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Ofsted finds independent reviewing officers need sufficient capacity ...

The overall effectiveness of Nottingham City Council children’s services have been rated “good’ following a trial of the new Ofsted inspection framework being introduced next year. 605 more words


A massive THANK YOU...

…to all the tutors who have worked so hard to inspire and motivate ACL learners over the last academic year. We have really enjoyed coming to visit your sessions, and seeing the enthusiasm and dedication you show to your groups.  897 more words

Best Practice

Amanda Spielman of Ofsted warns about impact of new GCSEs

So apparently, HM Chief Inspector of Education, Amanda Spielman, was very surprized that the schools geared towards the GCSE’s and the whole KS3, and even KS2 to some extent, were focused on target GCSE marks. 132 more words

An Inspector Calls - Advice for Leaders of Mathematics

Nicola Randall is a Primary Maths Adviser at Herts for Learning.  Here she sets out her advice for core subject leaders in surviving Ofsted inspections.  1,144 more words


Will anything but a boycott stop the tests?

The Reclaiming Schools network has played a significant role in exposing the damage caused by high-stakes testing, including our pamphlet ‘The Mismeasurement of Learning… 1,703 more words

Accountability Pressures

The ‘Goldilocks Principle’ and Curriculum Design

Rachel Rayner is a Primary Mathematics Adviser at Herts for Learning.  The team are currently engaged in designing a mathematics curriculum for schools and teachers.  In this blog she considers how curriculum design impacts on learners.  1,921 more words


Tip #16: Are your high expectations vague and valueless?

‘High expectations’ is a buzz phrase used so often it’s rendered valueless. Bring context to the vagueness and make it mean something in your school. 908 more words

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