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progenitive burden (family tree)

am i to be an
axe in
trees grand
from top down
i watch branches
on my weight
relentless tide
spurting through crevices… 62 more words


We are vulnerable as well

A while back there was an interesting conversation on Twitter. It talked about how as men we are not allowed to express ourselves and be vulnerable. 456 more words


The arab affliction – sorry to wake you up in these hard times

Here I’m attacking a very polemic subject. Remember I already destroyed the poor little white ego thinking he is anointed with some specific cleverness. I reavealed you the entire population had been replaced by a pseudo jewish offspring, and that this cleverness had nothing to do with anything but the radiation of the european soil. 468 more words


In Celebration of Average

It’s been two years since Charlie first stepped foot inside a classroom and ever since that very first month of protesting preschool, it has become clear that his first love is not formal education. 811 more words


I love you, because you're an Alcoholic

Wow. Just think…two people in a relation together. One, the younger of the two, repressed being on the other side of the fence his entire childhood, marrying two women. 476 more words

When you figure it out...

Do you see it?

How about now?

Okay, this should be enough of a hint.

You should be able to see it now. Or should I say… them?