sugary Tales

The Cutoff Kid

A few weeks ago, I was slicing up a pizza for the kids for dinner, Millie by my side watching intently. I sliced it once and Millie piped up, “You made two halves!” I replied, “Very good, Millie.” When I sliced it through once more, Millie said, “Now you made four quarters.” Thinking I would be able to stump her because besting my kids brings me great joy as a parent, I then made two more cuts and asked, “Alright, smartypants. 1,262 more words