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Are in my school tomorrow – or should I say, today seeing as it is 12.40am and I have only just gone to bed.

I hate the crazy panic that this puts in me.

A teacher recruitment shortage in deprived areas - are financial incentives the answer?

by Stacey Dingwall

In February, we reported on the publication of the House of Commons Education Committee’s report on teacher recruitment and retention in England. The report suggested that there are “significant” teacher shortages in the country, and highlighted data indicating that more than 10% of teachers leave the profession after a year, and 30% leave within five years. 621 more words

Education And Skills

The Curse of the Red Pen

I don’t want to get all “John Lennon” on you, but I’d like to ask you to imagine something for me. Imagine there’s no OFSTED, it isn’t hard to do. 637 more words


First post, take that schools!

Charles Ponzi. Bernie Madoff. Benedict Arnold. Richard Nixon. Lance Armstrong. Some copper-bottomed, hall of fame, heavy weight champions of world class liars. Their very names are synonymous with deception, lies, fabrications, flights of fancy and half truths. 1,079 more words


#Ofsted: Busting myths and misconceptions #OfstedMyths | Ofsted

Guest post by Sean Harford, National Director, Education, Ofsted

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Let the Teachers teach!

“All schools should be art schools”, say these posters. Perhaps that would help broaden the highly restricted curriculum which many schools now offer.

I looked with interest at the proposals by the Labour Party to add VAT on to the school fees at private schools and use the money raised to fund free school meals for all at schools in the state sector up to the age of 11. 1,067 more words


Social media firms faces huge hate speech fines in Germany

This article was originally published on: BBC news

Original Article: Social media firms faces huge hate speech fines in Germany

German ministers have approved plans to fine social media firms up to 50m euros ($53.3m; £42.7m) if they fail to remove hate speech and fake news quickly. 294 more words