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Ofsted, hijabs and the hypocrisy of British values.

Apparently, many faith schools do not adhere to British values, states Ofsted in their annual report and little girls wearing hijab are rejecting British values and on the top rung of the ladder down to violent extremism with nebulous references to sexualisation.  1,146 more words


Another sad day to be a Teacher in FE, your child's best interests isn't a priority!

So, I have 2 learners that want to withdraw from their vocational course, and in my opinion they have legitimate reasons to do so! One learner is so stressed and depressed that she often cries when she is at college because she can’t stand the people she has to work with as well as the resulting epiphany that the course just isn’t for her. 900 more words

Wirral Leaks Election Selection - 2 weeks to go


So after being open for 6 months Wirral Council ‘s Planning Committee unanimously pulled the (butt) plug on Birkenhead ‘gentleman’s club’ Peachez . 513 more words

Untangling the curriculum (1): Amanda Spielman

The renewed interest in the curriculum is welcome – but our public discourse is still confused

Everyone is talking about the curriculum again. Tim Oates has been arguing the importance of the curriculum for some time and, having chaired the Expert Panel on the Curriculum in 2011, helped provided the justification for the review of the National Curriculum in 2014. 2,719 more words


Why OFSTED is measuring completely the wrong things

Over this weekend I have been rejoicing in reading the excellent Flip the System UK: A Teacher’s Manifesto whose central thesis, expressed in a series of 37 essays, is that for the system to change in English education, it is teachers and those who stand with them to lead and support them who should be setting the agenda for change, and not the Department for Education, and certainly not OFSTED. 543 more words

At School

Forget imparting wisdom to your learners, you WILL FAIL your teaching obs if you haven't changed the status of the SMART Targets.

Just like Ronseal, the title does exactly what it says on the tin!

You can have an outstanding lesson, full of engaged learners, superb differentiation, stunning questioning, impeccable behavior, learners feeling safe and inspired, sounds great? 103 more words

Ofsted's New Good and Outstanding Risk Assessment Machine

If you’ve ever wondered whether the Big Brother of accountability is watching you; it is now.  Ofsted has always carried out risk assessments within schools using pre-determined thresholds.  426 more words